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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Physical Body

I am Osiris. It is when the student first enters the path to healing that the health of the body begins to become more noticeable; previously, the body was ignored, driven – the mind and the emotion overruling the physicality. The physical body has been programmed to provide the individual with the lessons that are needed for the lifetime; the mental body, and the emotional bodies are impacted by this programming. The mental body interprets pain signals, as well as a variety of addictive signals; the emotional body responds to the pain, to the addiction. The lesson plans draw upon these energies to bring forth lesson to the student. Once the student begins to walk the path to healing, greater focus is placed upon the body, for the Teacher will focus here first. The typical student has an unhealthy body, for abuse is quite likely to have been encountered – abuse of the self; this abuse has damaged the physical body and the Teacher attempts to do all possible to bring balance to the body so that the student may focus all energies towards learning, versus the expenditure of energy to manage pain or to feel concern about the self’s ability to remain here until the lessons have been learned. My student, would you say that you abused the physical body?

Student: I did for a very long time – yes.

What did these abuses include?

Student: Drugs, alcohol, food – too much exercise, not enough exercise, too much sleep, not enough sleep; complete lack of awareness…there were times when my body was so at home – eating well and exercising well…I was strong and every time I got to this place of strong something happened – some kind of an accident happened. I broke something…I was in a bike accident or a car accident or something, so I became concerned about pain. I was in a lot of pain, so in addition to the other abuses, there was pain killers – over the counter mostly, a lot of marijuana but none of that now. I don’t take anything – no antihistamines for my allergies, no alcohol, no meat since I made the commitment here – I drink water, I drink tea, I don’t take anything but what you’ve told me to take and a couple of vitamins…oh, and a thyroid medication.

How else have you abused the body my sister?

Student: Bulimia – bouts of it.

It is to understand that the physical body is in need of nurture - is in need of love, of the kind, soft touch – of the voice that says “I love you – I recognize all that you have done for me – I understand all that you have endured on my behalf.” The voice of non-acceptance, of oftentimes hatred of the self, has damaged the physical body; the other behaviors of alcohol, sex, drugs are merely the result of the feelings that resided within. Sex, utilized to trick the self into believing that the self was desirable – possibly to another but never to the self. Drugs were taken to prohibit feeling. Alcohol, utilized to deaden, to dull the anger that was ever resident. Do you agree with my assessment my student?

Student: Yes – yes I do. Oh, I forgot cigarettes…I smoked for a long time.

The body need be honored, loved, nurtured, revered as the temple; for it is indeed just that – the repository for all consciousnesses that have come once again to learn, to experience physicality, to work with all bodies simultaneously, so that the lessons of this planet may be integrated. The heat and the cold that you feel emanating from the bodies is the signal from the body to indicate to you that it is desirous of your attention, your love, your care, your concern; there are also imbalances that need be corrected.

It is to understand the needs of the body, to provide it with a good vitamin-mineral supplement as is appropriate for the age, for this increases the strength of the body, allowing the self to utilize energies for other purposes, rather than that which is needed to maintain the physical body. It is to do the research, my student, to find a vitamin that is appropriate for the self; to understand that the physical body has been damaged and is in need of nurture is primary. The physical body continues to draw energies from the etheric body, further diminishing the chances of the self to experience spiritually, to reach higher for better solution; for when negativity comes calling, it is the etheric body that is called upon to aid the self with positive energy so that true choice may be accomplished simply by focusing the awareness, seeking the energies, and then choosing more appropriately for the self.

It is important for the student to recognize that without the physical body the consciousness no longer has the environment needed in order to learn. It is the emotional and the mental bodies within the physical body that is needed to learn the lessons of this school for learning. Failure to pay attention to the physical body – to love it, to nurture it, to recognize that the emotional and the mental bodies draw the self to those things that are not always beneficial to the physical body - it is for the self to choose that which is most appropriate for the self, recognizing that the lesson plan interferes and is present within the programming for these bodies to deter the self from success until these issues are addressed directly.

