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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Mental Body

All bodies eventually follow the desire of the self. Each body has desires, wants, needs that need be addressed directly by the self – failure to do so causes the desire, the want, the need to become amplified as signal is passed to the mental body: I am uncomfortable. I am uncomfortable. I am uncomfortable. I am hungry. I am hungry. I am hungry. I should like to move. I should like to move. I should like to move. I am bored. I am bored. I am bored. The mental body is the instigator of distraction, for the mental body prefers action, data; the absence of these stimuli results in the release of that which lies within – that which has been tamped down, for the mental body is incapable of rationalizing, making logical those issues that are most troublesome. Encouragement has been received to not think about these things, to put them away for they are in the past and need be forgotten…there is nothing to be done – do not think of them - the mind aids the self in finding distraction.

The student that is vigilant to the antics of the mind will find that it is most difficult to focus upon those issues of the heart – those issues that do not have logical outcome. Be assured that no thing has been placed away into the drawer unresolved if it were possible for the mind to resolve it. It is the mental body that utilizes that which is known to the self to solve all problems, all issues that come before the self. The mind grows tired of those issues that are wrapped inside of emotion and will encourage the self to put it away, will convince the self that it is of little value. It is the self that must aid the mind, encouraging it to aid the self, for deeper review is needed as long as negative energies remain, drawing forth the thought time after time after time after time. The mind becomes adept at cancelling the thought by bringing forth distraction, using the body and its needs frequently. It is important for each present to recognize the self continues to allow distraction to prohibit the self’s ability to eliminate that which lies within.

Te' Auna has asked: how does the self convince the mind to aid the self? Through recognition, Te' Auna, when the self recognizes the mind is distracting the self – the self finds that the self is wasting time…time passage of 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 minutes, remembering that the self was thinking about something important before the pursuit began that consumed a few or many minutes. It is to draw the attention back to the topic that was abandoned and to watch the mind, for it may convince you that the body is in need or that there are other things that are more important that need be addressed at this time. Once it is recognized that the mind is attempting to distract the self, it is to speak directly to the mind, “why do you seek to distract me from this issue?” the body responds with “I’m so tired…I must eliminate…hunger…a little snack…I have seen no one for hours…I shall go visit…there are many things on the desire list - I shall go seek one out.” The mind is desirous of protecting the self but first and foremost, is desirous of success.

The mental body is not the most important component of the human; however, it does reign supreme throughout the 4th kingdom – it dominates all things to the detriment of humanity. The most important body to this, the 4th kingdom, is the physical body, for without it the other bodies do not exist.

It is focus upon the pain that endorses the pain…the self relies upon story to maintain the feeling that the self has been damaged, that the self has suffered. It is when you look at the experience impartially, as the objective observer, that you will begin to see that you too had a period each month, my sister - yours was far more protracted than the other’s; those times when you felt joyous is when the other mirrored your behaviors back to you, in hope that you would see, you would begin to understand the darkness that was present for the self the majority of the time. It was the unhealed portion of the self that convinced the self that it was the other, never the self. Failure to see the self has plagued you, my sister. Possibility has been presented for this to be different in future. It is willingness that need greet the knowledge, for if the self is willing to see the self, the Teacher will draw forth adequate example for the self to be seen.

It is important for all students to recognize that to teach is no simple task, for the Teacher teaches the current self with full knowledge of the lessons that have been failed by the composites – those selves that comprise what is referred to as the composite. The current self is often shocked and dismayed at the tactics employed by the Teacher, believing that the voice of the Teacher is indeed the voice of the ego; the ego’s voice is kind, nurturing, compassionate, telling the self that protection and defense is critical to the self’s survival. Negativity is employed to amplify the messages being sent to the self from the mind, increasing negativity within the bodies exponentially, until the emotional body has overwhelmed the self completely; failure to recognize the tactics of the bodies results in failure for the student time after time after time. The Teacher can provide knowledge to the student of the variety in which I am providing in this moment but if the student fails to study, to draw forth the words into the heart, to feel them, to understand them deeply, then the next time that the mental body begins propelling the self with message, and the emotional body begins to overwhelm the self, all is forgotten.

It is to dedicate the self to spending less time with mental gymnastics and more time with the inner Teacher. It is to increase this time gradually, focusing the mind upon the issue that the self seeks to resolve, calling forth the inner Teacher, asking for guidance. Guidance will be received. It is for the self to then pursue that which is made available to the self. Journaling that which has been determined is suggested.

Wisdom is recognized by the heart, rarely by the mind; for wisdom is experience that has been understood by all bodies. Knowledge is data – that which is received, massaged, analyzed, made logical by the mind; knowledge is highly desired by the masses, for the intellect is regarded as that which determines value. The self with low intellect has value that is deficient to the individual that is highly intellectual – one who is focused upon the intellect.

Sol: Would you please differentiate between the mind and the self?

The mind, the mental body - the consciousness that is programmed to respond to all experience in a particular fashion; the mind is programmed to respond abstractly or logically. It is the self that uses the mind. Do you understand?

Sol: I understand your words. I still do not exactly understand what the self is.

The self is the personality my brother; the self is comprised of personality, as well as ego – those damaged portions of each body that respond in a negative fashion. The personality is comprised of both positive and negative components.

Do all agree with my words that the intellect determines value for most humans upon the planet at this time?

All: Agreed

To understand that it is the mental body that is at top is important. The self has become the mind, the intellect, due to materialism – the focus upon materialism. Do all understand what I mean when I state that it is intellect that creates the need for materialism? I shall ask my brother Sol An Ka to explain it.

Sol: The way that I understand Osiris’ words are that the intellect is focused on the external and the external demands constant feeding of the material and so we get locked into a “intellect to material back to intellect” loop that does not take into consideration that which is happening internally, does not take into consideration the heart and does not even realize that the mind is at top – how else could it be when we get into this loop? That’s my understanding.

I should like to add that the mind does not accommodate the heart, for the feelings that are emitted by the heart are not provable, cannot be duplicated reliably and, therefore, are rarely considered by the logical mind. It is the abstract mind that considers the heart.

Te' Auna has asked the question – in response to my admonishment not to think while I am teaching – the question was, “Why not?” She stated that she finds it impossible not to think about my words; this is the problem for most students - the mind is primary, all focus placed upon logic. It is the rare student that invites the heart in, placing it prior to the mind. How does the student think with the heart? By asking the heart to become primary, by focusing upon the heart at all times, to feel the response of the self when teaching is provided.

I am Osiris. It is important to recognize that when I am present the words can be heard with the heart, for I am love unconditional - love in its most pure state, love that opens the hearts and nourishes all bodies. If the student listening to my words consciously opens the heart and focuses upon the heart, my energies are then welcomed inside to aid in dislodging those energies that prohibit the heart from remaining open at all times. Feeling the heart is oftentimes painful when the student first begins to recognize its presence. The typical student has boarded up the heart decades prior, telling the self that the self indeed has access to the heart for emotion is experienced, failing to recognize that it is the highs and the lows of emotion that are experienced, not happiness - that which can be felt in the heart at all times by the student who decides to unhamper the heart’s participation in all things. There are few in comparison to the total population upon the planet at this time that can say that they are thoroughly happy, joyous, enjoy their life and look forward to each day, experiencing each day fully, drawing forth all that which is positive, reminding the self that there is nothing that is experienced that is truly negative. To feel all things with the heart is a truly joyous experience, for even that which is sorrow-filled teaches one to cultivate the field of compassion for others who suffer similarly. One who is compassionate shall never lack for the salve needed for the self when sorrow is experienced, for compassion is indeed a beacon that speaks to the heart of all that the self encounters.