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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Intention

It is for all to recognize that the intention is oftentimes stated by the ego, with restriction placed, parameters and boundaries set by the ego, informing the Teacher of that which will be accepted and that which is preferred not to be embarked upon. I am Osiris. I shall not be restricted.

It is important to refine the intention, to narrow the focus; for when one is seeking peace, love and complete knowledge of the self - the self has stated the intention that is hard for the Teacher to grant. It is to focus narrowly on that which is present for the self at this time, for it is this that informs the Teacher that the self is cognizant of the challenges.

The intention that is spoken from the heart versus the head, the mind, is the intention that is sought by the Teacher. The mind seeks to build the intention that is peppered with flowery terms, promises, sweetness - that which shows the education of the self, the intelligence - rather than understanding that love opens the self to all things, love need not perfume itself, love need not pretend. It is to state the self’s intention from the heart that is desired by myself.

It is for the student to do the work. It is for the student to hold the intention. It is for the student to recognize that the Teacher is familiar with the self’s thinking, with the self’s intention; if it has been vocalized frequently enough, the Teacher has drawn forth example, experience for the self to recognize that the self’s intention need be modified or that the self’s intention is indeed being pursued. The intention of the student should never restrict the Teacher. My statement was focused upon the narrowness of the teaching that was to be welcomed by the students, “This is my focus – this is what I seek teaching upon.” I am aware of the intention of each; I am also aware of the actions of each that either agree/endorse the intention or that makes clear that the intention is not truly that which is desired by the self. It is my duty to draw forth all that which lies within. I will dispel the story created by the ego, for it is indeed often the ego that creates the intention.

Vocalization of the intention to the physical teacher is necessary and important if the student seeks support, for the physical teacher can bring example to the self of actions, activities that are in conflict with the intention. Vocalization of the self’s struggles, of the self’s successes are welcomed by the Teacher. It is important for each walking the path to healing to recognize that the Teacher knows all that there is to know about the self; it is the self that need be informed. Vocalization of what the self believes about the self is important; for often recognition can be made by the self of the faulty nature of the belief or the intentions of the self.