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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Emotional Body

It is often that the body begins to release massive quantities of emotion by ‘leaking’ slowly that which is within; when possible a torrent of emotion is brought forth, if it is believed that the student can manage the emotion – if it is believed that it will not interfere too dramatically with the life experience, then the Teacher will draw great quantities of emotion – that which has been tamped down inside the bodies, causing illness, causing at the very least discomfort – chronic illness, arthritis, fatigue…maladies of this sort. Once this emotion has been released, the next layer is then addressed by the Teacher, and it is layer by layer by layer by layer that the emotion is released. The student believes that there could be no more, yet more indeed remains beneath the surface. The student need be assured that the Teacher will not draw forth more than it is believed that the student can manage. If the student believes that the self cannot manage – it is to inform the Teacher and the Teacher will inform the self of that which is needed to aid the student through the experience. It is important for each student to understand that the Teacher will never provide more than it is believed that the student can bear; it is for the student to recognize that it is ego that attempts to convince the self that this is too much to bear – indeed, the self cannot bear a moment more.

It is the emotional body combined with the physical body that is unique to this dimension – to feel emotion utilizing the physical body is the goal; to harness the energy of great emotion – the secondary goal.

Kingdom - it is a creation, a construct that has particular purpose. Here, within this third and fourth kingdom, the purpose is knowledge of the emotional body and how it is integrated with the physical body. All other lessons/experiences within this kingdom are provided to enhance the human experience - to provide lesson for the human.

Do you love your body, my brother?

Sol: Yes, I do. I have not for most of my life but I do now and I appreciate that it’s taken me this far.

It is to deepen the gratitude. Do you understand?

Sol: How may I deepen the gratitude?

This is for you to determine my brother. The actions that are taken when the self thinks of food – to think first, “Will this nourish my body or am I attempting to satisfy the emotional body?” For the emotional body does not require food - the emotional body is that which demands those things that are damaging to the physical body. It is to seek first for the feeling – to ask the physical body, “Would it be acceptable if I have this cup of coffee? Would you embrace this piece of pie? I have provided you with all nutrients and I would greatly appreciate a treat. I will be ever cautious about those treats provided, knowing that too much can damage the body that is vital to my ability to remain here upon this planet so that I may learn the lessons.” It is to shift the attitude towards food completely, my brother - that was your goal coming into this lifetime; for food has been at the root of your demise in previous lifetimes.

It is important for all students to recognize that to teach is no simple task, for the Teacher teaches the current self with full knowledge of the lessons that have been failed by the composites – those selves that comprise what is referred to as the composite. The current self is often shocked and dismayed at the tactics employed by the Teacher, believing that the voice of the Teacher is indeed the voice of the ego; the ego’s voice is kind, nurturing, compassionate, telling the self that protection and defense is critical to the self’s survival. Negativity is employed to amplify the messages being sent to the self from the mind, increasing negativity within the bodies exponentially, until the emotional body has overwhelmed the self completely; failure to recognize the tactics of the bodies results in failure for the student time after time after time. The Teacher can provide knowledge to the student of the variety in which I am providing in this moment but if the student fails to study, to draw forth the words into the heart, to feel them, to understand them deeply, then the next time that the mental body begins propelling the self with message, and the emotional body begins to overwhelm the self, all is forgotten.

It is important for you my sister, to not over-engage in emotion, for the emotional body is quite strong within you; it seeks chaos – the highest highs and the lowest lows. It is to remember that when emotion is felt, that you open the heart purposefully and you state to the self, “Does this belong to me? Do I truly feel this deeply about this experience?”

The lesson brought forth by the animal (dog) was to mirror for you my brother (Loereve), the signals that you provide to another that are expected to be read properly – the first time. When not read as you expected, another short clue is provided; as the other continues to fail, additional short clues are provided. The other becomes irritated, frustrated, unable to understand that which is being sought by the self – you become defensive and state that you would prefer that the other speak to you in a loving tone, to tell you that they do not understand you, to ask you to explain yourself. The example provided to you of the self – what is provided by the self, when the self is provided with similar leads, shall we say, is one of not love, is one of irritation, frustration, anger. It is not the loving voice that seeks to understand the other; it is not the kind hand outstretched that says, “I seek to understand you”; rather it is the hand that slaps at another, whether literally or figuratively, letting them know the self’s annoyance, that the [other] self has not made the self clear, so that the self can understand that which is being sought from the self. These lessons have been provided to you previously; example has been given that should be easily understood, allowing you to decide whether to continue the behavior or to begin to change it. The animal, as well as those humans around the self, will provide you with adequate opportunity to choose in the very near future.

