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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Power

Student: Would you elaborate a little please about the power aspect of Shame?

The lesson plan of Shame is all about power, my sister.

Student: and its abuse…

Intellectual power, sexual power – the mere threat of another to the self’s sense of power is enough to draw forth the energies needed to damage the other. Do you understand?

Student: I do…thank you.

Sol: Is sex the greatest use of power for Shame?

It is the manipulation of power that the majority of these energies are focused upon my brother. The sexual lesson is one that is dominant throughout this planet; power often is brought into the bedroom, is it not my brother?

Sol: Yes

The student that understands this can begin to observe the self closely to determine, “Where is it that I seek power most frequently?” Power can be felt when walking the dog or when speaking to one that has been judged as inferior or in dominating another individual who views the self as an equal. Do you understand, my brother?

Sol: Yes I do – thank you. Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Indeed. Has your query been satisfied?

Sol: Yes it has. Thank you.

To understand the line energies of Shame is to understand the fundamentals of the lesson plans that flow from this parent energy. Making the recognition that power is being proven, not sought, is important. Am I understood?

Sol: Would you please amplify that?

The student of Shame is certain of the self’s power – would you agree my brother?

Sol: Yes I agree with that and I would also add from personal experience that often power is sought but not achieved and that becomes another problem within itself.

Indeed. However, the student of Shame feels quite confident that the self’s power will be proven when the lesson plan has been, shall we say, opened. Do you agree my sister?

Student: I do. Shame is cocky.

It is to recognize that if Shame were to question the self’s power it would be unable to proceed forth with most of the behaviors that color this particular lesson plan. Do you understand?

Student: I do because I have recollection of people telling me that I am a very powerful person and me saying “What are you talking about? I don’t feel that.” And then learning about the lesson plan of Shame and seeing how it’s demonstrated, provided insight into a real lack of power.

I shall ask you my sister, to focus upon the lesson plan of Shame and the remark that was just made – that the self did not feel powerful even though others stated such. You have always felt powerful my sister, if you were to be honest.

Student: Exactly…exactly…which goes to the hiding.


Student: And the mask that Shame wears that it isn’t dangerous and it isn’t treacherous and it isn’t malicious or manipulative or controlling.

It is feigning weakness my sister that is a ploy of Shame. Do you understand?

Student: I do – thank you.

Do you understand my brother?

Sol: Let me restate my understanding of what aspect of what you said …and that is that if the student who has Shame does not feel powerful in a particular circumstance, then Shame really is not at work in that particular circumstance for that student.

You are correct.

Sol: Thank you. I understand. That’s really a very, very interesting aspect of Shame about which I had no idea. Thank you.

Recognition that the student of Shame is powerful, capable of destroying all that stand in its way… would you say that this recognition is important my brother Sol An Ka?

Sol: Yes

My sister (student)?

Student: Absolutely


Student: Shame damages, perpetually damages and without awareness of it, damages obliviously, thinking nothing about it…just doing it. Becoming aware is vitally important to ceasing the damaging of others and getting a handle on that.

Sol: I would add to that that feeling powerful generates a lot of energy to be powerful.

It is the belief, my brother, in the self’s power - that is, the energies that support the belief that the self is all-powerful, that the self is correct in all things, that the other need be set straight; it is this thinking that drives the student of Shame. Do you understand?

Sol: Yes I do, all too well.