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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Wisdom

Sol: Since a principle of quantum mechanics is the instantaneous state change of quanta, is it appropriate to view choice, conscious choice, as being the way to bring about an instantaneous state change from negative to positive – and actually vice-versa as well?

Osiris: Could you answer the query for me, my brother?

Sol: I believe that it is. I think it requires the awareness of that capability that we all have.

Osiris: Is it possible that the quanta can change having made one choice? Is this your belief my brother?

Sol: Yes it is – that the quanta can change as a result of making the choice consciously and with awareness.

Osiris: It is to recognize my brother that there are other steps in between, for to choose does not necessarily state that the lesson has been understood, that the lesson has been learned; for the self could simply be going with the majority, making the choice that has been well-considered, chosen by many. Do you understand?

Sol: No, I don’t. That would seem to me to not take into consideration the choice being done with conscious awareness.

Osiris: Indeed. You consciously choose your foodstuffs each day do you not my brother?

Sol: Yes I do

Osiris: And it is common knowledge that particular foodstuffs are better for one who has high glucose readings than potentially other choices?

Sol: That’s correct

Osiris: And your choice is based on common, current knowledge. When the self discovers months later that one of the foodstuffs that was commonly and currently accepted as valid, for one with this malady, that this foodstuff is no longer suggested – what are you to think of your prior choices?

Sol: My prior choices, based on the knowledge that I had, were appropriate.

Osiris: Indeed.

Sol: As knowledge changes or expands, it may no longer be appropriate.

Osiris: Do you see this as a part of the lesson plan, my brother?

Sol: In a rather complex way, yes.

Osiris: And so the individual that embraces that the self made the most appropriate choice for the self is one that will readily eliminate the foodstuff from the self’s ingestion cycle. There are, however, other students who will berate the self, who will be upset, who will then lash out at those who provide the data, who will lose faith and trust in research. Do you understand?

Sol: Yes

Osiris: It is how the lesson is embraced by the self that determines the change that is experienced. It is multi-faceted.

Sol: Indeed

Osiris: A singular choice merely leads to another choice, which leads to another choice. It is to recognize that the life is filled with choices. It is anticipated that the self will make the most appropriate choice for the self at this time, constantly surveying, constantly reviewing those choices that have been made previously, changing the behavior if it is believed to be necessary to do so. The self that decides eliminates all future choice.

The self is primary - recognizing that as long as the self is learning that the path pursued is appropriate; as soon as the self becomes primarily focused outwardly…when the self’s learning begins to suffer – this is not appropriate. As long as the consciousness is embodied, the self must recognize that the self’s learning is primary. It is to then teach that which has been learned, continuing to pursue all that is needed to satisfy the self’s need; for it is this alone that provides exit from the cycle of death and rebirth, awakening in a new body with all forgotten once again.

It is to draw forth knowledge, to seek understanding, thereby converting knowledge to wisdom – that which remains inside the self and can be referred to as knowingness in this, as well as, subsequent lifetimes. Once knowledge has been converted to wisdom it is never lost - it is often disregarded, it is often misinterpreted as stubbornness; for it is this action, this label, that is often placed upon one who continues to maintain their stance in the absence of proof, in the absence of logic, in the absence of all that which would be readily embraced by others. Knowingness is earned through experience and the self need recognize the difference between knowingness and stubbornness.

The questions posed to each this day was intended to determine the degree of understanding that has been achieved by each of the teachings that have been provided previously. Recognizing negativity, the presence of negativity, is critical to the student; for the words that are used, “I seek to change…I want to be different” hold no value when the student is presented with negative energies and the response continues to be that which has been utilized in the past – informed response, habit, the draw of the fields – the choice of the student declined once again. To teach is my goal. The student that seeks to learn will study that which has been provided, will discuss it, will determine if understanding has been achieved, will form questions within the mind of that which has not been explained thoroughly so that the self may utilize the data as knowledge that can then be understood through experience, thereby becoming wisdom. It is not my goal to speak, to provide teaching that is not accessed, [that is not] integrated by all those present.

Much counsel has been provided to each student in the preceding weeks. It is important that each survey that which has been provided to the self, determining if the self has focused the attention upon that which has been brought forth – that which is most important, as seen by myself, for the ego seeks to distract the self, seeks to place the focus upon that which is unimportant at this time. It is the ego’s goal to lengthen the time period needed to learn, to truly understand the lessons, to integrate that which has been experienced. The mind seeks data and is rarely satisfied with that which has been received; it always seeks more for it is ravenous - it is programmed to seek more until the self recognizes that the self has all that the self needs, that the Teacher will provide more when it is believed to be necessary and not a moment before.

I am Osiris. I am the Teacher that draws forth the wisdom that lies within the self, for it is all things that need be brought to the surface, that need be understood by the self – those things positive as well as those things negative.

It is to learn that is the goal of the student; it is to teach that is the goal of the Teacher. Teach/learn, learn/teach – this is the process that is followed by all consciousnesses throughout space, throughout time. To learn and then to teach, for learning fuels the desire of the self to share with another. Those who do not share have yet to learn, those who share inappropriately believe that the self has learned; yet, this is still far better than one who fails to share, for it provides opportunity to the other to question, to delve, to choose for the self. I am Osiris. I am the Teacher that draws forth the wisdom that lies within the self, for it is all things that need be brought to the surface, that need be understood by the self – those things positive as well as those things negative.

When first beginning to walk the path to healing, the student is provided only with those behaviors, those characters, those past life experiences that appear to be negative. It is important to understand that negative is a connotation given to an experience that has yet to be understood by the self, for the self that has learned views all experiences equally - to see that the self as murderer was in fact the self as savior in subsequent lifetimes. Recognizing that all things must be experienced while the self remains upon the wheel that demands the cycle of death and rebirth enables the self to embrace all experience equally. It is my desire to bring forth that which lies within Te' Auna – to teach her that while negativity has been experienced for many years, positivity has also been experienced and can now be realized by understanding the lessons, by understanding the pain, by understanding the struggle. Each time the pain, the struggle is shared with another the understanding grows deeper within, planting the garden for the balance of the lifetime, into future lifetimes, that reveals the beauty that results when the self learns. The beauty, the result is love. It is my great desire to aid each of you through Te' Auna to accomplish the harvest that can only be described as beauty, for love is the foundation of all things beautiful. Beauty is indeed defined by the eye of the beholder. It is my goal to teach each to see beauty in all things – all things.