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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Astral Plane

It is important for the student to recognize that without the physical body the consciousness no longer has the environment needed in order to learn. It is the emotional and the mental bodies within the physical body that is needed to learn the lessons of this school for learning. Failure to pay attention to the physical body – to love it, to nurture it, to recognize that the emotional and the mental bodies draw the self to those things that are not always beneficial to the physical body - it is for the self to choose that which is most appropriate for the self, recognizing that the lesson plan interferes and is present within the programming for these bodies to deter the self from success until these issues are addressed directly.

It is a misunderstanding that is frequently embraced by the student who walks the path to healing to ignore the physical body in all ways, to break it, to place it below the will of the mind, of the emotions, for the self is more than the physical body. It is quite true that the self, the consciousness, is more than the physical body, for the self is limitless, boundless and cannot be contained within the physical shell without the agreement of the consciousness; this agreement is made at the beginning of each incarnation. The consciousness agrees once again to remain within the body until the lessons have been learned, until the Teacher steps forth to train and to guide this new self occultly. The self that attempts to break this agreement is the self that is typically damaged upon the astral plane; this damage is imposed as reminder to the self that agreement was extended at the beginning of the incarnation to remain inside the body and to focus upon the lessons at hand as the Teacher presents them. All other interests recalled from previous lifetimes need be set aside until this has been accomplished.

The student that is called to work with the dimensions unseen – this calling grows louder with each year of the life experience. The self that succumbs to the urgings of the mind – that portion of the self that demands logic, that seeks proof, science – fails to adhere to the guidelines necessary in order to open the self to other beings on the same realm as the self. It is failure to believe that the self is capable that is the cause to be attributed most frequently to failure.