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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Diet

It is to understand the needs of the body, to provide it with a good vitamin-mineral supplement as is appropriate for the age, for this increases the strength of the body, allowing the self to utilize energies for other purposes, rather than that which is needed to maintain the physical body. It is to do the research, my student, to find a vitamin that is appropriate for the self; to understand that the physical body has been damaged and is in need of nurture is primary. The physical body continues to draw energies from the etheric body, further diminishing the chances of the self to experience spiritually, to reach higher for better solution; for when negativity comes calling, it is the etheric body that is called upon to aid the self with positive energy so that true choice may be accomplished simply by focusing the awareness, seeking the energies, and then choosing more appropriately for the self.

This will fuel my body…to bless and to integrate the food as sacred, for when the self views the food as sacred, the body receives it as such. The lessons – the body that responds through malfunction is lesson. Do you understand? I shall state more clearly. The body that responds to inappropriate foodstuffs – inappropriate meaning that the self has no care, no concern for that which is utilized as fuel for the body; therefore the body responds with malfunction – heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and myriad other diseases are utilized to capture the attention of the self. The individual that has learned, integrated the lesson, to provide the body with fuel – the best possible fuel available…the individual recognizes food is indeed fuel and when viewed as sacred, the body receives it as such - all care, all concern of the self eliminated – the food is enjoyed, for the food is indeed sacred.

Do you love your body, my brother?

Sol: Yes, I do. I have not for most of my life but I do now and I appreciate that it’s taken me this far.

It is to deepen the gratitude. Do you understand?

Sol: How may I deepen the gratitude?

This is for you to determine my brother. The actions that are taken when the self thinks of food – to think first, “Will this nourish my body or am I attempting to satisfy the emotional body?” For the emotional body does not require food - the emotional body is that which demands those things that are damaging to the physical body. It is to seek first for the feeling – to ask the physical body, “Would it be acceptable if I have this cup of coffee? Would you embrace this piece of pie? I have provided you with all nutrients and I would greatly appreciate a treat. I will be ever cautious about those treats provided, knowing that too much can damage the body that is vital to my ability to remain here upon this planet so that I may learn the lessons.” It is to shift the attitude towards food completely, my brother - that was your goal coming into this lifetime; for food has been at the root of your demise in previous lifetimes.

It is to understand my brother(Loereve) that you have stated, that you have indeed cried out for assistance – you have stated your desire to be different. You have even willingly stepped forth on occasion and confessed those things that have been discovered within - this need continue my brother. I state that opportunity has been provided to you, where physical malady [was] removed, the threat thereof, in the short term, to enable you to continue forth upon your journey unimpeded by health concerns. The ego continues to guard entry into the heart. There are those who continue to knock upon your door, repeatedly attempting to gain entry; they are greeted with your refusal. You have an understanding of the dis-ease that is provided to one who refuses entry to the heart. It is to look to the self’s diet to determine if you are providing fertile ground for these diseases; it is known that your diet has changed significantly but adequate years were invested prior to make this possible. It is to inform you my brother that you are capable of eliminating all that threatens the self physically by stepping forth and learning the lessons. It is to allow the words to come into the heart, my brother; it is the ego that keeps all on the level of the mind. It is to allow the self to feel the impact of dis-ease that could have rendered the self incapable of caring for the self for some time to come.

For most consciousnesses upon this planet destroy the body well before the possibility is in sight that the lesson plan may be overcome and so, it is back into the central pool, awaiting the next incarnation and the body once again brings forth lesson so that the self may choose to forgo the poisons, the hazards – those things that are short-lived pleasures - in favor of that which will further my existence, for there is much left to ingest that endorses the self’s goals. It is true that there is far more that must be forfeited than that which will remain; it is the choice of the student. No one else can make this choice for the self.