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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Rational Thinking

It is to recognize, my brother (Sol), that once the being is capable of rational thinking, that lesson is brought forth to the self as well as all those who observe the self. These small consciousnesses need be informed of the repercussions of their activity, for they are not capable of rational thinking. The adults, as they observe, believe that the child is capable of understanding the ramifications of their behavior; however, this is not so. It is important for the adult to intervene, just as the adult would intervene with another adult, if the self believed that the self could be of service. Expecting the child to respond as an adult is inappropriate, for the child is not capable of doing so unless the lesson has been learned in previous lifetimes. All those lessons that have been brought into the lifetime failed, and that continue to be failed by the self, are dealt with in the body that has the mind that is not yet capable of rational thinking, of understanding the ramifications of the self’s behavior fully. It is to recognize that the child is aware that the self may get into trouble, but the child does not think about irreparable damage that could be done to another due to the self’s behavior. The child merely is focused upon the self’s desire; this singular focus is fueled by the will.

It would be wise for the adult to observe the child and to adapt the behaviors, so that the will is strengthened rather than weakened, so that the self is endorsed rather than diminished, while learning the ramifications of the self’s behavior - free of judgment. This means that the young entity is counseled regarding the self’s choices, informed of the outcome of particular choices, and told that the experience has now been had – this is the punishment that must be received, so that in future the self thinks more clearly, more closely about the self’s choices, for children must learn the response that is most appropriate for one who seeks to be love.

What is the typical age of onset of rational thinking?

It is between the ages of six and eight depending upon the experiences of the child, depending upon the focus of the parents, those who are important in the child’s life. Physiologically, the child is capable starting around the age of six.