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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Trust

Understanding the role of the Teacher is critical to all those who seek guidance from those outside of this dimension. The Teacher provides guidance – not answer. The Teacher can provide counsel if it is believed to be of benefit to many. The Teacher rarely addresses the individual with truth, for the individual who has sought answer for the self in order to circumvent the self’s choice will find that those outside of this dimension always honor the consciousness’ free will, whether the consciousness honors it for the self or not; this means that the self – the consciousness seeking counsel – will quite likely be misled, so that the experience can be garnered that informs the self that choice is indeed available at all times and that the self needed to experience the negative in order to honor the positive choice in future. To be an instrument requires dedication and commitment to draw forth that which the Teachers outside of the 4th dimension have determined to be most critical to humanity at this time.

It is indeed to trust the Teacher, to allow the Teacher to draw forth that which is most needed, to recognize that the honoring of choice and free will is primary for all those who seek to aid humanity from outside of your dimension. It is only those within the 4th dimension that are often care-less of choice and free will for another; they seek answer, they seek what is referred to as ‘truth’ for they have not yet arrived at the understanding that truth is personal and can vary from consciousness to consciousness, dependent upon their progress upon the path. It is to listen to others, to allow them to speak their truth, to understand their experiences and to allow them to keep their truth, until the question is asked – “Is this faulty? Should I review this? Do you believe similarly?” It is then that the teacher can speak the teacher’s viewpoint; yet, to do so cautiously, informing the other that a change of view is not suggested until the self believes it to be appropriate for the self. Adopting the beliefs of another before the self is prepared to do so brings forth intermediate lesson to teach the self that the self need follow the self’s own path versus the path of another. It is well and good to use another’s path as a guideline – one that aids the self in determining what is most appropriate for the self, but to embrace the path of another in hope that the self will have the same experiences is often proven to be faulty for the self.

The beliefs begin with those maintained regarding the self. If the self feels good about the self, then most generally the self will also feel good about others. If the self trusts the self, the self most likely will trust most others. If the self has faith in the self, the self can usually place the faith of the self in another. To love the self is to find within the self the ability to love another. The student that does not like the self, that does not trust nor have faith in the self, will generally not like others, will most assuredly not have faith or trust another. It is important to understand that this is a core belief - one that has been brought into the incarnation from previous incarnations; for it is the composite self that need be recognized, that will indeed be the focus of the current lifetime.

It is the ego that speaks to each; the ego that provides the self with message that is seemingly of great assistance to the self, for it is indeed – the ego must gain the trust, the faith, the loyalty of the self. It is known that it cannot do so by only providing negative choices, negative options, for it is then easily seen – unveiled, so to say.

Greetings to those gathered for the sharing of wisdom. I am Osiris. It is faith, trust and love that I return to each present.

For without faith one cannot walk the path to healing; without trust, one cannot share openly, honestly, without fear of judgment or retribution; without love, one is unable to love the self first, for it is this love – the deep and abiding love of the self – that causes the self to open the heart to another.

The recognition that the self is not truly capable of drawing forth faith, trust and love for another is necessary for each to make, for the self does not quite have faith in the self, the self does not quite trust the self, the self does not quite love the self. Focus upon this recognition may aid the self in taking the steps necessary to have true faith, true trust and true love for the self. Do you understand my brother Sol An Ka that you welcome me with the desire to share faith, trust and love with me?

Sol: I see it as sharing now – when I have been saying it, it has been as an offering to you.

I am asking you to make recognition my brother, that the offering is in word alone. Do you understand?

Sol: Yes, I do. Thank you.

It is the desire of the self that often pulls the self forward upon the path; it is true desire that fosters commitment and dedication. It is not my intention to diminish your desire; it is simply to call to your attention that what you are sharing with me is your desire to have faith, trust and love to provide to me. Do you understand?

Sol: I do – thank you.

The belief that the self need understand prior to moving forward, prior to casting aside that which has been experienced, is cause for abandonment of the path; for the pain has increased with each thought, with each moment that the self determines that the self cannot move forward until understanding has been achieved. The self can no longer trust the Teacher, for trust has been broken due to the lessons brought forth by the Teacher. Te’ Auna has been damaged many times by myself - has been misled, has been lied to, purposefully - with malice aforethought, I guided Te’ Auna into the depths, to experience that which she had provided to others in previous lifetimes; this is the most difficult task of the Teacher but it is duty that need be fulfilled, for the consciousness can not accomplish that which has been stated as the desire, until all karma has been balanced.

It is to trust the Teacher my sister, to recognize that that which is most important is being drawn forth to you time after time after time and when the time is most appropriate you will begin to recognize and you will begin to shift the behaviors due to this influence. It is the ego that is desirous of focusing outside of that which is desired most by the Teacher; it is to not second-guess the Teacher my sister – to focus upon that which is being brought forth to the self, to integrate wholly that which has been brought forth until the next and the next and the next issue has been brought to light for resolution.

It is to recognize the lesson plan, it is to draw forth the memories that are placed within pictures for the self and to categorize the behavior based upon the lesson plan; it is to maintain this running chart so that the picture of the self becomes clearer with each memory, so that the picture of the self becomes more complete and the story that has been created by the self – of who the self believed the self to be – can then be destroyed, for its falseness prohibits forward movement.

