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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Sharing

It is to recognize the root of the behavior my sister – the inability to communicate is rooted in your distaste for explaining the self; you have long believed that others are idiots and are not deserving of your time or effort to inform them - if they do not know, they do not deserve to be informed by you.

It is to review the lesson plan to determine when the self agreed to the communication that has been employed for the majority of the life; to exclude all others, to provide only that which was necessary in order to garner what the self sought in the moment – no more, oftentimes less. It is only now that the self has determined that the self would like to be understood, would like to be embraced by another, would like for another to feel the self’s angst and deep emotion – yet the self is confronted with the fact that the self does not share of the self honestly, that the self only provides partial information and expects the other to arrive at the full understanding. It is your expectation of the other that often disappoints the self – that the ego states, “The other is diminishing you. The other is contemptuous of you – how dare they! This is what happens when you share of the self. You need never do so again.” It is to recognize the presence of the ego; it is to recognize that the ego will taint, will tarnish, will color all that which is received from another, in order to prohibit you from changing.

It is important that all students be aware that the ego will fight the self tooth and nail, so to speak, from discovering that another has only the self’s highest and best interests at heart; rather, the ego prefers to tear apart the other, to judge, diminishing that which is brought forth for the benefit of the self. The self that embraces the judgments is the self that has decided that the teachings are not desired by the self at this time. Recognizing the self is important, seeing the self as others see the self – necessary, for one who walks the path to healing; for the student who fails to recognize those who seek to aid the self is the student that drains all those that come within the sphere of the self.

As long as the ego is invited to these sessions, wisdom will not be achieved, for it is the duty of the ego to prohibit sharing, to prohibit anything beyond that which spills forth from the mind. The heart can never be touched while the ego is present, for the shield has been activated, prohibiting entry of all others.

It is to recognize my brother that the absence of faith and trust indicates the presence of fear. Do you agree?

Sol: Yes

And so it is to determine for the self, “What is it specifically that I fear?” - the pain, the embarrassment, the humiliation of future lesson failure or the pain of being damaged when the self misunderstands the lesson?

Sol: It’s the latter, although I don’t think of it in terms of damage unless it is damaging my forward progress on my path…that I do fear.

It is to recognize my brother that as long as other humans are kept at arm’s length that the self cannot truly progress, for the goal of the lifetime is to join together with others in order to accomplish – primarily. Do you understand?

Sol: Yes, I understand that.

And so when you state that you understand that pain is a part of the path – how then can you allow fear to remain?

Sol: If I’m intentional and committed to being on the path, I cannot.

Are you intentional, are you committed to the path my brother?

Sol: I tell myself I am.

Is it truth?

Sol: Yes, I believe it is.

You believe or you think my brother?

Sol: I believe

I would disagree, for belief would clear the self of fear. Do you understand?

Sol: Yes

It is knowledge that need be understood, that the self has secured an area of safety for the self where others are not invited, where you share that which you choose to share, where you invite others to share deeply and you drink from their fountain, yet you fail to do the same. Do you understand?

Sol: I do in part, for I feel that I am sharing much more now than I ever did.

It is not enough my brother. It is a statement made of rationale and reason, “I share more than I ever have…it should be adequate.” It is not. Do you understand?

Sol: Yes, thank you.

You have stated your desire to move forward. I have stated that which is needed in order to do so.

The goal of the lifetime is to learn; it is the inner Teacher that draws forth lesson, preparing the self for future lesson as provided by myself. Are there further questions regarding this teaching?

Sol: Is the inner Teacher solely responsible for drawing forth the lesson and its presentation?

The inner Teacher is responsible for drawing forth lesson as it pertains to the lesson plan. Did I answer your question?

Sol: Not entirely. I had the thought that there are two steps involved in this; one is exactly as you just described wherein the inner Teacher determines the lesson that needs to be brought forward and then step two is the creation of the circumstances – the energetic attractions between the self and others that gives rise to the catalyst of the lesson itself. And I was wondering if the inner Teacher is also the one who causes the presentation of the lesson.

It is the self that causes the presentation of the lesson my brother, through the self’s actions; it is the inner Teacher that provides catalyst, opportunity. Do you understand?

