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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Love

The beliefs begin with those maintained regarding the self. If the self feels good about the self, then most generally the self will also feel good about others. If the self trusts the self, the self most likely will trust most others. If the self has faith in the self, the self can usually place the faith of the self in another. To love the self is to find within the self the ability to love another. The student that does not like the self, that does not trust nor have faith in the self, will generally not like others, will most assuredly not have faith or trust another. It is important to understand that this is a core belief - one that has been brought into the incarnation from previous incarnations; for it is the composite self that need be recognized, that will indeed be the focus of the current lifetime.

It is my desire to bring forth that which lies within Te' Auna – to teach her that while negativity has been experienced for many years, positivity has also been experienced and can now be realized by understanding the lessons, by understanding the pain, by understanding the struggle. Each time the pain, the struggle is shared with another the understanding grows deeper within, planting the garden for the balance of the lifetime, into future lifetimes, that reveals the beauty that results when the self learns. The beauty, the result is love. It is my great desire to aid each of you through Te' Auna to accomplish the harvest that can only be described as beauty, for love is the foundation of all things beautiful. Beauty is indeed defined by the eye of the beholder. It is my goal to teach each to see beauty in all things – all things.

It is important for all students to understand that the Teacher seeks these three things – faith, trust, and love of the student – they are all embedded deeply within. It is ego that has placed layer upon layer of anger, bitterness, resentment, making it difficult for the student to find that which is true, that which is ageless, timeless, that lies within.

There are few humans upon the planet at this time that can say that they love another without condition, that the others’ behavior, that the other’s response holds no threat to the love felt for the other by the self. The majority of humans believe that they have experienced true love; yet, when questioned, determination is rapidly made that the love is conditional, for the love of the self is conditional. The self has not been accepted by the self, the self has failed the self. If the self can fail the self, how can the self possibly expect another to provide that which the self cannot provide? Therefore, all others are provided with similar love – conditional, to be withdrawn should the other fail to fulfill the expectations of the self.

It is the inner Teacher that first awakens the desire to love and to be loved. The student believes that it is another – the beloved, the friend, the pet – that has awakened this desire. It is the love provided by the inner Teacher that is diminished, criticized – indeed, refused; for the student fails to recognize that it is the Teacher’s duty to draw forth all that which lies within that prohibits the self from experiencing love in its purest state – that which is known as unconditional.

Love is the emotion commonly expressed by the bulk of humanity, that which is known as conditional love. The goal of the disciple is universal acceptance of all things which leads to the expression of love without condition.