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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Acceptance

Most individuals focus upon the negative - focus upon the other, for the mind is seeking logic, rationale, to make okay the behavior of the self; even once rationale has been received by the self, if the student is truly upon the path to healing, conscience will continue to draw forth the experience - the mind will no longer allow the self to file it away. It will come to the self in the dream state or in the exhausted state - when the self is lying, attempting to rest - the thoughts will intrude again and again and again; the self will be sickened by the thought, it will come forth so often - until the self is beaten by the thinking, can no longer think of the experience, for all angles have been examined, all that could be confessed has been confessed, all that can be seen has been seen, yet the thinking returns again and again and again, for the self has yet to recognize that all that remains to be done is to accept - to accept that the lesson did not fully belong to the self; rather, the other’s choices are what have created the likelihood for the other to never understand the experience fully.

Recognizing that no human is provided lesson independent of another is important. When a lesson cannot be understood, it is to look to the other, to realize that the lesson that involved the self could well have been for the other. It was the self’s failure to appropriately assign the lesson to the other that created the unease, that called forth the response that resulted in failure for the other, who was not even being tested, to inform the mind, “This was not our lesson - we have viewed all things; we have understood all that was presented. The portions that belonged to the self have been integrated.” All else need be reconciled to acceptance alone, for the self cannot fix, nor can the self change the experience for the other.

Willingness to embrace the other, even when the self was the damaged party, is critical to the self’s progress and shall oftentimes aid the other in learning the lesson for the self. Most humans cannot believe that another would embrace the self after the self has damaged them, for it is often this individual who would never embrace another who had damaged the self. It is the example of forgiveness that is brought forth to another who has not yet learned how critical forgiveness is to one who walks the path to healing.