Sol: I have no other questions – thank you. I understand.

It is important for each to recognize that the inner Teacher is drawing forth lesson for each; it is through this circle of seeking that understanding can be achieved, if the self is willing to lay bare that which has been experienced by the self, that which has been felt.

Teaching is an honor that is provided to all who seek to serve. Teaching that which has been learned by the self is encouraged by the inner Teacher; teaching that which has yet to be integrated by the self, yet knowledge garnered, often proves to the student that it is the attempted teaching of another that results in teaching the self. The self is informing the other of knowledge garnered by the self – it is knowledge that has been presented to the self in many ways, many times. The self has recognized that the knowledge is valid but its true value has yet to be completely recognized by the self. When teaching another the inner Teacher attempts to garner the attention of the self - “Listen to the self” is the message being provided. The message that is provided from the heart, even when it has yet to be understood completely by the self is that which aids another, is that which can aid the self if the self allows it to come inside the heart and the mind, so that the self can taste it for the self. It is knowledge that has been understood that is the tool utilized by the Teacher in future.

For it is here within this dimension that all things become understood, that all things can be gathered in, that all things can then be shared with others who have yet to experience what the self has experienced, possibly saving another from the personal experience by sharing the self’s experience – emotionally, fully – so that the other has experienced what the self has experienced, without the actual experience for the self.

It is important for all to realize that the training ground that has been provided to each of you is one of constant lesson – to recognize that the self is being challenged daily to draw forth that which lies within, that which the self has stated that the self is desirous of eliminating. It is important that each focus the attention upon that which is drawn forth to determine, “What is this energy? Why do I respond in this fashion? How can I prohibit this response in future? Can I look into my past and see how I have responded this way many, many, many times previous?”

It is to discuss the behavior that has been discovered with others, to inform them of the self’s discovery and to seek the assistance of others in recognizing these behaviors when they come forth in future. It is through the discussion that the student learns, for the self draws forth that which lies within with the aid of the Teacher. Those students upon this planet who have determined to keep all things to the self, who fail to share, who fail to teach – it is these that are given very little by the Teacher, the inner Teacher. Sharing is the goal. There are no beings of higher consciousness that are willing to expend energies upon one consciousness; the consciousness must prove that the self is desirous of sharing, desirous of aiding another, prior to the Teacher providing extraordinary assistance to the student.

Each are endowed with the ability to look about the self and to understand, to recognize the lesson represented by each experience, by each vision, by each circumstance, by each interaction, by all those things that surround the self – what is their true purpose and why have they been placed within my environment for me to experience? The student who walks the path to healing is well advised to look about the self, to place deep scrutiny upon all those individuals that are drawn into the self’s sphere, drawn into the self’s life experience – to observe them closely, to see, “What portion of myself does this individual mirror back to me in service? What portion of myself remains unhealed in the mirror? What portion of myself has been healed that I can now share with this other?”

It is the lesson plan that blinds the self to all things unfavorable; rather, it is the emotional body that views another through -what is referred to as – rose colored glasses, seeing only that which is perceived to be positive, quickly and readily discarding all that which is seen that is negative. “I shall not focus upon the negative” the self says to the self, “for that is inappropriate for one who walks the path to healing. Rather, I shall focus upon the positive and hope that the negative disappears.” It is merely another way for the self to ignore the self’s duty to another to draw forth recognition, identification of that which resides within the other to thwart their progress in this incarnation. Failure to recognize the self in another states that the self has yet to know the self; therefore, many others shall be drawn forth by the inner Teacher until recognition has been made, “This is merely myself that is opposite me – I seek to aid myself, I seek to aid others. I shall share deeply of myself with this other self, for in doing so, they too may share what they see in me; thereby aiding myself forward upon the path that I have chosen.”

It is important for all to understand that when the self shares of the self with another with emotion that the other learns - that when story is provided from the mind and it’s in a singsong voice and it really is without care, without concern, “I said this; they said that”, the other has not learned. The other is not provided with opportunity to experience. The other could be reading it from a page. The experience has not touched the heart - it stays with the mind. It is to understand that when the self shares of the self with another it must come from the heart, for the heart draws forth feeling.