It is a misunderstanding that is frequently embraced by the student who walks the path to healing to ignore the physical body in all ways, to break it, to place it below the will of the mind, of the emotions, for the self is more than the physical body. It is quite true that the self, the consciousness, is more than the physical body, for the self is limitless, boundless and cannot be contained within the physical shell without the agreement of the consciousness; this agreement is made at the beginning of each incarnation. The consciousness agrees once again to remain within the body until the lessons have been learned, until the Teacher steps forth to train and to guide this new self occultly. The self that attempts to break this agreement is the self that is typically damaged upon the astral plane; this damage is imposed as reminder to the self that agreement was extended at the beginning of the incarnation to remain inside the body and to focus upon the lessons at hand as the Teacher presents them. All other interests recalled from previous lifetimes need be set aside until this has been accomplished.

The student that is called to work with the dimensions unseen – this calling grows louder with each year of the life experience. The self that succumbs to the urgings of the mind – that portion of the self that demands logic, that seeks proof, science – fails to adhere to the guidelines necessary in order to open the self to other beings on the same realm as the self. It is failure to believe that the self is capable that is the cause to be attributed most frequently to failure.

It is the emotional body combined with the physical body that is unique to this dimension – to feel emotion utilizing the physical body is the goal; to harness the energy of great emotion – the secondary goal.

The self that fails to check in with the Self periodically, “What is that feeling? I do not like it. Why is it present? How can I eliminate this impression of denseness?” Checking in to feel all that the body is willing to share with the self – the human being has become proficient at ignoring the signals of the body, particularly those that are subtle.

I seek for you to understand my brother (Sol) that your body is going through many, many changes at this time; I ask that you cast off concern for the readings that you feel are indicative of a spiraling downward condition, for this simply is not so. It does take time for the body to correct itself but correct itself it shall; it is in need of positivity, for you to embrace it, to love it, to nurture it, to speak to it, to acknowledge that the self created the difficulties that the body can and will overcome, as long as the lessons are learned.

This will fuel my body…to bless and to integrate the food as sacred, for when the self views the food as sacred, the body receives it as such. The lessons – the body that responds through malfunction is lesson. Do you understand? I shall state more clearly. The body that responds to inappropriate foodstuffs – inappropriate meaning that the self has no care, no concern for that which is utilized as fuel for the body; therefore the body responds with malfunction – heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and myriad other diseases are utilized to capture the attention of the self. The individual that has learned, integrated the lesson, to provide the body with fuel – the best possible fuel available…the individual recognizes food is indeed fuel and when viewed as sacred, the body receives it as such - all care, all concern of the self eliminated – the food is enjoyed, for the food is indeed sacred.

Recognizing that the human is presented with so many choices, so many experiences, and it is oftentimes difficult for the Teacher to garner the student’s attention – it is often impossible for the Teacher to guide the student forward to purification, for the belief lies deep within that the body is unimportant, that the self can provide it with whatever the self desires and that the spiritual thinking is adequate – the body can overcome the result that is unfavorable; this is only true once the consciousness has become self-realized, for all lesson has been integrated and all programming can now be cast off by the self. Prior to self-realization, also referred to as enlightenment, the body is subject to the lesson plan. While the Teacher can improve the functions of the body, the Teacher cannot remove disease or malfunction, until the lessons have been learned. The body is a major component of the lesson plan for all human beings - to learn how to care for the body, to love the body unconditionally, to accept the body even if it is not that which would have been chosen by the self for the self, recognizing that that which has been chosen for the self is exactly what the consciousness needs in order to succeed.

Recognizing the challenges that lie ahead for the self, determining the self’s journey – the path that is most desired by the self – continued experience of the fruits, the flavors and the tastes and of the emotional attachment to foods – or the path that understands that all that has been experienced previous was to teach. The self that has learned the lessons presented readily embraces that food is fuel and that many, many, many foods are poison to the body that seeks to contain energies to maintain the self and to aid others.

