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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Sensitivity

The sensitivity of the self is appropriate; it is the emotion that is dissatisfying, that is often troublesome to the self as well as to others. Am I correct in this assessment?

Guest: Yes

To honor the emotion is important; to recognize that the self is sensitive allows the self to feel that which is rarely felt by others. Do you understand my words?

Guest: Yes

When the self fails to honor the self, when the self believes that the self is too sensitive – it is the characters belonging to the lesson plan that step forth to protect the self; it is indeed the characters that say to the self, “You are overreacting. It would be most appropriate if only I could act more maturely…I do not understand the depth of feeling, the depth of emotion that pours forth from within more frequently these days than previously.” Is this how you feel my sister?

Guest: Most of the time