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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Engagement: Self-Righteous

It is the self-righteousness from the lesson plan of Denial that is being allowed center stage, so to speak; it is for the self to illuminate this behavior. The bristling of the self each time another attempts to aid the self is due to this chiding, this jabbing, provided by the self to others; it is believed by the self that another is doing the same to the self, when indeed the other is merely attempting to aid you, my brother (Loereve), to see the self in the moment.

The inability of the self to truly forgive another is at the root of this behavior. In order to remain self-righteous, in order to remain superior, the self must remind others of their past errors.

It is to remember that the self is desirous of loving and of being loved, for in drawing forth this remembrance the self can then mediate the judgments of the self, the pettiness, the inclination to dismiss all that which is judged as not pertaining to the self, the self-righteousness that is felt each time that the self becomes uncertain about the direction that need be pursued, yet the self – the not self – refuses to relinquish control to another; all is viewed as control or lack of control by the not-self, which prohibits integration, even the receipt thereof of knowledge that may aid the self in making the change that the heart cries out for, for the not self is busy dismissing, discarding all that which is presented to the self lovingly. The self fails to see the love, for it is exhibited in ways other than what the self demands – the kind, generous, loving, supportive voice that is so rarely exhibited by the self is that which is most desired; rather, the assistance of another is greeted with self-righteousness, with the reply that the self is not in need of advice from another - that this advice indeed does not apply to the self at all, that the self prefers to work out the route most needed by the self. It is important for you to recognize my brother (Loereve) that that which is most desired by the self is that which is rarely provided to another.