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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Testing

Recognition that alcohol results in experience that is oftentimes heavily weighted towards the negative is oftentimes provided as service by the parent to the child - to teach the child to be in better control of the self’s body, to regulate the self’s ingestion of those things that could result in a loss of control and the mistakes being made that damage another. Did you learn from your parent, my sister, or did you follow in his footsteps?

Student: It took awhile, but I learned.

Did you learn from your father, my sister, or did you follow in his footsteps?

Student: You’re not just talking about alcohol, are you because I don’t drink, and I’m not an alcoholic.

You have drunk to excess my sister.

Student: I have. But I don’t any more.

I’m not speaking of this moment my sister when I ask you the query. I’m asking did you learn from your father or did you follow in his footsteps?

Student: I have learned not to drink to excess, and I have chosen not to drink at all, anymore.

From the time that your father provided you with example my sister, how many years have transpired?

Student: Thirty.

And during this thirty year time period, would you say that you learned from your father’s example or that you spent a majority of this time following in his footsteps, abusing substances that caused you to lose control of your self, of your actions?

Student: I don’t think I lost control. I think I used the substances so that I could control the darkness I was using. I used alcohol to dull pain, so I could…


Student: …do other things with it.

I shall ask you to survey this more closely, my sister.

Student: Okay.

And state, once again, that the student that is unwilling to see the self is also the student that is incapable of changing the self.

It is important for the student to recognize that “all is as it should be” are not just words. When placed together, “All is as it should be” as a phrase, stated to the self as mantram, “All is as it should be” – it informs the self that no experience is happenstance, that the Teacher is indeed with the self in this moment, that the self’s response is being monitored, that all that has been learned is being tested, that all that has been failed is being tested because the Teacher makes use of all that which is available to aid the student. The student that fails to see that which has been brought forth to teach the self is the student that fails time after time after time, recognizing that the Teacher endorses learning and steps back once the student has made clear the choice for the ego.

It is to use the memories of past lives as a landscape - one that has been drawn with a very broad brush - to understand that the experiences of the self have indeed been carried forth into the current lifetime. The self is then provided with option to choose, as the self has chosen previously or to choose differently. Coming in to the lifetime the inner Teacher is fully aware of all things that challenge – that are intended to challenge the current self. The lesson plan utilizes energies that are samskaric in nature; it is these that reside with the lesson plans that the new self is born with.

Indeed, it is the Distracting Wound (Life Lesson #1) lesson plan - one that should be entitled as the primary, for it is indeed the first to be experienced, the Communication Style, as well as, The Mission - these lesson plans are activated early in the life experience by those placed around the self. Reaction is oftentimes volatile in the child due to the presence of samskaric energies. It is important to engage the lessons early in the lifetime in order to make certain that once the self has aged to maturity, that the lessons will indeed be a focus of the self. Deep wounding is oftentimes experienced by the new self – purposefully; the parents, the siblings, have oftentimes been chosen in order to ensure that this wounding does indeed take place, for the consciousness is aware that time is limited and that childhood woundings are those that receive maximum focus of the self.

Student: I have one picture in my head that just won’t go away. I’m a little kid, standing at the bottom of the stairs in my parents house in Brooklyn, and my father, I think it is, is screaming in my face that I’m a liar, and I’m terrified. I’m absolutely positive in that moment that he’s going to kill me. I was afraid to tell the truth, so I lied and then I got screamed at for lying and I don’t even remember what I did, but I remember him screaming at me and I remember just being terrified. A lot of woundings like that, but that was the one that just won’t go away.

It was the moment of choice, my sister; you could have chosen in that moment to speak truth or to become a liar once again in this lifetime. What was your choice my sister?

Student: Well, when he was yelling at me I had already lied. I’d already lied.

Did you correct the lie?

Student: I think so. I think I did. At least that one anyway.

Are you certain my sister?

Student: No, because it didn’t stop me from lying; I have lied my whole life - one thing or another - I told stories, especially to my parents, especially with myself.

Do you understand how this relates to the teaching provided prior to this session? That the self chose to protect, to defend the ego, for it was the ego that was telling the self you would be damaged. The ego does not recognize that another is angered when the self is dishonored, disrespected, their intelligence insulted, when one provides the self with lies – purposefully – and then lies once again to defend the lie. Do you understand?

Student: Yes. I do.

