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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Disease

This will fuel my body…to bless and to integrate the food as sacred, for when the self views the food as sacred, the body receives it as such. The lessons – the body that responds through malfunction is lesson. Do you understand? I shall state more clearly. The body that responds to inappropriate foodstuffs – inappropriate meaning that the self has no care, no concern for that which is utilized as fuel for the body; therefore the body responds with malfunction – heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and myriad other diseases are utilized to capture the attention of the self. The individual that has learned, integrated the lesson, to provide the body with fuel – the best possible fuel available…the individual recognizes food is indeed fuel and when viewed as sacred, the body receives it as such - all care, all concern of the self eliminated – the food is enjoyed, for the food is indeed sacred.

Recognizing that the human is presented with so many choices, so many experiences, and it is oftentimes difficult for the Teacher to garner the student’s attention – it is often impossible for the Teacher to guide the student forward to purification, for the belief lies deep within that the body is unimportant, that the self can provide it with whatever the self desires and that the spiritual thinking is adequate – the body can overcome the result that is unfavorable; this is only true once the consciousness has become self-realized, for all lesson has been integrated and all programming can now be cast off by the self. Prior to self-realization, also referred to as enlightenment, the body is subject to the lesson plan. While the Teacher can improve the functions of the body, the Teacher cannot remove disease or malfunction, until the lessons have been learned. The body is a major component of the lesson plan for all human beings - to learn how to care for the body, to love the body unconditionally, to accept the body even if it is not that which would have been chosen by the self for the self, recognizing that that which has been chosen for the self is exactly what the consciousness needs in order to succeed.

Recognizing the challenges that lie ahead for the self, determining the self’s journey – the path that is most desired by the self – continued experience of the fruits, the flavors and the tastes and of the emotional attachment to foods – or the path that understands that all that has been experienced previous was to teach. The self that has learned the lessons presented readily embraces that food is fuel and that many, many, many foods are poison to the body that seeks to contain energies to maintain the self and to aid others.

It is to understand my brother (Loereve) that you have stated, that you have indeed cried out for assistance – you have stated your desire to be different. You have even willingly stepped forth on occasion and confessed those things that have been discovered within - this need continue my brother. I state that opportunity has been provided to you, where physical malady [was] removed, the threat thereof, in the short term, to enable you to continue forth upon your journey unimpeded by health concerns. The ego continues to guard entry into the heart. There are those who continue to knock upon your door, repeatedly attempting to gain entry; they are greeted with your refusal. You have an understanding of the dis-ease that is provided to one who refuses entry to the heart. It is to look to the self’s diet to determine if you are providing fertile ground for these diseases; it is known that your diet has changed significantly but adequate years were invested prior to make this possible. It is to inform you my brother that you are capable of eliminating all that threatens the self physically by stepping forth and learning the lessons. It is to allow the words to come into the heart, my brother; it is the ego that keeps all on the level of the mind. It is to allow the self to feel the impact of dis-ease that could have rendered the self incapable of caring for the self for some time to come.

It is important for each present to understand that energies are placed inside the physical body each time lesson is failed, beginning very early in the lifetime. In addition, energies are reunited with the new physical body by the age of 2, drawing forth energies that are placed within the physical body to create weaknesses – those that shall provide clue to the self as to the area that is most in need of the self’s attention. What has occurred for you, my brother, is you have proven to the Teacher sufficiently that you will continue forth to learn the lessons; the energies that have been built within the bodies had achieved a status that could result in your demise in several different ways – the heart, the bowel, the colon, the stomach. Great care has been taken to allow you to eliminate these energies with as little impact as possible to the life experience, so that you may continue forth upon your journey to learn, to embrace that change is indeed necessary if the self seeks to continue forth in this incarnation.

The student assigned the lesson plan of Shame need be cognizant of the damage, the potential damage, incurred upon the physical bodies, the mental and the emotional bodies, through the cultivation of bitterness. To recognize the presence of this most caustic of energies is to draw forth experience, to focus upon the mouth – the taste in the mouth, whenever the thought is brought forth to observe the self closely – the way the mouth is held, the pursing of the lips, the squinting of the eyes, the response of the self that is physical in nature - to feel the need to expel the energies from the person, for as long as they remain inside damage is experienced by the self.

