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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Surrender

It is important for each student to become aware that the Teacher understands that which is needed for the self. Surrender has been brought forth in many, many teachings prior to this day, surrender of the self to the Teacher, to recognize that the Teacher knows that which is needed by the student. It is negativity, known as the ego, that causes the student to rebel against that which is presented – to say, “this is unimportant to me…why are you so focused upon it?” – rather than adopting humility, then saying, “I surrender to thee, my Teacher and I recognize that although my mind tells me that this is an unimportant topic, you have drawn it forth for great purpose and it is I, with open heart and open mind, willingness – that shall review, shall provide it my deepest scrutiny at this time, so that I may resolve this issue…so that you may then present the next and the next and the next topic for me to handle, to manage in the same fashion.” A great deal of time is spent with the Teacher fighting the student; this of course is unnecessary and wastes valuable time. The student that recognizes that the Teacher loves the self, and is providing all that the Teacher has to give, will readily humble the self and will embrace all that which is presented by the Teacher.

It is well understood by the Teacher that the student does not understand. The Teacher seeks the attitude of humility, openness, willingness - if this attitude is present then the Teacher can bring forth understanding for the student. It is when ego is present - it is when the self refuses to believe that that which has been brought forth truly resides within, it is when the self focuses upon the other rather than the self – that the Teacher then need back away, for use of energies in this fashion is not of profit for the Teacher.