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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Heart

It is to understand my brother (Loereve) that you have stated, that you have indeed cried out for assistance – you have stated your desire to be different. You have even willingly stepped forth on occasion and confessed those things that have been discovered within - this need continue my brother. I state that opportunity has been provided to you, where physical malady [was] removed, the threat thereof, in the short term, to enable you to continue forth upon your journey unimpeded by health concerns. The ego continues to guard entry into the heart. There are those who continue to knock upon your door, repeatedly attempting to gain entry; they are greeted with your refusal. You have an understanding of the dis-ease that is provided to one who refuses entry to the heart. It is to look to the self’s diet to determine if you are providing fertile ground for these diseases; it is known that your diet has changed significantly but adequate years were invested prior to make this possible. It is to inform you my brother that you are capable of eliminating all that threatens the self physically by stepping forth and learning the lessons. It is to allow the words to come into the heart, my brother; it is the ego that keeps all on the level of the mind. It is to allow the self to feel the impact of dis-ease that could have rendered the self incapable of caring for the self for some time to come.

There are few in comparison to the total population upon the planet at this time that can say that they are thoroughly happy, joyous, enjoy their life and look forward to each day, experiencing each day fully, drawing forth all that which is positive, reminding the self that there is nothing that is experienced that is truly negative. To feel all things with the heart is a truly joyous experience, for even that which is sorrow-filled teaches one to cultivate the field of compassion for others who suffer similarly. One who is compassionate shall never lack for the salve needed for the self when sorrow is experienced, for compassion is indeed a beacon that speaks to the heart of all that the self encounters.

It is important that all students be aware that the ego will fight the self tooth and nail, so to speak, from discovering that another has only the self’s highest and best interests at heart; rather, the ego prefers to tear apart the other, to judge, diminishing that which is brought forth for the benefit of the self. The self that embraces the judgments is the self that has decided that the teachings are not desired by the self at this time. Recognizing the self is important, seeing the self as others see the self – necessary, for one who walks the path to healing; for the student who fails to recognize those who seek to aid the self is the student that drains all those that come within the sphere of the self.

As long as the ego is invited to these sessions, wisdom will not be achieved, for it is the duty of the ego to prohibit sharing, to prohibit anything beyond that which spills forth from the mind. The heart can never be touched while the ego is present, for the shield has been activated, prohibiting entry of all others.

Is it your desire to open the heart my brother Loereve? It is to focus upon the heart and to tell it, “I am no longer in need of protection nor defense. I seek your opening so that we may experience and grow in our depth of knowledge – that which promotes wisdom and progress upon our path.” You must confront the ego face-to-face my brother, for the ego has encouraged your weakness; the ego has emphasized the emotional response that tells the self not to battle or that tells the self to battle. The course of action taken is always to the benefit of the ego, always to the detriment of the self and the self’s desire to move forward.

To cough forcefully, to laugh, to do whatever is necessary to dispel the energetic hold that the ego has taken over the heart chakra; the heart has been shielded – the self has become cold, has become defensive, has become offensive, is no longer connected to those around the self, has withdrawn the self’s energies completely, for the self is in need of defense and protection. Failure to recognize that the self is engaged states that the ego has been provided with permission to conduct the experience once again; be assured the ego will select defense and protection each time it is provided with dominion.

I ask that each present focus upon the heart chakra, to feel the beating of the heart, recognizing the power that lies within to draw forth wisdom or to bring forth judgment; for the heart is the energy center of the body, the generator of emotion – that which builds thought, that which creates positivity, that which tears asunder that which has been built by another through judgment. Thoughtless, careless judgment weakens that which has been built by another, particularly when the judgment is made with great emotion, with thought that has been focused upon - stated silently or aloud matters not, for the thinking is powerful enough to diminish, to destroy that which has been fought for by another. It is important for all present to recognize the power of the self’s thinking - the power of judgment to destroy the efforts of another, for this thinking also attracts others who will judge the self, thereby diminishing, destroying that which has been so hard fought by the self.

It is important for all to understand that when the self shares of the self with another with emotion that the other learns - that when story is provided from the mind and it’s in a singsong voice and it really is without care, without concern, “I said this; they said that”, the other has not learned. The other is not provided with opportunity to experience. The other could be reading it from a page. The experience has not touched the heart - it stays with the mind. It is to understand that when the self shares of the self with another it must come from the heart, for the heart draws forth feeling.

