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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Materialism

It is the material, the physical experience that all consciousnesses come to this planet to partake in; survival is necessary. Money is needed in order to survive. The individual that is cognizant of the purpose of money – that it is indeed energy that can be utilized to aid or to destroy another [and that] the exchange of money as energy is one of the primary lessons presented upon this planet, to be learned by each consciousness - earning money with right purpose, utilizing the energy that money has garnered with right purpose to aid, never to interfere with another’s free will or choice. Recognition that one who presents the self to the inner Teacher, stating the self’s purpose for the desire to garner riches, proving that indeed this is the true reason why the self seeks comfort through the earning of great riches. The inner Teacher begins to present lessons to the individual to determine, “Is it time to release the knowledge that lies within, so that the individual can begin to free the self from the world of materialism, the world that is focused upon garnering riches…or has the consciousness proven that the self has indeed learned all that which this world has to offer?”

Lifetime after lifetime, the consciousness returns to this atmosphere – that which is based upon the energy exchange known as money - to determine if the consciousness has learned to do business with right purpose, to endorse another with right purpose, to provide that which will aid others with right purpose. Those who have proven their ability to understand this exchange of energy are allowed, endorsed in fact, by the inner Teacher and that which is needed for the balance of the lifetime comes to the self. Many lessons of course will be presented to the self to determine if the self has indeed learned, if the self shares the self’s knowledge with others, endorsing another’s exit from the world of materialism.

Does the Teacher seek to remove all pleasure from the student’s experience, my sister (student)?

Student: That hasn’t been my experience my Teacher. I’m deriving great pleasure out of listening and studying and learning and devoting my time to this project of me being a healed person and I’m getting great joy out of that…more than anything else ever before.

It is the student that is focused upon the negative that believes that the Teacher seeks to remove all pleasure from the self’s life experience, for this idea could not be farther from truth. The Teacher seeks to draw forth pleasure by drawing forth recognition of pain and sorrow so that the self may recognize those periods of calm, periods of deep satisfaction, periods of what may be referred to as happiness that were never recognized as such before. It is the path that awakens the student’s ability to recognize happiness – that which the majority of humanity goes in search of each and every day, failing to recognize that the bulk of humanity is capable of this state the majority of their time. It is recognition that materialism has redesigned happiness. The consciousness that is capable of seeing all that the self has – love and support, food and water, shelter – it is these individuals that have the capability to classify the self as happy the majority of the time. This is indeed the bulk of humanity, for the basic needs of the consciousness are met, often with the assistance of the inner Teacher. It is materialism that has redrawn the basic needs, expanded them so to say, that if the self does not have these things then the self cannot be happy. It is as Te' Auna stated earlier – the lesson for those that do not have what they believe is needed has yet to be learned. To understand that the inner Teacher rewards those who learn this lesson - those who teach others, those who are generous, those who continue to step forth to aid those who are in need of assistance.

To believe that the self has enough is a most difficult task indeed, for each consciousness upon this planet has suffered severe lack – what may be regarded as severe deprivation of all things needed.