It is to examine all facets of the self’s communication to determine why the self repeats the self bringing forth the same stories, the same encouragements as has been employed in the past. It is believed that you will find that the emotional body has inhibited the self from understanding the inappropriate nature or the need to discard these suggestions in future.

Recognition that the self need only alter the self’s view slightly, in order to see quite clearly the self’s true purpose, may be difficult for each to grasp but it is only a slight adjustment that is needed for each. Walking the path to healing is indeed a long and arduous journey, for the inner Teacher brings forth lesson in the current lifetime that will provide understanding for all that which has been experienced previously – that which has been experienced in darkness, that which has been carried within the astral body lifetime after lifetime after lifetime that has yet to be understood, that has created the consciousness that becomes the new self in each lifetime. Recognizing that the lifetime is relatively short for the human provides the sense of urgency that is needed for those who have returned to the planet at this most auspicious time – the time that requires great effort of the few, so that the many may be impacted. It is the end of the learning cycle that draws ever nearer; there is much work to be done. All those who came to aid have experienced all things – many are caught in the wheel of continued experience, for they have grown desirous of the physical experience.

Is it your desire to open the heart my brother Loereve? It is to focus upon the heart and to tell it, “I am no longer in need of protection nor defense. I seek your opening so that we may experience and grow in our depth of knowledge – that which promotes wisdom and progress upon our path.” You must confront the ego face-to-face my brother, for the ego has encouraged your weakness; the ego has emphasized the emotional response that tells the self not to battle or that tells the self to battle. The course of action taken is always to the benefit of the ego, always to the detriment of the self and the self’s desire to move forward.

If the emotional body is responding with emotion – how does the student determine if this emotion is programming or if it is stored energies that need be released or addressed by the student? It is important for each student present to recognize that great energies exist within the self, many of which are encoded as emotion. As the inner Teacher draws them forth for release, great emotion is often experienced and one of the lessons encountered by the student is to begin to recognize that which belongs to the self - that which is emotion that has been repressed by the self, stored within the bodies for this or potentially many, many lifetimes. This emotion must be provided with honor, with release, for if it is not it shall remain upon the surface until the student has recognized that the energies await recognition and gratitude of the self prior to their departure.

Lesson, failed lesson, causes the accumulation of emotional energies. Depending upon the lesson plan, the student may release the majority of these energies as they are experienced. The student that is determined to put a face outside that informs others of the self’s strength is one that shall maintain these energies within the body; for the majority of these energies have never been honored – rather, they have been repressed, tamped down into the muscle, the tissues, every available inch of the body. The student that is beginning to release these energies need focus upon the energies, need provide whatever the body is seeking; to scream, to jump, to run, to cry, to cough – to provide whatever is being sought without censor. It is only through experience that the student begins to recognize that which need be released with emotion and that which can be released in myriad other ways.

To understand is the mission of all consciousnesses that come to this planet. Understanding is the mission of all consciousnesses that come to this planet. Understanding is the mission of all consciousnesses that come to this planet. To understand the emotional body is the mission.

It is emotion that is the focus of all consciousnesses that come to this planet; it is this that causes failure, for the consciousness has forgotten all that was provided as teaching prior to arrival. For it is emotion that must be felt – it cannot be taught, it cannot simply be spoken or read of – it must be experienced. It is the catch in the throat, “I wish to go home” that says “I am tired of this…I did not realize that this would be so difficult. I am stuck, caught in this quagmire and I seek release from the cycle of death and rebirth. I do not care to understand emotion, for I have felt it many times and been damaged by it. There is so little joy, so little positive energy, that I seek release from the cycle that has become known as hell.”

Most humans upon the planet have forgotten how to feel; they have, therefore, lost access to all previous lesson – lesson that has been learned, lesson that has been well understood in previous lifetimes. It takes only one experience to cause the human to begin to close the heart; the second experience builds the barricade…the third, the fourth, the fifth strengthening the barricade, prohibiting entry, until eventually even the self is prohibited access to the self’s feelings. It is to understand the self that is the primary mission of all consciousnesses that come to this planet – to understand that emotion is the feeling.