The goal for all students is to recognize that there is great debt upon the self’s ledger. Many have aided the self to learn. As the self learns it is time to start checking off some of those debts by investing in those around the self that suffer similar unawareness as that which belonged to the self.

To understand this teaching one must look to the self – what is the purpose of drawing forth information that is unknown to the masses? Has its time truly arrived? For when reaching into the higher realms, one must be cognizant of the repercussions of drawing forth information that is to be released to those who do not yet understand the process that need be adhered to for the student who is desirous of returning to their divinity. Information that is provided to those prior to their readiness can be dangerous indeed, for if the self has not yet learned the lessons necessary, the Teacher is faced with a dilemma in the next lifetime, for the student shall have to experience digression upon the wheel; this is particularly painful for both student and Teacher. I state that there are very few students who place themselves firmly upon the path to healing who have not encountered this experience, for it is not possible to control the flow of information, it is not possible to curtail the curiosity of an individual once the self has awakened. While the individual may be capable of returning and investing the self completely within materialism, it is the rare individual that does not awaken in every lifetime following the first.

It is important for each present to recognize that those that present the self to you and state that the self is ready need be embraced heartily, wholly – for that which is learned in this lifetime will remain with the consciousness henceforth. It is to take every opportunity to teach by setting the example, showing another that which can be gained for the self, simply by showing, by stating openly, how the self has changed, what the self has recognized about the self, how difficult the journey has been to change; yet, how beneficial the life experience has become due to the efforts expended. The self cannot determine the readiness of another. The self can accept that another is not prepared when the other fails to become that which has been stated as desired by the self. I ask that each of you open the arms wide – whether child or adult or elderly – to aid all those who present the self to you, seeking within, asking, “What is it that I can share with this individual that will aid them?” For the true self, the inner Teacher, will guide you when the intentions are pure, when the desire is to aid without recompense.

It is to recognize that the damaged portions of the self are utilized by the Teacher, drawing forth others that suffer similarly to aid the self in seeing the self; it is indeed to remember learn/teach, teach/learn - that as the self sees the self in another, recognizes the self, understands the root cause and determines that change is not only desirous but needed, that the self can then turn to the other who has provided the service to the self and to share with them what has been seen.

Sharing with others the self’s journey is critical, informing others of the hardship that was experienced by the self in eliminating the interference of the ego as the self began to learn, as the self began to place the self’s focus upon the self. Those who are new to the path benefit tremendously from this sharing, particularly when the sharing is from the heart, particularly when the self is willing to state the details of that which was experienced by the self and how the self came to the realization that the ego had been endorsed for months, potentially years, prior to the breakthrough that was experienced that enabled the self to see the self, that enabled the self to see the ego unveiled.

It is to speak my brother(Loereve)…to speak! “I have experienced this – it made me very unhappy. It was deeply shocking to me to discover…I do not quite understand why I feel so desperate, so dark…I often grow tired of this path and think of leaving.” It is to state what is felt by the self, to allow others to know you, to see you, for you will find that they too have experienced all that you are experiencing. It is the lesson plan of Denial that is convinced that the self has suffered more, that the self’s path is unique, that prohibits you from sharing of the self deeply. You believe that being held in high regard by another may be in jeopardy should you speak honestly about all that you have experienced. It is to be honest my brother; to share disingenuously, to share partially is sharing dishonestly.

I shall mention that a form of repression that is utilized frequently by those with the lesson plan of Shame and Separation, [not that it excludes the student that has only the parent energies of Repression] the behavior is to not share, to hide information from another. It is to keep information to the self, for this most effectively represses the input of another – if the other has no knowledge, how could they possibly attempt to aid the self? The self of course views that which is believed to be aid by the other as interference. The self is not desirous of interference; therefore, the self does not share experiences of the self with others.

It is important for the student to recognize the contribution of the teacher, the physical teacher – one who experiences and shares readily, deeply, of the experience so that when the self finds the same experience visited upon the self, the self is capable of welcoming the experience with knowledge that was hard earned by the teacher. Do you understand?