Choice was provided to you at an early age to admit that the self had chosen incorrectly and to ask for forgiveness, to state that the self will change in future - will be different. Do you understand?

Student: I do. I’m working on it.

It is to recognize that the self’s choice to continue to choose those things, those responses of the lesson plan are those that triggered the responses of the other’s lesson plan. Do you understand?

Student: I’m not sure. I was a little kid. I was four.

I am not asking the child to understand, my sister. I’m asking the adult - do you understand?

Student: If I understand correctly, then my choice to not tell the truth triggered the lesson plan of say, my parent, to react the way they did.

That is correct.

Student: So the wounding that I received was my own fault, generated by my own behavior.

The wounding received my sister, was that which was planned and was enforced by the lesson plan.

Student: Agreed to by both.

You are correct.

It is for all present to recognize that the self, as a child, is capable of triggering the parent and the parents’ lesson plans; the parents are chosen so that the child is presented with experience early in the life, so that the lessons can be learned. Recognizing that all things that happened to the self as a child were intended to bring forth choice, opportunity for choice – so that the inner Teacher could determine if the self had learned the lessons or if retesting was necessary in this lifetime. All lessons provided to the child are lessons that are being retested, including that of Communication and Soul’s Mission. The child that chooses appropriately, meaning that the child has learned the lesson, has responded in a fashion that states, “I understand the choice. I choose to be honest. I choose to speak only truth. I choose to look outside of my self. I choose to aid others. I choose to recognize that others fail, and it is not always my fault when another does so. It is to realize that until the consciousness responds appropriately, testing continues.

Karmic payback, karmic callings are not provided to the young soul; it is the lesson plan that is engaged. It is experience that is needed, to determine if future lesson need be presented. To think, my sister, about the self having been terrorized, how did the self respond? Did the self cower? Was the self truly terrorized?

Student: As a child? Yes. I remember cowering. I remember being terrorized. I remember being in fear, a lot.

Did the self learn what it is like to feel terror, to be bullied? Did the self learn not to provide similar threat to another? Or did the self merely follow the example of others later in life?

Student: Good point.

It was the testing that was provided to the self, my sister. You were provided with opportunity to feel the terror, to see the damage done to another, to choose not to provide such threat to another ever again - but you chose otherwise.

It is to recognize, my brother (Sol), that once the being is capable of rational thinking, that lesson is brought forth to the self as well as all those who observe the self. These small consciousnesses need be informed of the repercussions of their activity, for they are not capable of rational thinking. The adults, as they observe, believe that the child is capable of understanding the ramifications of their behavior; however, this is not so. It is important for the adult to intervene, just as the adult would intervene with another adult, if the self believed that the self could be of service. Expecting the child to respond as an adult is inappropriate, for the child is not capable of doing so unless the lesson has been learned in previous lifetimes. All those lessons that have been brought into the lifetime failed, and that continue to be failed by the self, are dealt with in the body that has the mind that is not yet capable of rational thinking, of understanding the ramifications of the self’s behavior fully. It is to recognize that the child is aware that the self may get into trouble, but the child does not think about irreparable damage that could be done to another due to the self’s behavior. The child merely is focused upon the self’s desire; this singular focus is fueled by the will.

It would be wise for the adult to observe the child and to adapt the behaviors, so that the will is strengthened rather than weakened, so that the self is endorsed rather than diminished, while learning the ramifications of the self’s behavior - free of judgment. This means that the young entity is counseled regarding the self’s choices, informed of the outcome of particular choices, and told that the experience has now been had – this is the punishment that must be received, so that in future the self thinks more clearly, more closely about the self’s choices, for children must learn the response that is most appropriate for one who seeks to be love.

There are many consciousnesses born upon this planet at this time that are more hatred than love - they are being born to parents who are more love than hatred. The child is then taught to change the negative energy to positive, to be more desirous of love than hate. The parent that fails to state the desire to be love is the parent that separates from the child and allows the child to dominate the relationship, thereby causing the parent to change as well. The experiment has failed for many. Will those who are slightly tilted towards love be able to change those who are heavily leaning towards hatred, or will the individual who was slightly leaning towards love be changed to leaning towards hatred? All consciousnesses are tested in this way to make certain that the pursuit of the path to return to the consciousness’ divinity has been prepared appropriately. The children serve, but they are indeed consciousnesses that could exceed the time, that has been dedicated to the lessons of this planet, belonging to the parent.

