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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Fear

Sol: Is it possible for me to achieve self-realization in this lifetime?

Recognizing that the self has asked a query of the Teacher that could be answered ‘yes’ as well as ‘no’ is necessary my brother; for it is your will, your commitment, your desire that determines the outcome of this lifetime. Do you understand?

Sol: Yes, thank you.

It is the composite self that continually convinces the self that progress cannot be made in a single lifetime; this is due to the failures experienced in many previous lifetimes. Self-realization simply means that the self has been recognized. Do you believe my brother that you can recognize the self in the many years you have remaining in this lifetime?

Sol: Yes I believe it’s possible.

It is for you to do the work that will enable you to state to myself, “Yes I believe it is possible” for at this moment my brother you merely think it may be possible. Do you understand?

Sol: Not exactly – would you rephrase that please?

It is for you to read my words, to understand the difference between thinking and believing and to utilize the words appropriately in future. “I think I can”. ”I believe I can.” With thinking the presence of fear does not interfere; with believing the presence of fear destroys all possibility of true belief. Do you understand?