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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Darkness

To understand darkness one need turn inward, focusing upon the self, recognizing judgment, which is at the very root of not love; it is indeed judgment that prohibits the self from being open to another, that prohibits the self from sharing of the self completely. It is the lesson plan that demands judgment of all others as well as the self. The ego prefers to focus upon others; failing that, the self becomes the target. The self is measured against all others; competition employed by the ego to keep the self in competition against all that are believed to be better than the self. It is this individual that surrounds the self with those that are weaker than the self, for in this way the self can remain aloof, prohibiting entry by those who are believed to be less than the self. These individuals of course will be small in number, for the majority of those who come within the self’s sphere are judged to be superior. To truly understand darkness, one must recognize darkness within the self, be willing to speak of it with another - without excuse making, without justification, without rationalization for the self’s behaviors - confessing all that is seen by the self within the self. It is to then seek the assistance of the others, all others, to aid the self in seeing the behaviors as soon as they appear in future, so that choice may once again be made to retain the behavior or to destroy it, replacing it with the behavior that is rooted in love.

It is the darkness within that prohibits the self from changing. Darkness calls forth great emotion that results in anger or complete confusion; sorrow is often experienced by one who is unable to overcome the confusion. The student that fails to recognize the behaviors of the self that are rooted in darkness is the student that allows the lesson plan to choose for the self. Automatic response by informed behaviors is experienced by the student that remains unaware that choice is indeed available at all times; yet, the self has determined that unawareness is preferred, that protection and defense of the current self is indeed what is desired. Failure to recognize that defending and protecting the self creates negativity that is then stored within the bodies, results in the self’s inability to recognize that the self is indeed engaged; for these energies all call for continued defense, continued protection of the self.

It is my duty to draw forth that which lies within each of my students; this action is not to cause discomfort or pain for the self - it is to provide opportunity for the self to choose. It is when the self chooses - again and again and again - protection and defense that the Teacher begins to reevaluate the student-Teacher relationship, for the Teacher does not seek to impose change upon one who is unwilling to change; rather, the Teacher provides opportunity to those who have sought such.

It is my goal to draw forth from within each of you that which is known, that which has been known, that which has been earned in previous lifetimes – whether positive or negative; this is referred to as karma. As has been previously stated, karma can also be positive and the student need be focused upon the positive nature of all that is drawn forth, for even that which is darkness – that which is regarded as negative, that which when observed closely shows inarguably that the behavior will prohibit the pursuit of the self’s divinity – even these behaviors can be viewed positively, for the self has now experienced and the self can relate to another who experiences similarly. The student who stands aside from others and is shocked at the behavior of another is one who has not yet experienced fully the behavior that has shocked the self; compassion is often absent for one who has offended. It is this individual that often holds within the past similar experience, yet the memory has not yet been released to the self; the inner Teacher will determine when this information is provided. It is to recognize that those who are unable to embrace, to accept the self – when the self is honest, forthright, willing to share all that the self has experienced – the individual that cannot embrace you is one that has yet to experience what the self has …consciously; for the bulk of humanity has experienced all things – equally, the bulk of humanity remains blind to most of what the self has experienced.

I state to each of you – I shall never tell you who you are; it is for you to determine who you are and to state such to myself. It is then that I shall test, make certain that you are who you say you are; for it is this that is my purpose - to teach you to know the self. There are others that shall judge you to determine if the lessons have indeed been learned as they should be; it is I that tests your knowledge of the self – that brings forth example to you to determine …do you know who you are? Do you understand who you are being? Is this who you desire to be? For if it is, my tasking is complete; if it is not, it is my duty to continue to bring forth that which remains hidden from the self.