It is to recognize that the energies of failed lesson create material - tangible material - that then resides within the body. If the lesson is associated with a particular part, area of the body, the energies settle here; the organs are most usually impacted last, for it is this that can interfere with the ability of the body to continue to function while the lessons are being learned. The body is indeed impacted by the energies that are created by failed lesson – whether the physical, mental or emotional is the source body, so to say. It is important for each to understand that when a lesson is failed and the self chooses not to resolve the lesson, that the self is choosing to damage one of the bodies, for the energies will indeed be stored within that body until the lesson has been learned.

I, as the Teacher, then draw forth these energies en masse – the cumulative energies. What does this mean? I activate these energies, giving them life, providing them with sensation that is then interpreted by the mind; this is to garner the attention of the self, so that the self realizes, “there is something that I must pay heed to …I must focus upon this sensation, for it is so unfavorable that it impacts my ability to continue forth as I did prior to its presence.” These energies oftentimes are present upon the surface for days, weeks, potentially months before the self recognizes the energy, for many other reasons are provided by the mind to the self for these feelings. The more intense the energies become, the more lesson is drawn forth by myself; many others are called to the self, bringing the message of the lesson that need be learned prior to the release of these energies. Each failure of the self to recognize the lesson, to begin to examine the self’s behavior and to determine the change or the thought-filled determination that the self prefers the response of the self, understanding its ramifications – only then shall the sensation be deactivated or released. It is important to understand that it is choice that the Teacher is presenting; the Teacher does not demand change – the Teacher demands choice.

It was in days of old – many, many, many, many lifetimes previous – that each foresaw this lifetime, understanding the work that need be done, recognizing the experiences that still remained upon the self’s agenda. It is from these higher realms that all planning - that which can be planned - takes place. It is in these lower realms that all plans are put asunder based upon the choice employed or failed to be recognized by the self. The feelings of desperation that each present have encountered upon awakening, as well as in recent times, indicates that the self is approaching firm positioning upon the path to return the self to divinity, to return the self to a path of service, which upon the earth equates to a life of sacrifice until self realization has been accomplished.

Failure to recognize the true desire of the self results in failure, for the self may not yet be prepared for this journey. The true desire of the self need be surveyed closely, to determine if exit is truly desired from this fourth kingdom as the common man. It is important for each to recognize the sensual nature of this existence – food, alcohol, drugs, materialism all encourage the sensual nature of the physical embodiment. Recognizing that the self is desirous of the material, of the sensual experience, ensures enjoyment of the life experience, whereas squelching of these desires merely result in failure. There is no punishment for the self who determines the materialism, the physicality - the sensual experience has not yet been fulfilled for the self. Much testing is provided to the student to make certain that that which falls from the lips is felt heart, mind, body, and spirit - for if it is not, failure lies ahead.

I am Osiris. I seek to draw forth all that which lies within, uncovering all that which is hidden from the self. Should I uncover desire for the physical, for the sensual, for the material experience, it is for the self to realize, to embrace this, and to seek that experience which shall fulfill that which is cried out for from deep within. As stated in previous teachings, the self has maintained desires, dreams, from lifetime to lifetime - many are embedded deeply within, unrecognizable to the self, until one day the self is cogitating and sees the self on a bungee ride, sees the self climbing Mt. Everest, sees the self flying to the moon, sees the self sailing upon the oceans. It is to recognize the desire, to draw it forth, to destroy the desire completely if it is merely a thought form that has yet to be examined. The student that fails to do so is the student that will fail the path, the lessons upon the path that will return the self to divinity.

It is the Teacher’s duty to guide the student as long as the student presents the self for lesson. It is for the student to honor, to respect the teacher; to honor and respect all those participating in the self’s healing. Failure to provide honor and respect drains all, leaching off vital energies that could be utilized to endorse all students, for the teacher must be love in the face of negativity; the ego that determines to challenge the teacher is well-placed, as the teacher must be tested many, many times. Can the teacher rise above the negativity being propelled towards the self or does the teacher succumb?