The engagement of Self-distrust – it is distrust of the self that is felt deeply that drives the self to accuse all others of not being trustworthy, of not being capable, of being a destructive force in the self’s life. It is failure to see the self – to see that it is indeed the self that cannot be trusted, it is indeed the self that is a destructive force in other’s lives. All is as it should be. This lesson plan is one that serves all others and the student of Shame and all other energies that emanate from this parent energy need remind the self of the service that is being provided.

Trust – to trust that the self is capable, to trust that the self will experience no pain that isn’t regarded as necessary to the learning process - to trust the Teacher in all things, to overrule the mind that demands logic, to overrule the mind that closes and says I will not allow this experience; for it is the Teacher that is responsible for balancing karma. The more difficult the student makes this tasking, the more painful it becomes for the student; for the energies continue to build within, seeking release – release cannot be provided until the lesson has been learned, until the self realizes that it is the self’s behavior that is being brought front and center for the self to observe. It is the self that suffers; it is the Teacher that guides.

It is to trust the Teacher, for your Teacher knows exactly what need be brought forth to you every moment of every day. The student cannot conceive of the volume of issues that need come prior to the stilling, the illusion of the stilling of the mind having been experienced by the student. It is to trust the Teacher; it is to provide, indeed as stated, the open heart, the open mind followed by the review – deep, deep scrutiny – of all that which is brought forth, until the Teacher releases the energies that have been maintained to draw forth the lesson, indicating that the lesson has indeed been integrated. It is the mind that says that the student need be in control, that the student need understand the curriculum, that the syllabus need be submitted by the Teacher to the student and agreement reached that the student indeed is willing to learn all that which the Teacher seeks to bring forth in this particular term; this of course is not possible, for the Teacher will draw forth, will bring to the student that which is most needed at this time. The curriculum changes daily based upon the choice of the student; the curriculum also changes daily based on the response of the student who fails to choose.

The goal of the Teacher is to teach. Often, the Teacher is prohibited from teaching by the student that refuses to banish the ego, by the student who seeks to, as you say my brother, second guess the Teacher - the student who tries to determine what the Teacher is seeking rather than answering the question put forth to the self as honestly as the self is capable of doing at this time. The Teacher will continue to question until bedrock has been reached or until the student is no longer capable of plying deeper waters; this informs the Teacher of the lessons that need be brought forth to the individual so that vision in these murkier waters becomes improved. It is, as you say my brother Sol An Ka, critical to the student to trust the Teacher, for without trust in the Teacher the self provides control to the ego, the darkness that lies within the self that demands defense - protection of the self, protection of the illusion that has been built and maintained of the self by the self. The student that is truly desirous of healing will allow the Teacher to take the self wherever the self need go, in order to discover that which has been hidden from the self.

Those individuals that present the self to the Teacher often are filled with negativity; it is negative emotion that is drawn forth - that which has been leaking for many, many, years through emotion for the self who is unable to control the self’s mouth or the self’s emotions - meaning the self cries frequently without understanding. It is the duty of the Teacher that has accepted the student to release the energies as quickly as possible, to the level where the student can begin to control the self, for it is not possible for the student to change as long as negative emotion overfills the bodies, unless extraordinary effort is placed towards doing so. It is rare …the student that is capable of drawing forth extraordinary effort when they first begin to walk the path to healing.

Understanding the self’s journey is important. The student believes it to be critical. It is not, of course, for understanding comes much later to the student. The Teacher is unable to provide understanding, for oftentimes many, many, many lessons must be brought forth; great pain - known as suffering – endured, prior to explaining the lesson that the Teacher has presented to the student. To trust the Teacher is the choice of the student - to state, unequivocally, “I trust the Teacher. I shall do whatever the Teacher presents to me. I surrender all concern to my Teacher, knowing that all that which must be brought forth to me shall be, recognizing that all suffering endured is necessary.” The Teacher seeks to provide only that which is needed by the student and is always ready to provide that which is positive, in order to encourage the student to renew the self’s efforts, so that progress can once again be achieved.

The student who fails to trust the Teacher is the student that abandons the path after the first, second, third, or fourth lesson that causes suffering; for the self begins to believe that the self can not endure this pain - that potentially the self will be born stronger in the next or the next or the next lifetime, determining that the self is not that individual this time. The age of the individual is also a major factor, for most humans fail to understand that the self and the Higher Self determines the length of time allocated to the self upon this planet; indeed it is not the number of years that is the determinant - it is the will and the desire of the self alone that makes this determination. There are many upon this planet in their eighties and their nineties that present the self to the Teacher and that accomplish much prior to departing this planet; indeed, there are many that have become enlightened during this time period, for the cares and the concerns of the world are no longer burden. The self is able to see that which need be released, that which is totally unimportant to the student who walks the path to healing. All those present need understand that the self’s journey shall be extended only as long as the self has proven that the self’s true focus is consciousness evolution; this is true for all human beings - regardless of the illness, the self is provided with the time that is needed to accomplish the maximum that can be accomplished, utilizing the experiences of the current lifetime.

It is important for all students to understand that the Teacher seeks these three things – faith, trust, and love of the student – they are all embedded deeply within. It is ego that has placed layer upon layer of anger, bitterness, resentment, making it difficult for the student to find that which is true, that which is ageless, timeless, that lies within.