Those consciousnesses who have chosen to tread the path back to the light are provided with many teachers; I am the Teacher (provided to those students) that brings forth the darkness within, thus my additional name…the label, “the prince of darkness”. It is to draw forth the darkness within by bringing forward to the self those who contain the same darkness within; it is certain to create difficulty for both individuals - the typical response is to dislike the other, is to focus upon the other, is to blame the other, to deny that the same darkness resides within the self. This is an unfortunate result of course; however, it is of no consequence to myself, for darkness is throughout this planet. I shall simply bring another and another and another and another and another individual forth until the student learns, until the student awakens to the fact that the self is unknown to the self. It is only once the student of the self begins to recognize that the darkness that is opposite them, the darkness that seems to pursue them at every avenue, regardless of how diligent the self has become at avoiding particular situation…it is only when that darkness in the other is recognized within the self, and the self begins to change the behavior, that suddenly the self is no longer pursued by those containing the same elements that have been ignored within the self.

To understand the experiences of our sister is to recognize that the student oftentimes travels a path that is difficult, potentially impossible to recognize when darkness overwhelms the self. It is for each student to recognize that darkness need be drawn forth, externalized, vocalized, illumined by the scrutiny of others; for if darkness is harbored, provided indeed with safe harbor, darkness will destroy the self.

The student that listens to the ego, continuing to hide that which has been exposed, prohibiting others from seeing the self as damaged, as one who is in need of assistance, says that the student prefers to endorse the lesson plan - Denial primarily, Separation secondarily; for even though the individual is weak, flailing, suffering, the ego will not allow the self to seek assistance, to seek relief, to seek understanding. The self chooses to bare the self to another or to continue to provide safe harbor to the darkness that lies within.

This is a classic example of the consciousness who has volunteered in service to the consciousness that becomes known as their child; the parent is that which is needed in order to teach the child. Once the child has learned the lesson, the parent is provided with opportunity to be different as well. It is the consciousness of great love that steps forth, volunteering to embrace tremendous darkness for the self in order to teach another; for the likelihood of casting off this darkness (once the child has learned) is minimal, for the self often has become that which was most needed in order to aid another. Stepping forth into the role of darkness is one that garners little honor from the consciousnesses who have been served.

To understand the soul family is to understand the consciousness’ beginnings. All consciousnesses derive from the central pool, created by a Supreme Being - one that sought to bring forth darkness and light - to broaden the experience, to teach, to learn. The consciousness is provided with many opportunities within many different kingdoms, to learn and to teach, to experience, to garner knowledge, to understand it and to experience fully wisdom – as it is employed for the self, as it can be employed to aid another. The experience of the consciousness expands through time that simply cannot be grasped by the human mind; suffice it to say that millions of years have passed since your creation, my sister, and experience garnered, bringing you to this place and this time and this experience - to recognize that that which has been experienced is merely the beginning of that which can be experienced. It is within this dimension that the human believes the self to be impermanent; outside of this dimension it is well understood that once created, the consciousness shall continue forth through innumerable experiences, innumerable lives in a number of dimensions. Love is the goal – to be love, to understand darkness…that which is not love - which cannot be accomplished until the self has been submerged completely within darkness.

The soul family shifts and reduces slowly, lifetime after lifetime, as the self seeks to bring forth – to surround the self in fact, with those who are walking similar path, for in this way, the likelihood of one awakening and then impacting the other is increased dramatically. It is important when surveying those about the self that have assisted the self greatly – either through difficult experience or that which has opened the eyes of the self - it is most important for the self to recognize that the inner Teacher has drawn this individual into your sphere purposefully.

To recognize the members of the soul family is to open the heart to determine, “Is there connection – either positive or negative?” For one that is a member of the soul family can either attract or repel, dependent upon the service that has been provided by each to each in preceding lifetimes. Those individuals that the self feels strongly repelled against are those individuals typically that have provided dark service to the self in previous lifetime; it is these that need be embraced, for as long as the feeling remains of revulsion, of disgust, of dislike, of hatred – karmic ties remain, drawing each back into this dimension lifetime after lifetime, until these feelings can be resolved, until these feelings can be changed to one of acceptance and love unconditional.