It is important for all present to recognize that past life karma is something that is not truly understood by the bulk of humanity, for karma is earned by the self as the self is learning. The human that views karma from the unhealed state is incapable of understanding that the self had no choice but to experience that which has been experienced; it is now the self’s turn to experience that which has been provided to another in service. All things must be experienced – not only those things favorable but all things unfavorable, for it is this that informs the self, that informs the body, of the nature of all things. The human being craves the positive and abhors the negative, feeling that the self is entitled only to feelings of pleasure; the self would never seek feelings of humiliation, embarrassment, discomfort – nor any negative emotion that I could possibly name. Rather, the self is desirous of pleasure alone and is constantly seeking for the next and the next and the next pleasurable experience. No sooner than pleasure has been experienced and the self sets out for the next and the next and the next experience, for the human is never filled. Within each is a deep yearning to experience all things – some have a greater sense of urgency than others but all humans desire to experience. Until the consciousness steps forth upon the path to healing, pleasure is all that is sought – all else, as quickly and easily as possible, discarded, forgotten. The feeling of the self is to eliminate all that is negative from the life experience; if this means cutting individuals out of the self’s life or particular experiences, it matters not, for the consciousness, the self, the unhealed self, will do so.

The lesson plan demands negative experience, for the consciousness need be tested to determine not only, “Have all things been experienced,” but “Have all things been understood?” The experience of negative emotion – humiliation, embarrassment, anger, depression – indicates that the self, the unhealed self, has yet to truly understand that which has been presented to the self, for all of these responses are those belonging to the ego. It is the ego that protects; it is the ego that defends. The ego merely consists of negative energies that are a part of each body belonging to the human; it represents those unhealed portions of each body – each body will continue to cry out in a negative fashion until the lesson has been learned, for each body is programmed to respond in a particular fashion until awareness has been awakened for the self, until response favorable – that which could be regarded as positive or that belonging to the light – is made by the self automatically. Until this time has been experienced, the lesson has yet to be integrated.

The child that sits quietly in the midst of chaos watching all things, daring not to interfere, allowing others to resolve that which is transpiring - this consciousness has learned. There are many upon the planet at this time that have learned; they have come to teach the parents - to be love.

The lesson plan of Repression is physical. The feeling is the goal - identification, recognition of the feeling that informs the self of that which is appropriate and that which is inappropriate for the self to experience once again. To recognize this lesson plan in young Asher is to ask him why he seeks to experience negativity again and again and again, for he realizes that his behavior draws forth that which is negative from all around the self. Why is he seeking negativity? Is it truly Asher that is seeking negativity or is it that which is attached to Asher that seeks this energy? It is for all to begin to recognize that a child is joyful by nature. The imposition of negativity is external - it is not internal; for the inner Teacher strives to provide positive experience – that which is based in love, that which nurtures the consciousness, to state, “Please stay this time, until we can learn.” There are many challenges upon this planet that cannot be controlled; recognition that a child is unhappy more than happy need be made by the parent and assistance sought from the child to determine - has the lesson been learned - can these challenges be eliminated?

The unconscious mind is the mind that is at rest, while a portion of the mind - the conscious mind - is focused upon that which draws the attention of the self. At this time, the self is capable of focusing upon many things simultaneously; the unconscious mind is also gathering data – that which is separate, that which goes unnoticed by the conscious mind. The Teacher utilizes the unconscious mind by whispering to the student; it is those suggestions, it is statements that are made that draw forth lesson, for the statement goes from the unconscious mind to the conscious mind. Recognition is rarely made that the thought was not formed by the self - the self had no intention of saying what the self said, the self was merely responding to the prompt provided by the Teacher.

It is important for the student to notice those things that are being thought by the mind that were not initiated by the self; for it is these things that the Teacher seeks awareness by the student. The unconscious mind is also the mind that is trained by the Teacher in the dream state; lessons are presented to the student, allowing the student opportunity to choose. To determine if the student has recognized that choice has been ignored or avoided, the choice is provided many, many, many times prior to the student recognizing that choice has been foregone in the past; now it is for the student to choose appropriately - many more tests, many more opportunities are presented to the student in the unconscious state prior to the appropriate choice being made. It is now that the Teacher can draw forth the experience for the student in the conscious state.

The subconscious state is the state of mind that is unknown to the self completely – neither the conscious nor the unconscious portions of the mind have been informed of that which lies deep within the subconscious, the psyche; this portion of the mind is that which is released by the Teacher only as needed, for within the subconscious mind are those experiences of great emotion – both current and previous lifetimes experiences – can be found in this portion of the mind.

