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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Who Am I?

It is important for all to recognize that behaviors lie within the self that are the very foundation of the character that appears upon the surface with great frequency. It is the desire of the Teacher to provide clue to the self of that which lies at the core of the personality, that which prohibits the viewing of the true self. The personality is embraced by the self – is desired by the self, for the ego has convinced the self that these behaviors, these characteristics are desirable – they are what makes the self unique. The self has yet to understand that all are one and that the very foundation of all beings is love. Negative behavior lies deep within; when understood it is seen throughout the self, for it is deep within as well as upon the surface. Once exposed, the student sees with great clarity that which need be attacked vociferously, for anything less will fail.

To understand that the motivation of the self is often misunderstood can be problematic for the self who claims that the self’s behaviors are simply who the self is, “I am who I am” is proclaimed – “This is who I am and I am not interested in changing, for it feels good to be who I am most of the time. The balance of the time I simply ignore or I discard those experiences that cause me to become unhappy with the life experience.” I should like for all in attendance to focus upon the self, focus upon the heart, to ask the self – “Am I walking the path that is most desired by myself or am I filling my time? Am I consumed with experience – the desire to garner experience?” There is no right or wrong way of being. It is to know the self, to understand the self’s desires - to understand that which motivates the self, that which the self is seeking; for once understood, success draws nearer, for the self is able to garner the endorsement of the inner Teacher and energies unfathomable become available to the self who has sought the guidance, the counsel, the endorsement of the inner Teacher. It is the inner Teacher that provides that which is needed to the self - the experience of previous lifetimes where the self has learned all things, has experienced all things - this knowledge, once made available to the self who knows, who understands the self’s focus, the self’s desire –all things now become possible.

I state to each of you – I shall never tell you who you are; it is for you to determine who you are and to state such to myself. It is then that I shall test, make certain that you are who you say you are; for it is this that is my purpose - to teach you to know the self. There are others that shall judge you to determine if the lessons have indeed been learned as they should be; it is I that tests your knowledge of the self – that brings forth example to you to determine …do you know who you are? Do you understand who you are being? Is this who you desire to be? For if it is, my tasking is complete; if it is not, it is my duty to continue to bring forth that which remains hidden from the self.

Those consciousnesses who have chosen to tread the path back to the light are provided with many teachers; I am the Teacher (provided to those students) that brings forth the darkness within, thus my additional name…the label, “the prince of darkness”. It is to draw forth the darkness within by bringing forward to the self those who contain the same darkness within; it is certain to create difficulty for both individuals - the typical response is to dislike the other, is to focus upon the other, is to blame the other, to deny that the same darkness resides within the self. This is an unfortunate result of course; however, it is of no consequence to myself, for darkness is throughout this planet. I shall simply bring another and another and another and another and another individual forth until the student learns, until the student awakens to the fact that the self is unknown to the self. It is only once the student of the self begins to recognize that the darkness that is opposite them, the darkness that seems to pursue them at every avenue, regardless of how diligent the self has become at avoiding particular situation…it is only when that darkness in the other is recognized within the self, and the self begins to change the behavior, that suddenly the self is no longer pursued by those containing the same elements that have been ignored within the self.