mountain tops - PTH is like climbing a mountain until you see the light

The Path to Healing

Teachings - knowledge

The teachings that I seek to bring forth are those that are felt in the heart; when the student reads the teaching the heart becomes engaged, the mind follows the heart. The heart is open, willing to embrace all that which is made available. The mind embraces very narrowly only that which has been determined to be acceptable - that which has been previously experienced, that which is well understood. As soon as the information is available to the mind, the mind begins searching the databank to determine if there is knowledge resident within that is similar in nature - something that has been embraced by the self previously, something that states “Yes, I can embrace this. I can accept it. I shall file it right here with the previous information.” If the information can not be matched, the mind becomes suspicious, begins to question, and if answer is not found suitable enough to allow the mind to file the information with that which was previously gathered, then the information shall be discarded, forgotten. As long as the self allows the mind to perform this tasking for the self, the self will not be able to change the self’s way of being.