It is to recognize that the parent is chosen by the consciousness - most likely by the Teacher of the consciousness - to make certain that the lessons that are needed are naturally provided by the parent; this means that your parent was focused upon the self, was convinced that your lie was intended to damage the self, which ignited fury within - for him to lash out and to damage you. Do you understand?

Student: Yes. I do. Thank you.

It is to recognize the mirror, to understand that which the self brought forth in the other; for the parent rarely recognizes that the child has yet to think rationally, is incapable of understanding the outcome.

Student: He had the same response then when I was fourteen and fifteen and he was drunk and beating on me? It was the same thing…that he thought I was intentionally …

It was self-focus my sister. Look closely.

Student: My self-focus or his?

Are you listening to my words, my sister?

Student: I’m confused. I’m sorry.

It is what you brought out…

Student: In him

…in the other, for you each acted as mirror to each other; his self-absorption was merely mirroring your self-absorption. Your desire to have your way fueled his desire to have his way. Your demand to be your self – to be embraced as you were - fueled judgment within the other that could not embrace you as you were. He wished for you to be different, just as you wished for all others to be different. Do you understand?

Student: I think so. Yes.

While humans are sensitive to the planetary energies, there are however, some humans that are consciously sensitive to these energies; most humans are unconsciously sensitive to these energies. It is the catalyst that is brought forth by the Teacher that activates the energies that reside within my brother (Loereve); these energies are embedded within the bodies of the self at birth. It is these energies that are utilized by the Teacher. We shall use Mars as an example…its’ alignment with the Earth at this time provides the Teacher with additional energies to draw upon; when the planet is in retrograde, massive quantities of negative energies are available to the Teacher without the creation of negative energy here upon the surface of the planet. It is during this time period that much testing takes place upon the Earth, for the Teacher can take advantage of these energies without concern that imbalance may be created that is what could be referred to as extraordinary in nature. It is the Teacher’s desire to utilize those energies that are available to teach the student; it is rare that the Teacher creates negativity in order to teach.

The energies exerted by a particular planet upon the human have no correlation between distances; rather, it is based upon alignment…alignment with the planet Earth, as well as alignment with other planetary spheres. Astrology is a study that would be suggested for you my brother – a primer, so to say…one that will inform you at an introductory level, of what occurs when planetary energies come into contact with other planetary energies. Suffice it to say that the Teacher utilizes the energies created by the movement of planetary spheres; those that are of particular interest to the student would be Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Vulcan.

To understand planetary energies, one need only look to the self during the time of the full moon – to see that the self becomes more introspective, more focused upon the self. For most, it is considered to be an emotional time period for the moon represents energies that are considered to be feminine – those connected to the heart…the fullness of the moon represents the fullness of the heart; those who are inclined to do so may begin to recognize that which lies within the heart, the true self. Those who are fractured, damaged, act out most frequently during this time period, for the emotions become unmanageable, the self unrecognizable, the yearning – to know, to love, to feel – overpowering. Each planet has the potential to draw forth energies that impact the self in similar fashion.

It is difficult for the student to experience discomfort over an extended period of time and not begin to refer to this as suffering. It was, of course, suffering from the start; however, the student was focused upon the lesson, believing that the lesson would be limited in scope, in duration of time. It was never anticipated that the lesson would extend day after week after month. When the Teacher first begins to draw forth energies from the astral body it is to make certain that the lessons have been learned by recreating the feeling experienced by previous selves – the desperation, the helplessness, the hopelessness, the knowing that the body has been damaged and that the life experience shall never be as enjoyable as it once was. It is to determine if the student is willing to make the changes suggested by the Teacher, to employ different approaches, different solutions to complex issues, problems – those things that resulted in failed lesson and in damage irreparable to the physical body in previous lifetimes.

The preceding five month time period has been such for Te' Auna, wherein poor health was once again experienced over an extended time period to determine if the self would succumb to the challenge or if the self would continue to draw forth hope, faith, trust and love for the self as well as for the Teacher, indicating that the self believed that one day the life experience would once again become favorable. There have been many lessons in addition to this test that have been provided to Te' Auna - lessons that were failed in previous lifetimes. Would the self continue to overeat, fearing the day when there would be nothing in the cupboard? Would the self continue to feed the self poor quality food, expending funds in other areas that had little to no impact upon the physical body? Would the self fail to recognize the importance of the physical shell, failing to provide it with attention, with understanding? Or - would the self step forth to be different in all these areas?