It is to recognize that the energies of failed lesson create material - tangible material - that then resides within the body. If the lesson is associated with a particular part, area of the body, the energies settle here; the organs are most usually impacted last, for it is this that can interfere with the ability of the body to continue to function while the lessons are being learned. The body is indeed impacted by the energies that are created by failed lesson – whether the physical, mental or emotional is the source body, so to say. It is important for each to understand that when a lesson is failed and the self chooses not to resolve the lesson, that the self is choosing to damage one of the bodies, for the energies will indeed be stored within that body until the lesson has been learned.

Do you love your body, my brother?

Sol: Yes, I do. I have not for most of my life but I do now and I appreciate that it’s taken me this far.

It is to deepen the gratitude. Do you understand?

Sol: How may I deepen the gratitude?

This is for you to determine my brother. The actions that are taken when the self thinks of food – to think first, “Will this nourish my body or am I attempting to satisfy the emotional body?” For the emotional body does not require food - the emotional body is that which demands those things that are damaging to the physical body. It is to seek first for the feeling – to ask the physical body, “Would it be acceptable if I have this cup of coffee? Would you embrace this piece of pie? I have provided you with all nutrients and I would greatly appreciate a treat. I will be ever cautious about those treats provided, knowing that too much can damage the body that is vital to my ability to remain here upon this planet so that I may learn the lessons.” It is to shift the attitude towards food completely, my brother - that was your goal coming into this lifetime; for food has been at the root of your demise in previous lifetimes.

The body will have its way, for it is programmed to teach you my sister. You believe, or you say the words – all is as it should be – yet, those things that do not work out as you believe they should disappoint you, upset you, anger you. They are words. Until you truly understand them as wisdom, you shall continue to struggle with all lessons, as will all those present.

The presence of negativity – negativity on the surface of the body, negativity within the body itself – should be cause for celebration, for the self can state quite clearly, “I feel these energies, the denseness…I can almost see it – they are oppressive, they cause my body to tighten, to ache, to swell, to malfunction. It is with great joy that I welcome their presence; for I see opportunity is at hand – to learn and then to release these energies, so that no further damage may be experienced by my body. It is this perspective that I seek to instill in each of you, to recognize that the presence of negativity represents opportunity to the self to be different, to learn, so that understanding may be accomplished and then shared with others to aid and to ease another’s journey, as service, repaying the Teacher for the assistance provided to the self. It is difficult for the student to make this shift, for it is a mental, an emotional and indeed, a physical shift. The physical body learns to deal with the energies, to manage the pain. The mental body learns to stop amplifying the pain, to simply provide message to the self, “The pain is present. The pain is still present. The pain remains present.” – so that the self remains informed that the lesson has yet to be learned. It is the emotional body that requires the greatest effort of the self, for it is the emotional body that amplifies the pain, “I have a slight headache.” One hour later, “I have a terrible headache.” Two hours later, “My head is killing me.” Three hours later, “I cannot bear this pain any longer. It is one day, two days, three days, four days, five days, six days present – I cannot bear it” – and the focus is now upon the pain, rather than the location of the pain, rather than the purpose of the pain; for the pain is only elevated when the Teacher feels that the student is ignoring the lesson.

Energies brought forth and enlivened provide the student only with sufficient pain to encourage attention to that which has been brought forth; the Teacher does not seek to damage the self, the Teacher seeks to garner the attention of the self. The presence of the energies upon the surface of the body oftentimes can become caustic, can be damaging, if the student does not pay heed to the lesson, if the student does not attempt to learn that which has been presented. It is important for the self to recognize that when energies are drawn forth by the Teacher that their presence over a period of time can be adjusted to mentally and emotionally; it is a small pain that grows, thereby increasing the self’s tolerance to pain, thereby encouraging damage by these energies for the self who fails to understand the lesson and to then release these energies that are causing damage.

