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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Curiosity

Failing to see the self is the major issue to be addressed by the self my sister, for you have indeed been plagued by blindness throughout this lifetime. When another brings to the attention the behavior of the self, the self prefers to defend, to protect, rather than to approach that which has been provided with curiosity…to state, “I didn’t realize that I was projecting myself in this way. It is curious…where does that fall in my lesson plan? What behavior is being called upon and why, for it is obvious that protection, defense, has been instituted by the ego.”

Sol: Would it be appropriate for us to know what the role of the soul/Higher Self is?

The role of the Higher Self, my brother, is to teach. It is the lower portion of what is regarded as ‘the self’ – that which is referred to as the personality – that need be taught to recognize that the lesson plan has commanded particular response and the self that remains unaware merely follows the instinct, the feeling – that which is fueled by fear – when responding to others. It is the Higher Self that attempts to shift the view, that attempts to bring forth experience wherein the lesson was learned previously; until the self determines that the life experience need be improved, it is rare that the Higher Self is heard.

Sol: All right. Is the Higher Self the same thing that we have been calling the inner Teacher?

It is a component thereof – yes, my brother.

Loereve: What can we do to hear the Higher Self – to allow it to be heard and understood?

To employ hesitation my brother, hesitation in all things prior to responding, to make the recognition that it is indeed the automatic response that has resulted in lesson failure for the self and many previous selves. It is only through hesitation that the self begins to recognize the automatic response and the detriment that it has posed, that it has wrought for the self; thinking, utilizing the mind, stating, “I seek to respond differently. I am love. I am love. I seek to respond as love.” Focusing upon the heart and the mind, the behavior that is needed – humility, curiosity, willingness – all step forth to aid the self in the moment so that the lesson may be learned.