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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Communication: Ignoring

It is important for each to make the recognition that the mind is indeed programmed and that the programming is tied to the communication style. The individual need identify the physical, the emotional or the mental body, to recognize the influence of these bodies upon the mind.

The physical body influences communication in ways that are difficult to separate from ways of being, the personality; it is the animation of the self – the movements of the hands, the body itself, when the self is attempting to communicate with another. It is the decibel level of the voice – very loud or very low. It is the sound track of the voice – the chuckle or one of anger. It is the energy of the physical body that is communicated to another; these energies are placed behind the words, often to the dismay of the individual that is communicating - they are often misinterpreted by the other, for these energies are unrefined, shall we say. The physical body, the energies of the physical body, when placed behind the words, often cause the other to be repelled or drawn to the speaker. As is well known, it is like energies that repel and those energies that are different that attract. To expand upon this thinking as it is rather contrary to that which is commonly accepted, that “likes attract”, it is to state that one who is positive shall draw to the self one that is negative; that one that is positive shall be repelled by another who is positive, for the other will assume that the positivity is false.

It is to make the recognition that communication is critical to relationship with the self as well as with others.

Sol: Do I understand correctly that you said that the energies of the composite self fuel the current life’s lesson plan…not the exact words but the concept?

I did not mention that at all my brother; rather, I stated that the energies were drawn forth of all previous lifetime lesson failures. It is of course these energies that fuel the lesson plan. Do you understand my brother that it is your mind that takes the data received by another and translates it? It is then the other that often suffers based on the translation that your mind provides you.

Sol: Yes I understand that – thank you.

It is to recognize that the mind is desirous of assisting you; providing this service is indeed a positive action but could certainly be viewed negatively. Do you understand?

Sol: Would you expand on that please?

Indeed. I, of course, did not suffer. I benefitted by the translation that you provided; however, those surrounding the self the majority of the time fall victim to the translation of the mind – the mind which hears, draws forth conclusion, and then informs the other that the translation provided to you by the mind is actually what was stated by the other. Do you understand?

Sol: Yes and I had an example of that today. Thank you…at least one example.

It is important to recognize that the mind is indeed your partner my brother.

Sol: I have a question.

Should you seek equal partnership, you must step forth and begin to recognize that which is being provided to you by the mind. Do you understand?

Sol: Yes, I understand that in principle – how do I train my mind to provide me with exactly what was said by the other?

It is to listen closely my brother, to forbid analysis until the other has completed the self’s statement. Do you understand?

Sol: Yes, thank you.

It is the negative view that must be understood as the urging of the composite self – that portion of the self that is never satisfied, that does not receive the appropriate attention, that has never been endorsed as fully as the self believes the self should have been. Do you understand?

Sol: Yes, thank you.

It is to recognize that this thinking was promoted to you and embraced by you, utilizing the energies of the lesson plan of Shame. Do you understand?

Sol: Yes, I do now. Thank you.