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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Habit

Habit versus addiction – it is to understand the difference my sister. You are in the habit of feeding the self - feeding the self food, alcohol, drugs, attention, praise, glory, feeding the self sexually, pleasuring the self in all ways - while maintaining the belief that the self is deprived, the self has very little that another would covet. This is the belief of the self. As long as the self endorses this belief, the hunger shall continue to grow. It is to recognize the story my sister – that the self has had very little, that the self has suffered greatly, that the self has rarely had what the self wants or needs. As long as the self embraces the story, as long as the self continues to tell the story, the self’s hunger will continue to grow. It is my suggestion that you ponder this and take it into meditation; for until the self recognizes the behavior that stokes the flame of hunger, the self cannot begin to change.

Seeking purposefully guidance, counsel, from the inner Teacher draws forth that which is most needed by the student at this time. It is important to recognize that the ego is desirous of distraction, is supportive of story - is supportive, in fact, of anything that prohibits progress. The habits of the self have been built by the ego. It is for the student to recognize that which is damaging to the self’s progress and to begin to effect change.

It is the lesson plan that demands informed response – the same response time after time after time – regardless of the success or the failure that has been experienced due to this response in the past. The student who steps forth and determines that all need be resurveyed, that the self need determine why the self has failed time after time after time – the student need ask others for assistance, for guidance, for different viewpoint, so that the self may assess whether different choice would be most appropriate for the self this time; for it is the mind that convinces the self, “Indeed, you have been successful utilizing the informed response in the past” – for the mind misreads winning as success.

My brother, do you recognize the laziness of the self, the inclination of the self to not do anything other than what the self is desirous of doing, that the self is a victim of the negative portions of the self that state, “If another needs you they will tell you”? The self does not step forth to assist, the self does not step forth to aid another even when the self sees that others are struggling, that others require respite. Although you do step forth when requested, it is not always with the enthusiasm that would fuel the service.

Loereve: Yes, I didn’t quite see it in that perspective but that’s very true.

It is the lesson plan of Supporter my brother; you do not support appropriately. When those around you are obviously floundering, you absent yourself.

Loereve: I’ve done it quite often; it’s almost a habit.

It is indeed a habit; it is indeed response informed by previous action. When others are struggling, when others are in need of assistance, you decide that you will not assist – you absent yourself as soon as the recognition is made that assistance is needed. You wait for others to call upon you, for you are superior and arrogant – this lesson plan does not offer assistance; it waits for others to recognize that the self should be called upon.

It is important for all to understand that evolution of the consciousness is gradual; so gradual in fact that it is rare that the individual recognizes that the self has indeed moved from point A to point B, until reviewing the self’s behavior retrospectively, seeing that the self now responds differently, automatically, without thought, without care, without concern – the self is now responding appropriately for one who walks the path to healing. It is to understand that evolution of consciousness is the goal of all consciousnesses; even while the consciousness is immersed in abject darkness, the self is indeed evolving the consciousness, for experience is being garnered that is needed.

Recognition of the path is difficult for the student who has hidden the truth from the self for the majority of the life experience; for when this is prevalent, the self has done so for many lifetimes – this means that the self has become proficient at hiding all things from the self, as well as from others. This hiding began when the self tried to fit in with others and it became habit as the self became the story, the character that had been created to make the self more acceptable to the self as well as to others. When the self first begins to see the self, it is typically with horror, shock, dismay, followed by, oftentimes anger, sorrow, depression; for the self cannot believe that the self failed for so long to see the self that others had so clearly seen, had so clearly identified for the self, yet the self batted away the words of all others who attempted to aid the self to know and to heal the self, which cannot occur until the self has been seen.