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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Learn/Teach Teach/Learn

Recognition of the self when another is talking about the self’s own experiences is necessary, to draw forth compassion for another, for chances are the self has experienced similarly in previous, if not the current, lifetime. Failure to draw the correlation between the self’s experiences and the experience of another results in lost opportunity wherein the self continues forward with knowledge, failing to understand that which another is suffering.

It is important to recognize the self - as the self has been, as the self is this day, and as the self that you currently are seeking to become - to recognize the differences, to recognize the choices that have been made that have resulted in change that is favorable to the self’s progress upon the path to healing.

It is important for the student to review the self’s view occasionally to determine if the self is being overly kind or overly harsh with the self - the individual that classifies vandalism and theft as mischievousness versus the individual who beats the self mercilessly for the theft of a few dollars. It is important for all lesson to be put into perspective, to understand that which has been brought forth to the self with the memory, to recognize the opportunity presented to the self then, as well as the opportunity presented to the self at this time through review of this experience. It is important to speak to another of these memories, to bring them forth, to invite questioning, to seek assistance in seeing the self; for the individual who fails to do so will continue, quite likely, to be overly kind or overly harsh with the self each time the memory is brought forth. It is bringing forth the memory, the experience – discussing it thoroughly, including the emotion that was felt by the self, delving deeply within to feel that which was felt by the self while within the experience. The more that is shared with another, the greater the view that is provided to the other of the self – who the self was versus who the self is at this time; there may or may not be a difference. The student that continues to hide the behaviors of the self – those behaviors that are brought forth by the Teacher through memories, through dreams – is the individual that is informing the Teacher, “I am not yet ready to move forward. I am not yet ready to understand my experiences. I am not yet ready to admit to my past mistakes.”

The goal of the Teacher is to draw forth that which lies within the self – both darkness and light, both positive and negative. It is to enable true understanding, true knowledge of the self that is the goal. The student that is able to walk with willingness, humility, love is the student that is capable of integrating the lessons rapidly. Doubt and suspicion have been purposefully implanted within this group to teach each of that which will be encountered by the self in the majority of those that you will meet and attempt to assist. It is only those that can overcome the doubt and mistrust that the self will step forth and extend the hand and offer to teach.

The self is primary - recognizing that as long as the self is learning that the path pursued is appropriate; as soon as the self becomes primarily focused outwardly…when the self’s learning begins to suffer – this is not appropriate. As long as the consciousness is embodied, the self must recognize that the self’s learning is primary. It is to then teach that which has been learned, continuing to pursue all that is needed to satisfy the self’s need; for it is this alone that provides exit from the cycle of death and rebirth, awakening in a new body with all forgotten once again.

It is to draw forth knowledge, to seek understanding, thereby converting knowledge to wisdom – that which remains inside the self and can be referred to as knowingness in this, as well as, subsequent lifetimes. Once knowledge has been converted to wisdom it is never lost - it is often disregarded, it is often misinterpreted as stubbornness; for it is this action, this label, that is often placed upon one who continues to maintain their stance in the absence of proof, in the absence of logic, in the absence of all that which would be readily embraced by others. Knowingness is earned through experience and the self need recognize the difference between knowingness and stubbornness.

This is a perfect example of the ego, my sister, distracting the focus, drawing you emotionally into a state of mind that does not understand the purpose of this planet, for this planet is strong and shall continue for a time that is incomprehensible to most humans. This planet is a school for learning - all that come here understand that it is to learn. All that which is known prior to arriving has been removed, is no longer accessible to the consciousness (that is conscious) until the lessons have been learned, until the lesson plan has been cast off, recognized for the detriment that it has caused to the self, as well as all those around the self that is encountering lesson. All humans encounter lesson until they have learned to love without condition, to accept universally; it is these that then step forth, returning to this planet again and again and again, to aid - to aid those who are caught in the cycle of death and rebirth. It is important to understand the purpose of this planet. The purpose of your presence upon this planet, my student, is to learn.

It is important for each to recognize that Te' Auna is student as well as teacher. As she learns and shares with each of you it is anticipated that each will be able to cancel future lesson for the self; this occurs only if the self welcomes that which has been shared into the heart, recognizes it as truth and then realizes its value for the self by feeling that which has been felt by another. It is only if the self feels deeply that which has been felt by another that the lesson can be permanently cancelled, for the feeling will be brought forth when the self is challenged in future by the self’s Teacher - the feeling that will inform the self that answer has been earned previously and can be relied upon, for the self has experienced the lesson through another.

I am with you. I am Kuthumi. I ask that each of you focus upon the heart.

It is my desire to teach, to aid humanity. I seek nothing in return. It is important to understand that Te' Auna is learning to house a portion of my consciousness so that teachings may be drawn forth that will aid humanity. It will take some time for her to learn that the body must be completely calm, the mind completely focused upon the provision of service.

