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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Automatic Response

It is important for the self to recognize the arrival of negativity for it is during this time period that the self can easily abort the automatic selection of negative response as provided by the lesson plan. Once the negative response has been provided it is far more difficult for the student to abort. Oftentimes, the student feels that the situation is surreal - that self is being watched by the self – yet, the self can not stop. The energies of the lesson plan are in control and the self must be extremely desirous of aborting that which has unfolded in order to do so, stating, “I just don’t care anymore,” informing the ego that the self will embarrass, will humiliate the self in order to stop the antics, sends message that the self is indeed desirous of knowing and of healing the self.

Sol: Does the ego actually have a consciousness or is it just automatically operating out of programmed responses?

As stated a few moments earlier my brother, it is merely energies, negative energies that are desirous of growth. It is the focus upon the negative. It is once the thinking has turned to the negative the focus remains upon the negative, fueling the likelihood that the state of unawareness remains until the energies have run their course. You understand the state of unawareness, my brother - that which is focused only upon the negative - yes? It is to be aware that the ego is a portion of the self - a portion created by the self’s own thinking.