All humans provide service by playing the dark role or by presenting the self to determine if the self has learned the lesson or if the self will once again choose to be damaged. Until the self can present the self as service and refuse damage, the lesson has not yet been learned.

The student that seeks to know and to heal the self, that seeks the presence of Osiris, must prove to the inner Teacher that the path has been chosen – that the self will stay the course for the balance of this lifetime. Much testing is provided prior to my calling.

Who are you? It is this question that need be asked of the self virtually every moment of every day. Who am I? Who am I becoming? Who am I perceived to be? Is this perception accurate – does it reflect who I seek to become or is it a vision of that which I have always been? The student who has determined to step forth and to seek the presence of the Teacher is one who has been tested in many ways, many times, to determine if commitment equals expressed desire. The majority of students fail this measure, for the student is unaware that that which lies within the self is indeed the self of many previous incarnations; it is not the Teacher at all. Recognizing that the Higher Self is desirous of teaching the current self is important, critical in fact, if the student is truly desirous of knowing and healing the self. To understand the self is to be vigilant to all that which comes forth – the thinking reflects that which the Teacher seeks the attention of the self to be placed upon, so that true change may be experienced. The student that determines the course of action to be taken – that which will be studied, that which will be focused upon – is not the student that is prepared for the Teacher’s presence.

Sol: Would you repeat that last sentence please?

I will not repeat the last sentence my brother, but I shall restate it for you if that is acceptable.

To understand the myriad inner components is not possible without guidance; it is the inner Teacher that provides this guidance and it is provided in a way that success can be experienced if the student follows the guidance provided. It is the student that has determined the self’s course of action, those issues that the self is desirous of pursuing, those things that could be referred to as items of interest - items that pique curiosity, items that would enable the self to appear knowledgeable with others. The student that decides the course of action to be taken – that which shall be studied, that which shall be pondered, that which shall be reviewed, ignoring the guidance provided by the Teacher – is the student that is determined to pursue that which has been pursued in previous lifetimes: the acquisition of knowledge.

Belief, Faith, Trust - without these three, the Teacher shall most certainly fail with the student.

Belief in the Teacher – that the Teacher that has arrived is indeed the most appropriate Teacher that the self embraces with open arms, with welcoming eyes, welcoming heart, welcoming mind, demanding that all bodies welcome the Teacher.

Faith – faith in the self, that the self is capable, that the self has learned that which is necessary to be experiencing in this moment of time whatever the Teacher brings forth; to realize that the Teacher will never bring forth that which has not been prepared for extensively. The student is taught unconsciously until success has been achieved – prior to the first test being provided to the conscious student. The student who seeks inward at the time of testing has an increased likelihood of success at the first presentation of testing; however, most students are accustomed to accepting the automatic connection to the choices that have been made throughout the lifetime, choosing the negative, failing to shift the attitude to the positive. Faith is not resident once negativity arrives. The student begins to believe that the self cannot learn; that the Teacher is not the most appropriate Teacher – that the self need escape this vacuum of testing/failure, testing/failure, testing/failure. The Teacher calls upon the student to retrieve the faith that has been built through many, many lifetimes of interaction; it is this that is emphasized in the unconscious training, until the student begins to realize consciously that the Teacher does indeed have the self’s highest and best interests at heart and the student begins to tackle the true enemy of the self – darkness that lies within unnoticed, unrecognized.

Trust – to trust that the self is capable, to trust that the self will experience no pain that isn’t regarded as necessary to the learning process - to trust the Teacher in all things, to overrule the mind that demands logic, to overrule the mind that closes and says I will not allow this experience; for it is the Teacher that is responsible for balancing karma. The more difficult the student makes this tasking, the more painful it becomes for the student; for the energies continue to build within, seeking release – release cannot be provided until the lesson has been learned, until the self realizes that it is the self’s behavior that is being brought front and center for the self to observe.

It is the self that suffers; it is the Teacher that guides.

To defend, to protect guarantees failure; for the other that seeks to aid the self has been informed that the self is not desirous of their assistance - the other that has learned will withdraw, leaving the self fortified, defended, righteous. It is the other that knows that the free will of another should never be interfered with by anyone other than the Teacher. The student that has presented the self to the Teacher has granted permission for the deconstruction of the ego; much testing has been provided prior to the student’s embracement. It is indeed the Teacher that ignores the behaviors, the actions of the student, until the student determines that the path is no longer for the self; only then will the Teacher relinquish the duty that was embraced when the student was accepted.