I shall provide a short teaching that is focused upon the relationship of the student and the physical teacher. It is to recognize that the physical teacher that has been drawn to the self has been chosen by the inner Teacher and often agreed upon by the consciousness when planning the lifetime. This is not to say that the teacher and the student cross paths every time it has been planned to do so; however, all possible has been done to create the circumstance that places the teacher upon the path of the student at the most appropriate time. The student that has been prepared appropriately subconsciously will recognize the teacher as one that has been seen in the astral; the connection will be immediate – the response one of adoration or one of fear, sometimes a combination of the two is experienced. The inner Teacher will continue to work with the student on the astral plane to prepare the student for the lessons that are about to begin upon this earth plane now that the physical teacher has been brought to the self. Failure to recognize the teacher results in delay for most students.

It is most important for the student to recognize that the physical teacher remains unhealed; there are many upon this earth plane that attempt to use the platform of teacher as one that enables control, manipulation and inappropriate use of the energies belonging to the student – those energies brought forth willingly by the student and showered upon the teacher. The teacher that has learned that teaching holds the greatest responsibility upon this earth plane of all other activities will recognize that the energy must be returned immediately to the student in kind. Negative energy that is sent towards the teacher need be returned to the student to teach; positive energy is returned exponentially, once again to teach.

The student that fails to recognize the sacrifice made by the physical teacher is one that is, shall we say, doomed to walk in the footsteps of the teacher, to experience all that the teacher has experienced. The student that is awake, alert, and remains aware will be capable of learning through the experiences of the teacher; this is the student that moves rapidly forward upon the path to healing. The goal for the student is awareness, is to cultivate the ability to listen deeply, to question more deeply, to weigh all that is provided, to question again and again and again, until understanding has been accomplished. This is the duty of the student, for this action aids the teacher in honing the skills that are needed to teach others in future.

To understand that the teachings provided by Te' Auna are those that have been learned by one who is a student just like the self makes it possible for the self to see the self in future; the self today who fails to recognize, fails to see the self, fails to recognize or to understand the lesson – this self, in future, teaching another how to recognize, how to understand that which is being experienced by the self. The time necessary for this transition lies with the self’s commitment, the self’s dedication, the self’s desire to be different. Failure to commit the self and to step forth each time the Teacher provides opportunity states that the transition time can be prolonged. It is important for each student to survey the self to determine the blockages that lie within the self that prohibit the self from learning. The number one cause of student failure is failure to listen to the Teacher.

It is important for the student to recognize the contribution of the teacher, the physical teacher – one who experiences and shares readily, deeply, of the experience so that when the self finds the same experience visited upon the self, the self is capable of welcoming the experience with knowledge that was hard earned by the teacher. Do you understand?

Loereve: Yes, please continue.

The student that fails to recognize the benefit to the self – what do you think the outcome might be for the student who fails to recognize the benefit to the self my brother Loereve?

Loereve: I think the student would have to repeat the experiences for the self that the teacher has had and may not be as beneficial an outcome as if the teaching of the teacher was appreciated…and the experience of the teacher that was shared was appreciated.

My brother Sol An Ka – how would you answer the query?

Sol: Although the student may still be presented with the same type of lesson that the teacher has shared, if the student has been compassionate of the teacher’s experience and having learned from it at least at some level, then although the student may have the same lesson presented they would be much better equipped to learn the lesson more rapidly and more easily than the teacher had to experience.

Indeed this is the positive outcome to the student paying heed to the experiences of the teacher. The query put forth is – what do you believe would be the outcome for the student who has failed to be grateful, appreciative of that which has been shared with the self by the teacher?

Sol: One, the student is not going to learn in that fashion and two, if that lesson is subsequently presented to the student, the student is not going to benefit at all from the teacher’s sharing of the teacher’s experience, so it is not going to make the path any easier for the student if there is such a thing.

Indeed. The benefit derived by the student depends upon the student. The teacher that shares that which has been experienced honestly and openly has fulfilled the self’s responsibility; the teacher is not responsible for the student’s embracing the knowledge and accessing that knowledge later in order to learn the lessons that have been presented to the self in a unique fashion, yet one that clearly could be resolved utilizing the same course of action as that described by the teacher.

It is important for each present to recognize that the self’s lesson plan is primary for the self; to look to the self, to learn for the self, and to then share that which has been learned with others, for this too satisfies karmic callings for each individual that becomes interested in changing the self, as the other before them has transformed the self. It is the willingness of the self to share openly and completely of the self that enables another to see –“there is one who has the same issues as myself but they are speaking openly of things that I find to be embarrassing and humiliating, yet they are speaking of it as if it is not important at all. I wish to draw forth all that which lies within me, all that which I feel must be hidden from others – I wish to transform myself as well.” Those who continue to hide, those who simply wish for others to see the self as healed are those that continue within the lesson plan cycle, for a major requirement of the lesson plan is open sharing, willingness to reveal the self completely to others – all weakness, all foibles, all mistakes of the past; unwillingness to do so indicates that the self has yet to learn. It is the ego that wishes for the consciousness to be admired, that wishes for others to believe that the consciousness has never confronted difficult choices and made the wrong choice; it is the ego that wishes to be placed on a pedestal, believed to be better than all others – “I have mine…you get yours” is an attitude that is frequently exhibited upon this planet.