Recognizing that the self need call upon the Teacher for assistance whenever the self is struggling, whenever the self is unable to determine the lesson, so as to prohibit damage from occurring when these energies are present and active upon the surface. It is to understand the lessons associated with each area of the body. It is to recognize the activities that cause the body to struggle. It is to realize that the mental [and] the emotional demands often tax the physical body. It is balance that is being sought. It is the body, the physical body’s demand to be accepted, to be embraced as equal partner to the mental, to the emotional, to the self.

It is to recognize that all pain that emanates from the body is lesson – either active lesson or failed lesson accumulation. It is pain that need be understood…is there a malady – as with the skeletal system – a maladjustment that need be rectified to aid the physical body, for the physical body can become damaged. The inner Teacher is unable to repair this damage until the lesson has been learned; there are humans placed upon this planet that can ease the pain - that can aid the self by remedying the maladjustment, by remedying dis-ease, providing the self with additional opportunity to learn in future. Ignoring the problems of the body is not suggested, for this often results in early death of the housing. It is to recognize that failed lesson creates negative energy that is embedded within the body; the accumulation of failure, without desire to correct the actions of the self to those that would better endorse the physical body, results in illness. The typical student has been storing negative energies within the bodies for decades prior to awakening. The body begins to rebel at this storage; when the quantities have achieved certain levels, dis-ease becomes more likely. It is as the adjustments were made for yourself (Sol) and Te' Auna – dense energies were released from areas where they had been stored for decades – pain…the emotion of pain, released, freeing the body to adjust itself back to its natural state.

Emotion is stored within the body when it is not understood; emotion that is understood is released. It is important for each student to recognize that failed lesson is reflected throughout the body, that the inner Teacher has done its best to store these energies in areas that would provide clue to the self of the lessons that are being failed. Often, other areas need be utilized to prohibit debilitating dis-ease. It is for the student to ask in the meditative state –“What is this pain? What does it represent? How may I understand the lesson at hand? Please present another and another and another, until I see that which you are trying to illustrate for me. Unfortunately, the typical student becomes upset, focused upon the physical malady, determined to eliminate the malady versus understanding the reason for its presence. It is important for each student to ask the inner Teacher if there is anything that can be done by the self to aid the physical body and to then turn the attention to providing just that, so that the physical body can support the goals of the consciousness. It is partnership that is needed between the self and the physical body, for if the physical body has been informed that the self is indeed desirous of learning the lessons, disease can be held at bay, awaiting the time that the self has determined that the life experience is acceptable to the self as it stands and that change is no longer desirable.

It is important for each present to understand that energies are placed inside the physical body each time lesson is failed, beginning very early in the lifetime. In addition, energies are reunited with the new physical body by the age of 2, drawing forth energies that are placed within the physical body to create weaknesses – those that shall provide clue to the self as to the area that is most in need of the self’s attention. What has occurred for you, my brother (Sol), is you have proven to the Teacher sufficiently that you will continue forth to learn the lessons; the energies that have been built within the bodies had achieved a status that could result in your demise in several different ways – the heart, the bowel, the colon, the stomach. Great care has been taken to allow you to eliminate these energies with as little impact as possible to the life experience, so that you may continue forth upon your journey to learn, to embrace that change is indeed necessary if the self seeks to continue forth in this incarnation.

When the self is contemplating change, it is most appropriate to survey those around the self to determine, “Do I wish to continue to walk the path that the other is currently walking or do I prefer this path?” It is only the individual who is capable of seeing that, “I have enjoyed many pizzas, many containers of Chinese food, many plates of meat and potatoes, many desserts – in this and many, many, many previous lifetimes – the flavors no longer hold the promise that they once did, for I still feel empty after consuming all that is in front of me. I recognize that those things that are ingested are provided as lesson - lesson to be learned about how to care for the body, how to nurture and ensure that the body continues to function until I have freed myself of the lesson plan.” For most consciousnesses upon this planet destroy the body well before the possibility is in sight that the lesson plan may be overcome and so, it is back into the central pool, awaiting the next incarnation and the body once again brings forth lesson so that the self may choose to forgo the poisons, the hazards – those things that are short-lived pleasures - in favor of that which will further my existence, for there is much left to ingest that endorses the self’s goals. It is true that there is far more that must be forfeited than that which will remain; it is the choice of the student. No one else can make this choice for the self.