Loereve: Yes, please continue.

The student that fails to recognize the benefit to the self – what do you think the outcome might be for the student who fails to recognize the benefit to the self my brother Loereve?

Loereve: I think the student would have to repeat the experiences for the self that the teacher has had and may not be as beneficial an outcome as if the teaching of the teacher was appreciated…and the experience of the teacher that was shared was appreciated.

My brother Sol An Ka – how would you answer the query?

Sol: Although the student may still be presented with the same type of lesson that the teacher has shared, if the student has been compassionate of the teacher’s experience and having learned from it at least at some level, then although the student may have the same lesson presented they would be much better equipped to learn the lesson more rapidly and more easily than the teacher had to experience.

Indeed this is the positive outcome to the student paying heed to the experiences of the teacher. The query put forth is – what do you believe would be the outcome for the student who has failed to be grateful, appreciative of that which has been shared with the self by the teacher?

Sol: One, the student is not going to learn in that fashion and two, if that lesson is subsequently presented to the student, the student is not going to benefit at all from the teacher’s sharing of the teacher’s experience, so it is not going to make the path any easier for the student if there is such a thing.

Indeed. The benefit derived by the student depends upon the student. The teacher that shares that which has been experienced honestly and openly has fulfilled the self’s responsibility; the teacher is not responsible for the student’s embracing the knowledge and accessing that knowledge later in order to learn the lessons that have been presented to the self in a unique fashion, yet one that clearly could be resolved utilizing the same course of action as that described by the teacher.

It is important for each present to recognize that the self’s lesson plan is primary for the self; to look to the self, to learn for the self, and to then share that which has been learned with others, for this too satisfies karmic callings for each individual that becomes interested in changing the self, as the other before them has transformed the self. It is the willingness of the self to share openly and completely of the self that enables another to see –“there is one who has the same issues as myself but they are speaking openly of things that I find to be embarrassing and humiliating, yet they are speaking of it as if it is not important at all. I wish to draw forth all that which lies within me, all that which I feel must be hidden from others – I wish to transform myself as well.” Those who continue to hide, those who simply wish for others to see the self as healed are those that continue within the lesson plan cycle, for a major requirement of the lesson plan is open sharing, willingness to reveal the self completely to others – all weakness, all foibles, all mistakes of the past; unwillingness to do so indicates that the self has yet to learn. It is the ego that wishes for the consciousness to be admired, that wishes for others to believe that the consciousness has never confronted difficult choices and made the wrong choice; it is the ego that wishes to be placed on a pedestal, believed to be better than all others – “I have mine…you get yours” is an attitude that is frequently exhibited upon this planet.

Those who walk the path to healing are provided with assistance only with the guarantee that the assistance will be utilized to aid others; this guarantee is taken very seriously by the Teacher and the student will not be released from this guarantee in the lifetime. All will be shared, all will be passed along to others; the more that the self shares, the easier it becomes…the words begin to fall off the tongue easily, nonchalantly, “I was a thief…I was a liar…I used others…I abused others…I abused myself…I’m an alcoholic…I was a drug addict…I am impotent. These are the lessons that my consciousness has been provided in this lifetime – I have lived humiliation, embarrassment, feeling less-than, feeling more than. I have experienced all things; it is because I have experienced all things that I have determined it is time for me to leave this planet. I shall be here for many, many, many more lifetimes, fulfilling my obligation to others, for many have served me so that I could learn. I shall now serve others, endorsing their learning as I have been endorsed.”

It is for all to understand that the consciousness that steps forth and states to the Teacher, “I am prepared to begin the route that provides me with exit from this planet, from this experience, for I have learned all that I can; please draw forth all that which lies within me – all that which is negative, which has covered up all that which has been earned that is positive. Help me to release it all so that I may walk in my full divinity and begin to be of true service to others.” It is the Teacher’s honor to do so.

Technology has increased the human’s ability to distract the self, for it is now not only the local area that the self can be interested in – the self can be interested in millions of publications, as well as millions of locations - those areas where the self may potentially seek to travel, seek to garner knowledge, seek to teach, seek to share. Information is gathered by the majority of humanity so that it may be shared with others; sharing is always regarded as service - it is unimportant whether or not an individual is sharing due to the influence of the ego, for it is the Teacher that draws forth the knowledge from within, providing it to just the right individual at just the right moment – that which may have never been available to the individual without the other.