The purpose of the soul family is to enable the self to choose those individuals that can aid the self in future incarnations. It is often that the self is attracted to one that is not a member of the soul family; new relationships, new bonds are formed – the consciousness may or may not travel together in future. Simply because the self is attracted to an individual in this lifetime does not mean that they are a member of the soul family; it is important to recognize this, for oftentimes individuals are romanticized and certain behaviors overlooked, due to the individual’s impressions or feelings that they are a member of the self’s soul family. It is important to note that this should never make a difference in one’s ability to embrace another, in one’s ability to love another unconditionally.

I am Osiris, prince of darkness. I come to those students who seek wisdom, for it is wisdom alone that draws forth the darkness that resides within; this darkness consists of belief, falsity, negativity – that which hampers the Self in all ways. I refer to the self with a capital ‘S’, for it is indeed the Higher Self that draws forth the Teacher; the Teacher that will illumine the darkness that resides within, providing the self/the personality with opportunity to unearth, to recognize that which lies within. Choice may then be made to maintain these beliefs or to recognize them as that which has interfered with the self’s ability to traverse the path to healing. Willingness to expose that which lies within is necessary, for as all viewed this morning, the ego is quick to respond – to protect, to defend, to guard that which has been so carefully crafted, utilized to convince the self that no further review, no further action is necessary.

The student that presents the self for teaching is often one that expects the Teacher to overcome all obstacles, to cast aside all things that stand in the way of the student, to expose all things that lie within; those things that lie within continue to confound the self. Great effort has been applied to locating those issues without success. The self becomes depressed, feels downtrodden, beginning to sense that the self may fail once again. It is then that the call is placed by the soul for the Teacher - for the Teacher that exposes darkness is one that can only be called for after all other options have been exhausted.

Once the Teacher has arrived, the student believes…begins to believe, that the self is darkness, for the Teacher makes clear that the Teacher is darkness – that the Teacher is only interested in the darkness within the student; darkness is utilized to teach. The student yearns for softness, for a loving approach, for encouragement, for support. The Teacher of darkness gives none of these, for the goal is to teach the student that all others are desirous of the same – softness, the loving approach, support that is unfailing to bring warmth, love and comfort to one who is struggling to find their way back to the path to healing. It is the student that is still struggling to find his way back to the path that the physical teacher is assigned to.

Once the student begins to understand the self, once the student steps forth and commits the self to the path, and the soul is assured that the student will indeed continue forth – the call for the Teacher is placed. I am Osiris, known to billions as the Prince of Darkness, for I am the Teacher that is called forth for those students who have determined that the life experience is empty, that the self is no longer desirous of the earthly experience, unless the spiritual path is open to them once again.

It is important for the student to recognize that the Teacher, whether physical or non-physical, is desirous of aiding the self, is capable of providing guidance, counsel that will allow the self to begin to see the self. It is the ego that rejects the Teacher – whether physical or non-physical, utilizing judgment to diminish, to destroy the value of that which has been shared with the self; this is of no concern to the Teacher, for those who are ready to step forth upon their path determine that the voice of the ego is that which is not desirable - it is this that the attention is focused upon, it is this voice that is squelched by changing all things stated by this voice. To recognize the voice of the ego is to recognize negativity, for that which is negative – all that which is negative – emanates from this source.

The consciousness that awakens and determines that the experience of this planet has been fulfilled – all things that the consciousness came to experience have now been experienced, darkness as well as experiences of light; these experiences of light have placed within the self the desire to draw ever nearer to the light as the journey progresses. All consciousnesses experience this - what would be referred to as - ‘natural progression’ from darkness into light. No consciousness leaves the wheel of death and rebirth until the cycle of darkness back to light has been fulfilled, for this is the only way that all things could be experienced. To leave this atmosphere, one must learn to feel, utilizing the physical body.