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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Happiness

Could you answer the query my sister (student)?

Student: All beings must experience all things – severe deprivation is one of all things just like complete abundance.

Indeed. Have you experienced abundance my sister?

Student: I believe so and I haven’t appreciated it.

Do you understand the lessons that lie ahead?

Student: I do…I believe I do. Perhaps you could guide me, prepare me, help me.

Recognition of the stories that the self has put forth is necessary my sister – that the self was deprived, that the self had little, when the self actually was enjoying abundance. It was the lesson plan that prohibited you from recognizing that which was being experienced, for the ego was ravenous, desirous of more. In order to motivate you, to push you to gain more, the self was made to believe that the self had little. Do you understand?

Student: I do, thank you.

It is to recognize the voice from within my sister and to become the voice that retrains all that which lies within. Do you understand?

Student: I’m not sure I do. Would you elaborate for me?

Indeed. The voice that tells you ‘you are struggling’, that ‘you do not have enough’ – it is the outer voice that need say, “Look at the bounty before me.” There are many upon this planet that not only do not have access to this bounty but if they did they could not purchase that which you yourself have before you. It is to state to the self frequently, “I have all that I need and more. There are many around me that have much less than I; I am fortunate indeed. It is when the heart begins to believe, it is when the mind begins to believe – it is when the heart and the mind connect that the self can state without hesitation, “I have everything that I need and more.” It is to state your gratitude daily my sister, each time you receive the food into the body; it is to bless it, to make it sacred and to give thanks, to be grateful, to express this gratitude with the energies of the heart, for it is this that will awaken within the self true gratitude for all that the self has. This alone silences the voice of the composite selves that state, “We do not have enough. We shall never have enough. It is others that have our bounty.” Do you understand?

Student: I do, thank you. I will attend to this assignment. Thank you.

It is for all to understand that happiness is simply an attitude - it is a way of thinking, it is a way of being. It is indeed the composite selves that convince the self that the self does not have what the self needs. It is the will of the self, the voice of the self that retrains all that which lies within.

Does the Teacher seek to remove all pleasure from the student’s experience, my sister (student)?

Student: That hasn’t been my experience my Teacher. I’m deriving great pleasure out of listening and studying and learning and devoting my time to this project of me being a healed person and I’m getting great joy out of that…more than anything else ever before.

It is the student that is focused upon the negative that believes that the Teacher seeks to remove all pleasure from the self’s life experience, for this idea could not be farther from truth. The Teacher seeks to draw forth pleasure by drawing forth recognition of pain and sorrow so that the self may recognize those periods of calm, periods of deep satisfaction, periods of what may be referred to as happiness that were never recognized as such before. It is the path that awakens the student’s ability to recognize happiness – that which the majority of humanity goes in search of each and every day, failing to recognize that the bulk of humanity is capable of this state the majority of their time. It is recognition that materialism has redesigned happiness. The consciousness that is capable of seeing all that the self has – love and support, food and water, shelter – it is these individuals that have the capability to classify the self as happy the majority of the time. This is indeed the bulk of humanity, for the basic needs of the consciousness are met, often with the assistance of the inner Teacher. It is materialism that has redrawn the basic needs, expanded them so to say, that if the self does not have these things then the self cannot be happy. It is as Te' Auna stated earlier – the lesson for those that do not have what they believe is needed has yet to be learned. To understand that the inner Teacher rewards those who learn this lesson - those who teach others, those who are generous, those who continue to step forth to aid those who are in need of assistance.

To believe that the self has enough is a most difficult task indeed, for each consciousness upon this planet has suffered severe lack – what may be regarded as severe deprivation of all things needed.