Those who walk the path to healing are provided with assistance only with the guarantee that the assistance will be utilized to aid others; this guarantee is taken very seriously by the Teacher and the student will not be released from this guarantee in the lifetime. All will be shared, all will be passed along to others; the more that the self shares, the easier it becomes…the words begin to fall off the tongue easily, nonchalantly, “I was a thief…I was a liar…I used others…I abused others…I abused myself…I’m an alcoholic…I was a drug addict…I am impotent. These are the lessons that my consciousness has been provided in this lifetime – I have lived humiliation, embarrassment, feeling less-than, feeling more than. I have experienced all things; it is because I have experienced all things that I have determined it is time for me to leave this planet. I shall be here for many, many, many more lifetimes, fulfilling my obligation to others, for many have served me so that I could learn. I shall now serve others, endorsing their learning as I have been endorsed.”

It is for all to understand that the consciousness that steps forth and states to the Teacher, “I am prepared to begin the route that provides me with exit from this planet, from this experience, for I have learned all that I can; please draw forth all that which lies within me – all that which is negative, which has covered up all that which has been earned that is positive. Help me to release it all so that I may walk in my full divinity and begin to be of true service to others.” It is the Teacher’s honor to do so.

It is important for all students to recognize, all those present, that you have received the endorsement of myself for great purpose - that is to share with others the self’s journey; failure to do so states that the self has failed to recognize the value of the support that has been received by the self that is, most assuredly, uncommon – that which is not typically received by one who is beginning to walk the path to healing. It is to recognize that the self has been drawn to this circle for great purpose – to know and to heal the self, to place the self firmly upon the path, to begin to cancel karmic callings by endorsing the path of another. It is indeed uncommon that students would receive personal counsel to the degree that each of you have experienced. It is to draw forth recognition that you each are benefitting from the training being provided to Te' Auna, for she is being taught to teach. In order to learn how to teach, one must teach. It is my presence that raises the internal frequencies, increasing the vibration of all bodies, increasing sensitivity. All teachers are taught utilizing this process.

To be an instrument requires dedication and commitment to draw forth that which the Teachers outside of the 4th dimension have determined to be most critical to humanity at this time. To understand the role of the instrument is to understand the desire held by the consciousness to aid humanity. To aid humanity becomes the deepest desire of the consciousness – to draw forth wisdom that has already been earned by the self through lesson in the current lifetime. It is to teach that is the focus of this consciousness.

To know the self is to see the self, to see the self is to understand the self, to understand the self is to learn, to learn is to teach – this is the obligation set by each student as they walk the path to healing.

It is to learn, that is the goal of the student; it is to teach, that is the goal of the Teacher. Teach/learn, learn/teach – this is the process that is followed by all consciousnesses throughout space, throughout time. To learn and then to teach, for learning fuels the desire of the self to share with another. Those who do not share have yet to learn, those who share inappropriately believe that the self has learned; yet, this is still far better than one who fails to share, for it provides opportunity to the other to question, to delve, to choose for the self. I am Osiris. I am the Teacher that draws forth the wisdom that lies within the self, for it is all things that need be brought to the surface, that need be understood by the self – those things positive as well as those things negative.

When first beginning to walk the path to healing, the student is provided only with those behaviors, those characters, those past life experiences that appear to be negative. It is important to understand that negative is a connotation given to an experience that has yet to be understood by the self, for the self that has learned views all experiences equally - to see that the self as murderer was in fact the self as savior in subsequent lifetimes. Recognizing that all things must be experienced while the self remains upon the wheel that demands the cycle of death and rebirth enables the self to embrace all experience equally. It is my desire to bring forth that which lies within Te' Auna – to teach her that while negativity has been experienced for many years, positivity has also been experienced and can now be realized by understanding the lessons, by understanding the pain, by understanding the struggle. Each time the pain, the struggle is shared with another the understanding grows deeper within, planting the garden for the balance of the lifetime, into future lifetimes, that reveals the beauty that results when the self learns. The beauty, the result is love. It is my great desire to aid each of you through Te' Auna to accomplish the harvest that can only be described as beauty, for love is the foundation of all things beautiful. Beauty is indeed defined by the eye of the beholder. It is my goal to teach each to see beauty in all things – all things.

It is important to understand the potential that lies within all humans to bring forth that which has been learned by the self to another. All humans have the potential to bring forth love, to bring forth light, which is merely a higher vibration - one that is visible, one that can be seen - of love. It is to recognize the desire of the self to know, to understand, and to heal the self, so that the self may then bring forth the knowledge, the wisdom that is now resident within to aid another in doing the same.