It is important to recognize that all humans upon the planet are walking their path; they may not be firmly positioned upon the path that returns them to divinity but all are indeed walking a path. To persuade another to step forth upon the path that regains the self’s divinity by discarding, by removal of all negativity, is inappropriate. Those who are self-realized recognize that all humans upon the planet are important, all contribute in their own way, all need experience in order to arrive at the doorway, to knock upon the door, to open the door to the Teacher who shall inform the self if it is time or if the self need garner additional experience prior to being embraced by the Teacher. It is important for all present to recognize that the self is teacher to all that the self meets through example. The self’s path need never be discussed in order to impart to another the self’s journey, for it is love that is the goal for all consciousnesses to draw forth, whether giving or receiving. It is through example that the self is able to aid another.

It is important for all to recognize that all is as it should be and shall continue to be, for I am Osiris - I am the Teacher. I shall draw to each of you that which is most needed at this time. Recognizing that the self can share openly and from the heart with another who is agitated, engaged by the ego, is important for each of you my brothers – to inform the fellow student that their behavior is inappropriate, for it obstructs, it interferes with the learning experience for all others.

It is to learn that is the goal of the student; it is to teach that is the goal of the Teacher. Teach/learn, learn/teach – this is the process that is followed by all consciousnesses throughout space, throughout time. To learn and then to teach, for learning fuels the desire of the self to share with another. Those who do not share have yet to learn, those who share inappropriately believe that the self has learned; yet, this is still far better than one who fails to share, for it provides opportunity to the other to question, to delve, to choose for the self. I am Osiris. I am the Teacher that draws forth the wisdom that lies within the self, for it is all things that need be brought to the surface, that need be understood by the self – those things positive as well as those things negative.

When first beginning to walk the path to healing, the student is provided only with those behaviors, those characters, those past life experiences that appear to be negative. It is important to understand that negative is a connotation given to an experience that has yet to be understood by the self, for the self that has learned views all experiences equally - to see that the self as murderer was in fact the self as savior in subsequent lifetimes. Recognizing that all things must be experienced while the self remains upon the wheel that demands the cycle of death and rebirth enables the self to embrace all experience equally. It is my desire to bring forth that which lies within Te' Auna – to teach her that while negativity has been experienced for many years, positivity has also been experienced and can now be realized by understanding the lessons, by understanding the pain, by understanding the struggle. Each time the pain, the struggle is shared with another the understanding grows deeper within, planting the garden for the balance of the lifetime, into future lifetimes, that reveals the beauty that results when the self learns. The beauty, the result is love. It is my great desire to aid each of you through Te' Auna to accomplish the harvest that can only be described as beauty, for love is the foundation of all things beautiful. Beauty is indeed defined by the eye of the beholder. It is my goal to teach each to see beauty in all things – all things.

It is to share – to share of the self deeply, purposefully, wholly, drawing forth that which is within, whether it is judgment or love – to bring it forth, so that it may be healed. Judgments, as well as feelings that are so deep that they make the self feel imbalanced need be brought forth and shared with another, for it is to feel that is the goal of the self – to feel, my brother (Loereve). When the self feels deeply, sharing is embraced as a most appropriate action as payment to those who have aided the self to feel. All those beings of higher consciousness that aid the human from outside of this dimension maintain as a central focus to aid the individual in feeling all things. Sorrow is often utilized to open the heart, to draw forth recognition of the self that the self can feel. It is recognition of this ability that then captures the attention of the self when joy is experienced, when deep love is experienced, when gratitude, appreciation is experienced…it is all felt and the heart grows wider and wider to receive the emotion – all is given safe harbor within, for all is energy to be harnessed by the self.

The goal of humanity is to feel, utilizing the emotional body and the physical bodies; the secondary goal is to harness that energy to use for greater purpose. The bulk of humanity has forgotten how to feel - is no longer capable, in fact, of feeling.