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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Bitterness

The student assigned the lesson plan of Shame need be cognizant of the damage, the potential damage, incurred upon the physical bodies, the mental and the emotional bodies, through the cultivation of bitterness. To recognize the presence of this most caustic of energies is to draw forth experience, to focus upon the mouth – the taste in the mouth, whenever the thought is brought forth to observe the self closely – the way the mouth is held, the pursing of the lips, the squinting of the eyes, the response of the self that is physical in nature - to feel the need to expel the energies from the person, for as long as they remain inside damage is experienced by the self.

Bitterness – the root cause of dental problems, dislocation of the jaw, problems within the throat, difficulty in speaking, a heart that fails to open to another; for the self is ever-protective of the self, viewing that another will drain the self through their need, for the self has mirrored, projected onto another that which has been exhibited by the self. Bitterness - caustic energies, that when expelled upon another, damages the other emotionally; that when sent forth to another, damages the other physically. It is important for the individual assigned any of the lesson plans associated with Shame to be ever-vigilant, for Shame is the lesson plan wherein karmic callings are garnered when the lesson plan is allowed to rule.

Bitterness – when one fails to expel these energies physical malady, disease, shall always be experienced, depending upon the method employed by the self to expel or to retain the energies. Expulsion results in mouth and throat problems for the self; retention results in stomach and bowel difficulties. Appropriate expulsion of these energies is in sharing - to draw forth the energies, to speak of what the self feels, acknowledging all that the self feels - allowing another to aid the self in recognizing that which has eluded the self – the lesson that lies beneath the creation of these energies.

It is important to recognize the lesson plan, my brother (Sol) - self-pity, feeling lack, feeling that another has what the self was entitled to; protecting the façade - the self, refusing to allow another to aid you in recognition of why the self did not accomplish, and then resigning the self to the failure, fueling the creation of bitterness. It is important to recognize the presence of bitterness, resentment, hatred, for these energies cause damage to all bodies.