The mind is believed to be the most important component of the human. Are all present in agreement with this assessment?

Sol: Yes, that is my feeling.

Loereve: My feeling is that there …it seems like there is more to it than just that.

Commit the self, my brother Loereve. Answering the question vaguely indicates to me that you’d prefer not to answer the question, yet you answer it in order to be friendly, to be recognized as cooperative. Did you provide me with answer my brother?

Loereve: Yes and no. I don’t have a good answer to that question…there is …other than it seems like there’s more to it and I don’t know what…

Do you understand that the mind has provided you with the answer that is used quite frequently by the self: “It seems like…it should be…it may be…I don’t think that it is” – this is referred to as the non-committal reply, one that the self is able to be on both sides and can easily shift their stance, depending on where the chips fall. This is learned behavior my brother; it is time for you to choose, to state for the self – do you believe that the mind is the most important component of the human? Do you understand the many different factors employed by the self prior to providing another with answer, my brother?

Loereve: Many times

That the self has forgotten how to use the mind, for the self is accessing emotion, rather than the mind; emotion that wishes to be embraced by the other, seeks the approval of another, seeks that the other endorse the self and that the self endorses the other. As in your programming language, there are many ‘if’ statements; it is this that causes confusion for the self, for the mind does not care for the word ‘if’ – it seeks resolution. When another asks a question of the self, you immediately begin to seek what will happen should you answer this, or this, or this, or this, utilizing judgment to determine what the other will feel, what the other will think, how the other will respond. It is judgment that causes the confusion and the self’s inability to respond to a simple query. Do you understand?

Loereve: Yes I do. I seem to do that quite often.

It is important for you to access the mind, to ask it the question – “do I think that the mental body is the most important component of the human?” And now you shall provide me with the answer, my brother.

Loereve: My feeling is the mental body is not the most important; it is an equal component but it is merely the starting point.

Thank you my brother! Do you understand the difference in your response?

Loereve: Yes

Are you pleased?

Loereve: [laughs]

…to have made a statement that is intelligent?

Loereve: Yes and it required me to think further on it to reply.

The mind has grown lazy, for you do not allow it to think, to process; you have used the emotional body to respond to others for many, many years. It will be for you to engage the mind purposefully, directly – to begin to speak the self’s truth, without concern for how another will receive it. Do you understand?

Loereve: Yes

The mental body is not the most important component of the human; however, it does reign supreme throughout the 4th kingdom – it dominates all things to the detriment of humanity. The most important body to this, the 4th kingdom, is the physical body, for without it the other bodies do not exist.

Kingdom - it is a creation, a construct that has particular purpose. Here, within this third and fourth kingdom, the purpose is knowledge of the emotional body and how it is integrated with the physical body. All other lessons/experiences within this kingdom are provided to enhance the human experience - to provide lesson for the human.

It is to understand the experiences of the self my brother (Sol) – what the self is experiencing at the time that the pain is felt is important to aid you in determining is this physical malady or is this lesson indication, clue. The left side of the body is the feminine side – it is to look to the feminine to determine if deficiency is being experienced when the malady is upon the left, to look to the masculine when the malady is upon the right. It is to recognize that all pain that emanates from the body is lesson – either active lesson or failed lesson accumulation.

It is to have faith in the Teacher – to understand that the body is indeed primary and this is – indeed, my brother - realized by myself. Do you understand?

Sol: What do you mean when you say it is realized by yourself?

I mean my brother that I realize the very importance of your body – that you, as a consciousness, cannot remain here without the body. You have presented yourself to me as student and I have embraced you; as long as you are learning the lessons, the adjustments that are needed within the body will continue to occur.