It is to recognize my brother(Loereve), that communication is also verbal and that it is this skill that you sought to hone in this lifetime. To communicate with the heart was your skill in previous lifetimes through touch - the hands that were laid upon another, healed due to the love that was easily drawn forth from the heart. The heart has been shielded, encumbered greatly by the ego that was born out of the need to defend and to protect the self, for others abused one who was so openhearted. It is to recognize that the heart can also inform the self of another who seeks to take advantage of the self. It was the ego that encouraged you to allow these abuses; it is this that you must learn my brother – the heart is open to all experience but the lesson need be learned that there will always be humans that are present, drawn into your sphere, that have yet to learn the lesson to honor and to respect others.

Recognition that one can remain openhearted and not allow another to take advantage of the self is necessary. Focusing upon the heart, when you are prepared to do so, inform the heart that you are no longer in need of defense or protection – that you have experienced sufficiently, that you shall seek guidance from others who can aid you in identifying those individuals who seek to damage; that you shall banish the ego – that which seeks food, energies, in an attempt to fill the self – the yawning gaping hole that seeks the love of another as the beloved but ignores the love that the self has garnered from others. The inner Teacher will guide you in freeing the heart from its bondage. It is the mind that fills in the hole that has been widened with each individual that has taken advantage of the self; you have learned the lesson, for you hold no grudge against another. It is now time for you to teach those who present the self to you, in hope that the self can garner what the self desires from you without recompense.

The lesson plan of Rejection is an emotional-mental lesson plan; it is also highly capable of feeling, and yet, the student must battle the mind, for it is the mind that wishes to take all things to the next level of logic. The feeling is illogical, the feeling is excessive, the feeling is not enough to take action - the feeling is then qualified by the mind, rather than being felt by all bodies. It is to recognize that if the self is desirous of feeling, the self must remain focused upon the heart and to allow whatever is experienced to be experienced without qualification, without classification, without judgment; the moment you allow judgment to enter, the doors to the heart close and the mind steps forth, changing all things to that which is logical, to that which is appropriate, or that which has been judged as inappropriate.

To feel is difficult with the lesson plan of Shame, for the self is focused upon the self completely – the self has forgone the pain that the self has so readily inflicted upon another. The self judges others who do the same, failing to embrace that the mirror is being employed to show the self the self, so that change may be chosen before further pain is inflicted upon another. The self that has yet to recognize the self in the mirror is one who continues to impose judgment upon those who suffer similarly to that which has been experienced by the self. Recognizing that the self has limited access to the heart for all others is critical, for once this recognition has been made, the self can choose to be different, the self can indeed begin to access the heart, the self wearing the pathway that is necessary, that will then shine in later times to light the way to another who seeks entry, who is desirous of knowing the self deeply, who is desirous of sharing of the self deeply with another who has suffered similarly. It is to feel that is the goal of the lesson plan Shame. This physical-emotional lesson plan is highly capable of empathic abilities – to feel what another is feeling, to open the self completely to the other, to draw forth exactly what the other needs to circumvent the long and arduous journey that was necessary for the self but is no longer necessary for another who has found the self.

Te' Auna has asked the question – in response to my admonishment not to think while I am teaching – the question was, “Why not?” She stated that she finds it impossible not to think about my words; this is the problem for most students - the mind is primary, all focus placed upon logic. It is the rare student that invites the heart in, placing it prior to the mind. How does the student think with the heart? By asking the heart to become primary, by focusing upon the heart at all times, to feel the response of the self when teaching is provided.

Wisdom is recognized by the heart, rarely by the mind; for wisdom is experience that has been understood by all bodies. Knowledge is data – that which is received, massaged, analyzed, made logical by the mind; knowledge is highly desired by the masses, for the intellect is regarded as that which determines value. The self with low intellect has value that is deficient to the individual that is highly intellectual – one who is focused upon the intellect.

Sol: Would you please differentiate between the mind and the self?

The mind, the mental body - the consciousness that is programmed to respond to all experience in a particular fashion; the mind is programmed to respond abstractly or logically. It is the self that uses the mind. Do you understand?

Sol: I understand your words. I still do not exactly understand what the self is.

The self is the personality my brother; the self is comprised of personality, as well as ego – those damaged portions of each body that respond in a negative fashion. The personality is comprised of both positive and negative components.

Do all agree with my words that the intellect determines value for most humans upon the planet at this time?

All: Agreed

To understand that it is the mental body that is at top is important. The self has become the mind, the intellect, due to materialism – the focus upon materialism. Do all understand what I mean when I state that it is intellect that creates the need for materialism? I shall ask my brother Sol An Ka to explain it.

Sol: The way that I understand Osiris’ words are that the intellect is focused on the external and the external demands constant feeding of the material and so we get locked into a “intellect to material back to intellect” loop that does not take into consideration that which is happening internally, does not take into consideration the heart and does not even realize that the mind is at top – how else could it be when we get into this loop? That’s my understanding.

