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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Distortion

I am Osiris. I am love. I have just asked Te' Auna if she understands that I am not always with her and she stated she does not understand this, for how do I know all things about her…all things experienced, if I am not always with her? It is to recognize, it is to understand, that the Teacher has access to the student at all times through the thread, the golden thread, that has been extended from Teacher to student; this thread is present from birth, lifetime after lifetime after lifetime – the thread extended to the new being. This is an example of distortion, for the mind interpreted that the thread was extended to the new being, for the mind believes that it would be necessary to do so. In actuality, the thread is in constant existence; for it is tied to the materials subtle – those that are unseen, those that are not physical in nature – it is these energies that join with the new being prior to the age of two. All that the student experiences is available to the Teacher – the Teacher need only focus the attention upon the student to garner all knowledge of that which the student has experienced since the last time the focus was placed upon the student; this knowledge is garnered instantaneously in your languaging – it is ever-present in mine.

It is important for the student to understand that the Teacher provides all that is needed by the student; the student need only have the thought unconsciously and the Teacher has been informed of that which is needed. It is in this way that the Teacher presents to the student those things that are needed in order to experience forward progress upon the path to healing, for the self knows that which is needed; it is the Teacher that guides the student, the self, to knowing and to healing the self by utilizing that which is known by the self. To trust in the self, knowing that the self has the answer to all things and to recognize that the self has been provided with Teacher to aid the self, to guide the self to understanding, is critical.

Failure to believe in the self thwarts the self’s progress – it is this that is the cause of Te' Auna’s stasis; she does not believe in the self. She seeks outwardly for confirmation, stating that the self cannot believe in the self unless another has confirmed that the self is correct. What she does not yet understand is that all things have been experienced – she knows that this is true but it has not been fully embraced; therefore, it has yet to be understood. Recognizing that the self has the answer and that the Teacher will draw forth the answer is important for all students to embrace. It is the Teacher’s duty to draw forth all that which lies within – both darkness and light, introducing to the current self all that which has been earned previously - again, whether darkness or light.

It is important to understand that the instrument is tested in many different ways, [to determine] if the instrument is capable of maintaining the connection, even when many thoughts are being provided to the self, simultaneous with the speaking of myself – that which is regarded as the teaching. The thoughts that are provided to the instrument are those that are intended to distort the teaching. It is to teach Te' Auna how to protect the self, how to prohibit interference by those who will indeed seek to distort the teachings that will be brought forth in future.

It is speaking to myth that is important. It is also speaking to truth. It is critical that the student understand truth universal and separate that from myth. It is to understand that those beings of higher consciousness that exist to serve humanity provide distortion for myriad reasons. It is important for the student to recognize that the instrument can equally distort the message, for the mind is highly skilled and receives the data seconds prior to the voice translating the statement into words - it is the mind that translates and speaks. To understand completely my statements is to understand that darkness resides within the self; darkness also resides throughout this planet. Darkness is within all things, all things…the opportunity exists for darkness in all things. Those individuals that have determined to be an instrument for those beings regarded as higher consciousness to serve humanity, present themselves in varying states of darkness to light; many present the self as instrument in order to earn a living, to garner admiration from others, to gain for the self that which is not available to the masses. There are relatively few that present the self to teach, to draw forth that which is helpful to many - the desire for payment is satisfied by those who utilize the data in order to learn.

It is important for each to recognize that love holds dominion over all things – love that is pure, love that is primary, cannot be overcome by darkness.

When I begin to speak through Te' Auna there is a certain time period that is needed for acclimation. It is a transference of thought that is taking place – my consciousness does not reside within this shell; rather, the thought comes to the mind and is translated and then spoken, using the voice that I have chosen – that which differs from the instrument. To be desirous of understanding this process is normal; curiosity is often the human’s companion. The instrument that is chosen by those who are regarded as higher consciousness beings has been trained, tested through many, many lifetimes.

Service is provided oftentimes as medium, as one who is clairvoyant – one who is known as a seer into the past or into the future; for this service creates the pathways needed for the mental body, as well as the emotional and the physical bodies, in future lifetimes. This service is not a singular lifetime occurrence; it is one that takes many, many lifetimes to perfect. It is in this lifetime that the plan can quite possibly come to fruition – to draw forth wisdom from the higher realms that will truly assist humanity - those individuals who seek to know and to heal the self. It is my honor to assist Te' Auna with the removal of negativity that has prohibited the connection that guarantees that distortion will not occur. As the mind is freed from belief, the likelihood of distortion is minimized to that which can be corrected in the moment by myself, simply stating “Correction,” and restating the thought or the teaching. To understand that each of you have been instrumental to this process is important, for as you teach Te' Auna to teach, I am permitted to release negativity from within that prohibits her ability to do so without error, without judgment.

Distortion occurs in the translation of the message – that which has been sent forth by higher consciousness and is then translated by those in a lesser dimension. It is important to understand that the message is always one of love. The mind as interpreter can take the message and change it significantly or in an insignificant fashion – one that causes the message to lean towards direction versus guidance. Any message that says that the human must or should be a particular way, or must or should conduct the self in a particular fashion is not the message that originates with higher consciousness, for choice has been circumvented. It is my desire to eliminate the beliefs that would cause misinterpretation by Te' Auna. It is a part of the cleansing process; cleansing heart, mind and body of all that which prohibits the self from allowing, accepting universally, all that which is experienced upon this planet. The typical individual has many ‘can’s and cannots’, ‘must and must nots’ stored within the belief system. It is important to recognize that all humans must experience all things – it is not the desire of higher consciousness to circumvent the experiences of a single consciousness.

It is only in retrospect that the student is able to map the self’s progress. It is the Teacher that guides the student through lesson after lesson, identifying root causes that results in lesson failure – that which is little understood by the self, for the behaviors have been resident through many, many lifetimes. All students are desirous of progress reports, to understand where the self stands – what lies before the self as well as what lies behind. It is believed by the self that this will make the journey easier. Whenever possible the Teacher will share this positioning with the student. It is rarely embraced as truth for the student believes the self to be farther ahead or, surprisingly, further behind than the positioning provided by the Teacher. It is difficult to provide this correction to the student that has educated the self with knowledge that has been embraced and has become a part of the belief system. Suffice it to say, the data available upon this planet regarding the student’s position upon the path is highly distorted and has been presented in a way to cause most to turn away from the path, shaking the head and stating, “I shall never be that perfect. I can never be that holy.” The Path to Healing is merely that which enables the self to awaken to the true self, to understand the behaviors that lie within, to understand the characters that are either endorsed or hidden from view. It is to be made available to those students who seek to truly understand the self, those who are willing to focus upon the negative and to place themselves in the hands of a Teacher until sufficient negativity has been released so that their own Teacher may then step forth and be heard. The Path to Healing is a teaching that is intended for those who have awakened; it is a teaching that can also be utilized to aid those who have yet to awaken.