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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Joining With Others

It is silence that is abhorred by the human. The mind begins to wander, to entertain the self, to draw forth those things that are important to the mind, the ego – whose duty it is to keep the human busy from birth to death. It is silence that allows that which lies within to burble up, breaking through the surface, bringing recognition to the self of the feelings, the impressions, the purpose of the self. Joining together with others in silence, focused upon desire, brings forth possibility to accomplish that which would be impossible to accomplish for the single individual. It is learning to hold the thought - that which most would judge as a simple task - is actually rarely accomplished by the common man. It is for each to hold each in the thoughts, to recognize the struggle of the other as the self’s own struggle is realized by the self, drawing forth compassion for the self as well as for the other, recognizing that all are in this common struggle, battle to deconstruct the ego – all have been joined in order to support the other, in order to see the self in the other, in order to aid the other in seeing the self in you, whether positive or negative traits.

Supporting the student who walks the path to healing. It is important for all present to recognize that this circle of seeking has been called together in order to support each - by each. As the journey becomes more difficult, it is to teach each to share completely, deeply of the self, recognizing that all others shall ask questions that will be regarded as inappropriate and to offer advice that is not desired by the ego. It is to remember why you are here within this circle; to open the self to the scrutiny of others, to invite advice, counsel, guidance from each – to allow it to sit with the self, to feel it, to determine the source of the aversion to that which has been suggested for the self and to then make decision as to what can be tried and what need be set aside until later when the self’s defenses are less rigid.

To support the student who is engaged is a most honorable task – one that requires all present to be love; yet, to be firm, no nonsense, to never indulge the student who has failed to recognize the lesson. It is to bring forth harsh realities, for it is in that moment that the ego can be spotted, exposed, and then choice – true choice – presented to the student to change or to endorse the ego once again. It is to understand the power of the lesson plan, the power of the fields, the power of the energies that the Teacher has enlivened within the bodies of the self to prohibit you from being successful the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth – twentieth, thirtieth, fortieth time.

Plenty of opportunity is provided to the student to determine if the choice that is stated when the self is not engaged, is truly the choice of the self once engagement has been initialized. It is a strengthening of the will that is an offshoot of this type of testing; it is not to taunt the student - it is to teach the student. Each lesson that is presented to the student strengthens the will, the commitment, the dedication or weakens the same. The path to healing, the spiritual path itself, is not intended for all those who apply; there are many who shall walk it a short distance, to abandon it for the balance of the lifetime, potentially for a day, a week, a month, a year, 5 years, 10 years prior to returning. The Teacher never abandons the student; the Teacher is always waiting in the wings for the student to decide, “I am ready once again to walk my path, to be different, to improve my plight in subsequent lifetimes.”

It is important for the student to recognize that “all is as it should be” are not just words. When placed together, “All is as it should be” as a phrase, stated to the self as mantram, “All is as it should be” – it informs the self that no experience is happenstance, that the Teacher is indeed with the self in this moment, that the self’s response is being monitored, that all that has been learned is being tested, that all that has been failed is being tested because the Teacher makes use of all that which is available to aid the student. The student that fails to see that which has been brought forth to teach the self is the student that fails time after time after time, recognizing that the Teacher endorses learning and steps back once the student has made clear the choice for the ego.

It is often that the student – and I refer to the lesson plan of The Student – it is often that this lesson plan convinces the self that no sharing can take place until the self has been perfected, until the self has learned all that there is to be learned, for no mistakes can be made

Are you willing to open the self, to expose the underbelly, the vulnerability of the self by stating openly, “I do not know the answer. I seek assistance from all who are willing to assist me.”

Loereve: Yes I do.

Sol: I do.

Student: I most definitely do.

It is to recognize the words, “I do…I most definitely do” – yet, when advice or counsel, guidance is proffered, it is rejected openly, out of hand, for the self has already determined the most appropriate course of action for the self. Do you understand my sister?

Student: I do. I do understand. Thank you.

It is to find the weakness that lies within the self, the softness, the vulnerability – that portion of the self that says, “I do not have the answer. I have been struggling throughout this life experience. I have a sense that the struggle is not new to this particular lifetime. I am in need of assistance. I must cast aside the shell, the adamance, the self-assuredness that is false and carry myself in front of my teacher and to state, “I need your assistance. I require your assistance. I am open to your guidance. For you see, my goal is to draw forth my inner Teacher and I know that I cannot do so until I have learned to listen to you, my physical teacher. The inner Teacher will not appear to me until I have proven my ability to listen, until I have proven my desire to seek and to follow guidance.”

To recognize The Student’s (Lesson Plan) aversion to opening the self to the guidance of another, overruling the voice that lies within the self that fairly screams, “I do not need assistance from anyone. I have the answers. I alone can find the answers for myself. I need no one else in order to be successful.” Failure to overrule this voice isolates the self, maintaining the superiority, the arrogant stance – that which says, “I do not wish to join together with others in order to accomplish. I stand alone, for alone is my preference.” Failure to recognize the influence of this lesson plan isolates the self and prohibits the self from successful interaction with other individuals, as well as the inner Teacher.

I am Osiris. It is my desire to awaken within each of you the desire to walk the path to healing with the self’s own inner guidance. As stated previously, the self must learn to join together with others in order to accomplish first. It has been my honor to join you this day for the sharing of wisdom.

Recognizing that preincarnative agreement does not eliminate choice is important; for the individual who determines, “I must do this because I agreed to preincarnatively” is one that will ultimately fail. It is to find the desire within the self, to state, “I am most fortunate to have planned this for myself. The fact that I am participating means that I have accomplished all that I had planned to accomplish. If I have not accomplished all that was planned I can look to these others to aid me in doing so rapidly.” Those consciousnesses that have chosen to work together in order to accomplish, planning the lifetime well in advance, are the consciousnesses that have been provided with tasking that necessitates the talents of many.