I should like to add that the mind does not accommodate the heart, for the feelings that are emitted by the heart are not provable, cannot be duplicated reliably and, therefore, are rarely considered by the logical mind. It is the abstract mind that considers the heart.

It is important for each present to recognize that the self is a seeker of wisdom. I ask that each focus the attention upon my words, drawing them into the heart chakra, feeling the words, allowing the words to soothe the self, for it is the heart that I am focused upon with this teaching this day. To love, to be love is the goal of each present; it is my goal to teach each how to eliminate that which prohibits the self from achieving the goal set to be love. Focusing upon the heart chakra - I am love.

I am Osiris. I am love. The mission to become love, to be loving, to experience love throughout the body, within the mind, exuding through the Spirit, is the goal of all students.

It is important for all present to recognize that the teachings can only be provided as long as Te' Auna remains in the heart. I shall be teaching her how to do so in the coming weeks, months, potentially years. It is my goal to show all students that to be in the heart, even with great desire to do so, is most difficult, for Te' Auna has great desire to bring forth wisdom, great desire to provide me with a voice that can be heard, yet it is difficult for her to remain in the heart. I, of course, am challenging her to do so every moment of every day.

I ask each of you to focus upon the heart. Focusing upon the heart for several minutes each day, and if possible several times for several minutes each day, allows the self to make contact with the inner Teacher, the true self - that which lies within that is known to be love. It is to disallow all thinking, to simply focus upon the heart, allowing love to be felt throughout the bodies. It is through this exercise that the self will begin to realize the impact of love for the self and its nourishing qualities, its ability to heal, its ability to strengthen, to fortify the will and the desire of the self to be different. These quiet moments, spent focused upon the heart, will allow the self to take the first steps towards teaching the self to think with the heart versus thinking with the mind.

It is to direct all focus upon the heart my brother; the thoughts, if they are present, should be regarding the quality of the heart; 1) The beating of the heart; 2) How the heart feels – is there constriction? 3) Are there colors, pathways to be seen, energies that the self does not recognize? 4) Is there hollowness? 5) Is there fullness? 6) Is the beating strong or weak? It is to envision the heart as strong, filled to capacity with love that emanates out to be shared with all with each beating.

Focusing upon the self’s desire to be love. When the self is focused upon the heart and the thought to be love is manifest great energies can be created to aid the self to know and to heal the self. To be love – it is a way of being that requires energies unfathomable in order to effect, in order to change those portions of the self that are anything but love. To be love must be desired heart, mind and body; it is desire that creates potential - that the self will experience success, to know and to heal the self by becoming love. Recognition of behaviors that are not love is necessary; the lesson plan must be scrutinized, all behaviors detailed that are employed to diminish the self’s chances of success due to the employment of informed response.

It is to share – to share of the self deeply, purposefully, wholly, drawing forth that which is within, whether it is judgment or love – to bring it forth, so that it may be healed. Judgments, as well as feelings that are so deep that they make the self feel imbalanced need be brought forth and shared with another, for it is to feel that is the goal of the self – to feel, my brother. When the self feels deeply, sharing is embraced as a most appropriate action as payment to those who have aided the self to feel. All those beings of higher consciousness that aid the human from outside of this dimension maintain as a central focus to aid the individual in feeling all things. Sorrow is often utilized to open the heart, to draw forth recognition of the self that the self can feel. It is recognition of this ability that then captures the attention of the self when joy is experienced, when deep love is experienced, when gratitude, appreciation is experienced…it is all felt and the heart grows wider and wider to receive the emotion – all is given safe harbor within, for all is energy to be harnessed by the self.

The goal of humanity is to feel, utilizing the emotional body and the physical bodies; the secondary goal is to harness that energy to use for greater purpose. The bulk of humanity has forgotten how to feel - is no longer capable, in fact, of feeling.

What does opening the heart mean to you, my brother?

Sol: To love unconditionally

It is to love, to feel love. It is to be willing to experience. It is the ego that prohibits experience - that demands defense and protection. Your ego only allows the heart to open if the self is not threatened. The opening is short in the time passage and can be lengthened by your will to do so, for you are capable my brother. You have been assisted many times with the heart opening - have you not my brother? It is to recognize that the self is capable, that the self is indeed strong, resilient; that the self has never suffered damage irreparable. These are the reasons that the ego puts forth, that encourages closure of the heart – the self will be irreparably damaged. Do you understand this my brother?

Sol: I understand your words. I have difficulty in relating that to something specific because I don’t feel that way which I guess is another….

Please open the heart my brother – I am communicating with the ego.

Sol: All right.

You are seeking to bring forth logic when I am speaking of the heart, when I am speaking of love, when I am speaking of feeling, when I am speaking of experiencing. Do you understand? It is the ego that interferes…the mind.