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The Path to Healing

Teachings - All is as it Should Be

The body will have its way, for it is programmed to teach you my sister. You believe, or you say the words – all is as it should be – yet, those things that do not work out as you believe they should disappoint you, upset you, anger you. They are words. Until you truly understand them as wisdom, you shall continue to struggle with all lessons, as will all those present.

It is to recognize that compassion need not circumvent lesson and for the self to understand that all have teacher, all are being guided to learn that which has been failed previously in this and potentially many previous lifetimes. This individual learned the value of friendship when he turned round and saw the three of you there for him; it touched him deeply to know that you would make this journey and to spend this time – he too felt badly for the outcome. Recognition that the self can do small things that make a huge difference in the life of another is important my brother; the sitting with the family, the sharing of compassion, the fueling of hope and speaking of the future for just a few hours was of great value to the family – to see that there were others touched by their loved one. All is as it should be my brother.

For each human upon the planet: All is as it should be – there are no mistakes. It is only the human that views an experience as a mistake, as an accident.

It is important for all to recognize that all is as it should be and shall continue to be, for I am Osiris - I am the Teacher. I shall draw to each of you that which is most needed at this time. Recognizing that the self can share openly and from the heart with another who is agitated, engaged by the ego, is important for each of you my brothers – to inform the fellow student that their behavior is inappropriate, for it obstructs, it interferes with the learning experience for all others.

It is important for the student to recognize that “all is as it should be” are not just words. When placed together, “All is as it should be” as a phrase, stated to the self as mantram, “All is as it should be” - it informs the self that no experience is happenstance, that the Teacher is indeed with the self, in this moment, that the self’s response is being monitored, that all that has been learned is being tested, that all that has been failed is being tested because the Teacher makes use of all that which is available to aid the student. The student that fails to see that which has been brought forth to teach the self is the student that fails time after time after time, recognizing that the Teacher endorses learning and steps back once the student has made clear the choice for the ego.

It is in the early stages of walking the path that the Teacher comes and goes, for the student comes and goes; the student’s focus is outward. When the student determines that progress is desired, the Teacher steps forth, calling lesson that will determine if the desire is true. Until the student has proven the self’s ability, the Teacher is not ever-present.

The goal for all students is to learn. The goal for the Teacher is that the student will learn, that the student will focus the attention upon that which is being brought forth by the Teacher. The Teacher battles distraction. The student is busy, consumed by myriad choice, all vying for the time of the self. Time is indeed the enemy of the Teacher, thereby, of the student. The student that fails to recognize the amount of time that is wasted by the self each and every day is the student that taxes the patience of the Teacher. The mind, ever-busy, addressing issues that could certainly be referred to as a waste of time, for the self is unable to effect change in any area other than that which originates with the self. All of humanity has been sold on the concept that the self need be informed of all that is happening throughout the world, for if one is not informed one may be in jeopardy. It is failure to recognize that all is as it should be for the self and that the self will always be prepared for that which the Teacher believes that the self need be prepared for. To trust the Teacher means to be focused upon the self, to seek counsel, guidance, assistance from the Teacher whenever the self is uncertain, for the Teacher shall always counsel the student, “Are you capable of effecting change? Will your participation, will your knowledge of this particular situation benefit others or is it merely data – that which goes in and creates concern?”

I am Osiris. I am the Teacher that is called to the student that has vocalized the desire to know and to heal the self. The student must prove that the self is indeed desirous of my presence, that the self is indeed willing to set aside all things other than that which is necessary for the self’s survival.

Understanding that the self must address not only the experiences and the karmic liability created in this lifetime but in previous lifetimes as well should inform the self that time is indeed of the essence and that every moment does indeed count. The student that seeks to improve subsequent lifetimes need be dedicated.

To understand the journey of the self is to look to those surrounding the self. The self’s position upon the path is reflected by those who play a role in the self’s current drama, the scene or the act that is needed before the next scene opens. All is as it should be for each of you. All is as it should be - that which is needed shall always be provided by the Teacher.