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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Communication: Barbed

The emotional body – this influence upon communication is oftentimes extraordinary, for it delivers to another extraordinary need. It is the emotional body that creates the likelihood of faulty thinking, for all thinking is based in emotion, whether the self likes or dislikes that which is being addressed in the moment. The emotional attachment to any thing, person, results in belief that, of course, is found to be faulty when examined closely, for the belief was founded upon emotion – that which can never see clearly; rather, the issue at hand is seen through the rose-colored glasses. The self’s attachment to a person, place or thing creates the likelihood that the belief will be unsound. Emotion is present within communication, informing the other of the self’s desire to be left alone or the self’s deep need to be loved. It is the emotional body that creates the wall - that which may be identified as a wall of defense and protection, to prohibit others from damaging the self. Communication is impeded, interfered with by emotion - fear that the self will be damaged if the self shares too deeply, if the self provides information that is regarded as detrimental - that may pose jeopardy to the self by drawing forth judgment of another.

It is to recognize that confusion is the goal of the emotional body; confused thinking results in the self’s inability to convey the thoughts so that the self may be understood. It is important for the individual that maintains an emotional communication style to pause, to make connection with the heart and the mind prior to speaking and to ask the other if the self has been understood and, indeed if the self has understood the other. It is the influence of the emotional body that seeks immediate response that provides the same reply again and again and again. The self that becomes cognizant of this influence will listen and will ask, “Do I understand what you have just shared with me? This is what I understand.” Hesitation is critical to the individual whose communication is influenced by the emotional body. Am I understood?

It is Barbed communication that enables the self to easily identify the student of this lesson plan – the individual described by our sister (Student) earlier was an obvious candidate for this communication style; it is to diminish all that are spoken to, it is to put in their proper place all that have been judged to be inferior – which will be a majority of others that are not like the self.