Do you believe that it is difficult to allow higher consciousness to speak through the self?

It is most difficult and it is not difficult at all; those who believe the self capable will quickly find the degree of difficulty that the self need overcome, need recognize. It does not occur overnight, nor in a fortnight, nor in a month, nor oftentimes in a year or two or three; it is in fact most difficult – a feat accomplished after many, many lifetimes of focused intention, of proving the self. It is not possible to provide a listing of those proofs/tests that the student/the disciple has provided to make certain that the self in the current lifetime is truly desirous of providing the vehicle, the temple for higher consciousness to bring forth wisdom. Suffice it to say, there are many, many, many tests – the self is tested to determine if desire to serve in this fashion is truly primary, for much is removed from the life experience - the temple must be purified.

Plenty of opportunity is provided to the student to determine if the choice that is stated when the self is not engaged, is truly the choice of the self once engagement has been initialized. It is a strengthening of the will that is an offshoot of this type of testing; it is not to taunt the student - it is to teach the student. Each lesson that is presented to the student strengthens the will, the commitment, the dedication, or weakens the same. The path to healing, the spiritual path itself, is not intended for all those who apply; there are many who shall walk it a short distance, to abandon it for the balance of the lifetime, potentially for a day, a week, a month, a year, 5 years, 10 years prior to returning. The Teacher never abandons the student; the Teacher is always waiting in the wings for the student to decide, “I am ready once again to walk my path, to be different, to improve my plight in subsequent lifetimes.”

The student who walks the path to healing is one that is aware that the goal of the self is to be love at all times, drawing forth love to share with all whom the self interacts. Every day, every moment of every day – to be love, never losing focus upon the goal. The student is tested harshly to determine if the goal has been achieved, if the self can overcome negativity that is provided to the self – whether consciously or unconsciously; the goal for the self is to be love at all times – at all times, regardless of the challenge.

It is not possible to be love for another if the self feels that the self is not loved - if the self feels shortshrifted, if the self feels less-than, if the self feels that others receive that which the self desires most. It is to recognize that the self receives all that is needed – no more and no less is afforded to the student, for the Teacher understands exactly what is needed by the student to insure that the student will learn. Deprivation is often the tactic employed by the Teacher – to purposefully deprive the student of that which is most desired, whether it is love, support, confirmation, information – the Teacher determines that which the student is focused upon as the self’s desire and purposefully withholds this – to teach.

Sol: When a Teacher withholds that which is desired by the student for the purpose of teaching the student, could you please elaborate on that?

The Teacher withholds that which is most desired by the student my brother, in order to teach the student that others are desirous of the same from the self. It is for the student to recognize, to realize the value of that which is being withheld from the self, so that when others are seeking it from the self, the self recognizes true need, readily recognizing that which is ego desire, choosing not to provide that which is sought whenever ego is the source.

What does it mean to be love? What does this mean, truly and indeed to the common man? To be love is to be weak, to allow others to take advantage of the self, to allow others to judge the self, to allow another to dominate, control, to repress, to deny the self. To be love is to allow all others around the self to be in lesson, for the lesson of another has no impact on the self whatsoever when the self is being love; for love does not question, love does not judge. Love is care less of the goal of another to be in control - to attempt to dominate, to seek the desires, the wants, the needs of the self over those belonging to another; love recognizes lesson and responds appropriately for the self, allowing the other to be who the self has chosen to be. Love questions to determine if the other is aware that the self’s behavior is detrimental to others; if the response of the one questioned is that the behavior is recognized then the self determined to be love embraces the other, recognizing the path that the self has most recently departed - one that was not yet love.

To understand that love is the goal eliminates all argument put forth by the ego, the unhealed portion of the self. Gently reminding the self to be love is the answer to all experience that is perceived to be detrimental, that is perceived to be negative, that is perceived to be challenge, for challenge strengthens the self. Challenge is the purpose of the lifetime for one who has decided to be different. To be different can not be accomplished unless the self is consistently challenged, for only then can proof be provided by the self – their response time after time after time after time after time, appropriate - until the response no longer requires thinking, until the self is automatically responding as love.