Bitterness – the root cause of dental problems, dislocation of the jaw, problems within the throat, difficulty in speaking, a heart that fails to open to another; for the self is ever-protective of the self, viewing that another will drain the self through their need, for the self has mirrored, projected onto another that which has been exhibited by the self. Bitterness - caustic energies, that when expelled upon another, damages the other emotionally; that when sent forth to another, damages the other physically. It is important for the individual assigned any of the lesson plans associated with Shame to be ever-vigilant, for Shame is the lesson plan wherein karmic callings are garnered when the lesson plan is allowed to rule.

Bitterness – when one fails to expel these energies physical malady, disease, shall always be experienced, depending upon the method employed by the self to expel or to retain the energies. Expulsion results in mouth and throat problems for the self; retention results in stomach and bowel difficulties. Appropriate expulsion of these energies is in sharing - to draw forth the energies, to speak of what the self feels, acknowledging all that the self feels - allowing another to aid the self in recognizing that which has eluded the self – the lesson that lies beneath the creation of these energies.

It is important to recognize the lesson plan, my brother (Sol) - self-pity, feeling lack, feeling that another has what the self was entitled to; protecting the façade - the self, refusing to allow another to aid you in recognition of why the self did not accomplish, and then resigning the self to the failure, fueling the creation of bitterness. It is important to recognize the presence of bitterness, resentment, hatred, for these energies cause damage to all bodies.

It is to understand the experiences of the self my brother – what the self is experiencing at the time that the pain is felt is important to aid you in determining is this physical malady or is this lesson indication, clue. The left side of the body is the feminine side – it is to look to the feminine to determine if deficiency is being experienced when the malady is upon the left, to look to the masculine when the malady is upon the right. It is to recognize that all pain that emanates from the body is lesson – either active lesson or failed lesson accumulation.

It is pain that need be understood. Is there a malady, as with the skeletal system - a maladjustment that need be rectified to aid the physical body, for the physical body can become damaged? The inner Teacher is unable to repair this damage until the lesson has been learned; there are humans placed upon this planet that can ease the pain - that can aid the self by remedying the maladjustment, by remedying disease - providing the self with additional opportunity to learn in future. Ignoring the problems of the body is not suggested, for this often results in early death of the housing. It is to recognize that failed lesson creates negative energy that is embedded within the body. The accumulation of failure, without desire to correct the actions of the self to those that would better endorse the physical body, results in illness. The typical student has been storing negative energies within the bodies for decades prior to awakening. The body begins to rebel at this storage; when the quantities have achieved certain levels, disease becomes more likely.

Emotion is stored within the body when it is not understood; emotion that is understood is released. It is important for each student to recognize that failed lesson is reflected throughout the body, that the inner Teacher has done its best to store these energies in areas that would provide clue to the self of the lessons that are being failed. Often, other areas need be utilized to prohibit debilitating disease. It is for the student to ask in the meditative state –“What is this pain? What does it represent? How may I understand the lesson at hand? Please present another and another and another, until I see that which you are trying to illustrate for me. Unfortunately, the typical student becomes upset, focused upon the physical malady, determined to eliminate the malady versus understanding the reason for its presence. It is important for each student to ask the inner Teacher if there is anything that can be done by the self to aid the physical body and to then turn the attention to providing just that, so that the physical body can support the goals of the consciousness. It is partnership that is needed between the self and the physical body, for if the physical body has been informed that the self is indeed desirous of learning the lessons, disease can be held at bay, awaiting the time that the self has determined that the life experience is acceptable to the self as it stands and that change is no longer desirable.

The goal of the lifetime is to learn – the body is programmed to teach. As the self determines that the self is willing to embrace the lessons for the self, is indeed desirous of changed behaviors, energies that hold the potential for damage to the bodies can then be released.