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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Past Life

The battle rages within to prohibit others from knowing the self; holding onto every shred of evidence is the duty of the ego – that which condemns and, for many, that which enshrines the self known in the current lifetime. It is difficult for the inner Teacher to bring forth that which lies within the self. Lifetime after lifetime, the inner Teacher determines how the self will respond to the information provided – will it destroy the life experience or will it enliven the ego to massive proportions, wherein the self becomes ensnared in the being that was exhibited by the consciousness previously, to the detriment of the current lifetime? Knowledge of previous lifetimes is often helpful, for the self can begin to understand the self by reviewing previous selves behaviors, seeing clearly those behaviors that have been with the self for many, many lifetimes – an aversion to responsibility, addictions, an inability to embrace the self’s intellect, an inability to step outside of that which is known as the mental pursuits.

The self born in each lifetime begins anew until the bodies join the new self, drawing forth behaviors and characteristics - tendencies, phobias, addictions – all those things earned by previous selves in previous incarnations – those that have yet to be understood, examined and destroyed. I refer to those things that are negative in impact to the self’s progress upon the path, the spiritual path – the path that will return the self to the original state of divinity. As long as the behaviors remain with the self and are viewed as singular in nature - an issue of this lifetime alone - the individual can be greatly overwhelmed at the degree of difficulty at shifting the behaviors. Addiction, in particular, is most difficult for the inner Teacher to break through the belief system of the current self sufficiently, so that change may be effected in the current and subsequent lifetimes. Failure to recognize the addiction, to understand that it is merely misunderstood desire, guarantees that the addiction will be enlivened once again in future lifetimes. The self who is able to eliminate addictions in the current lifetime and who then prohibits the self from partaking is quite likely to be tested and to fail once again in subsequent lifetimes. It is to recognize that all is choice and that choice can only be made when all things have been understood.

Loereve: I have a question – how does the inner Teacher determine what to bring forward and what not to at any particular time?

It is that which is most important to the student at this time. For the student with addiction, it is if the addiction has become so detrimental as to prohibit the student’s ability to focus elsewhere; it is then that the Teacher will draw forth recognition and seek resolution by relentlessly drawing forth one after another after another that reflects the image of the self and the self’s behavior.

The character is merely fabrication - the personality, the behaviors, the characteristics that are attributed to the persona that the self believes is more successful than that which is maintained by the true self. Lifetime after lifetime the personality has garnered these morsels, these behaviors, characteristics that are comfortable - so comfortable in fact they are exhibited lifetime after lifetime. As our sister has mentioned the character of the “Hot Babe” - it is the character that dishonors and disrespects others, that diminishes others by believing, exuding the persona that sexual energy can control another, that it is the desire of the self to control another by drawing forth sexual energies. Lifetime after lifetime was invested in this behavior my sister, including this lifetime; it has not been terribly successful for you, although you’ve been provided with story that it was. It was the ego that was fed; it was the self that readily embraced that the self was indeed successful - the self was not. The self lost the life several times due to these behaviors. It is important for you to recognize that the lesson plan of Shame has been provided to you, so that you can recognize these behaviors – casting them aside, understanding that failure is imminent, whenever these energies are employed to control another.

The character is created by the individual; it could be characteristics, behaviors that have been drawn forth from previous lifetime, or it could simply be behaviors that have been observed by the self in childhood - those behaviors that were successful for another that have been adopted by the self. It is as with the self that chooses to walk another’s path – the behaviors that have been embraced for the self that do not belong to the self are rarely successful. All behaviors that are embraced that do not belong to the self are referred to as characters. It is to recognize that the lesson plan provides behaviors and characteristics to the self in the current lifetime to make certain that the lessons are indeed drawn forth for the self so that the self may learn. Behaviors and characteristics that are drawn forth from previous lifetimes become characters, for they do not truly belong to the self in the current lifetime. They are what is referred to as the composite – those behaviors that have remained with the self; the self is drawn to particular behaviors, as our sister has been with the misuse of sexual energy. It is important to understand that the behaviors and characteristics provided to the self in the current lifetime are indeed characters, for the true self does not maintain these energies. The character is merely a facet of the ego.

It is to use the memories of past lives as a landscape - one that has been drawn with a very broad brush - to understand that the experiences of the self have indeed been carried forth into the current lifetime. The self is then provided with option to choose, as the self has chosen previously or to choose differently. Coming in to the lifetime the inner Teacher is fully aware of all things that challenge – that are intended to challenge the current self. The lesson plan utilizes energies that are samskaric in nature; it is these that reside with the lesson plans that the new self is born with.

Indeed, it is the Distracting Wound lesson plan - one that should be entitled as the primary (Life Lesson #1), for it is indeed the first to be experienced, the Communication Style, as well as, The Mission - these lesson plans are activated early in the life experience by those placed around the self. Reaction is oftentimes volatile in the child due to the presence of samskaric energies. It is important to engage the lessons early in the lifetime in order to make certain that once the self has aged to maturity, that the lessons will indeed be a focus of the self. Deep wounding is oftentimes experienced by the new self – purposefully; the parents, the siblings, have oftentimes been chosen in order to ensure that this wounding does indeed take place, for the consciousness is aware that time is limited and that childhood woundings are those that receive maximum focus of the self.

It is to understand that the soul works with the self to bring forth example of behaviors that need be surveyed in the self while in the dream state; it is the interpretation of the self, of this vision, that could then be connoted as a past life. Those that are provided in the waking state could be regarded as daydreams - they could also be past life memories, my sister. I am the Teacher; I do not provide answer of this sort. It is for you to make contact with the Higher Self to seek answer, to determine, “why were these memories provided to me?” Until you are capable of having two-way communication with the Higher Self, it would behoove you to survey those things that you believe to be past life overviews - to determine characteristics, behaviors, attributes, that have troubled the self in the current life time as well; it is this that is desired by the Higher Self when past life memory is provided: to tell the self these issues are ancient, these issues have been provided to the self previously - opportunities have been provided to the self previously and failure resulted.

It is for the self to focus on the behaviors, the characteristics, the attributes - versus the individuals; to become caught up in the behavior…the judgment of the behavior is the typical response of the student who is provided with memories too soon. It is to recognize that previous lifetime has brought previous challenge; the self continues in the death and rebirth cycle, meaning that the self is still learning. It is to honor the previous journeys, to love the previous self, for that previous self is now a part of the current self and healing of that self begins with love of that self - not judgment, not anger, not hatred, nor even sorrow, but love and acceptance, recognizing that the current self has the opportunity to heal all, to change all.

The wheel turns slowly for most upon this planet. Lifetime after lifetime is invested in the education of the consciousness. The Teacher works diligently to aid each new self to recognize that which has been earned in previous lifetimes. Each new self comes into the lifetime with all fresh – all wiped clean, as if it were indeed a slate, until approximately the age of 2 when the previous bodies join with the new consciousness, the new bodies, so that lesson may begin once again. All that which has been failed previously has now rejoined the new being and the personality begins to take distinctive shape – the edges which were rather indistinguishable, now firmly distinguished – the temperament changed, dependent upon that which has joined the new self to be confronted in this lifetime.

Willingness to understand that the self has drawn forth to the self all that which has belonged to the self within myriad lifetime is essential to the student who walks the path to healing – one who is unwilling or unable to embrace that the self is indeed upon the wheel of death and rebirth and that all things that have been experienced are maintained within the outer bodies of the self, will have a most difficult time addressing the lesson plan. It is the Teacher that begins to draw forth example to the student that the self is not merely the self created in this lifetime but rather is a composite of all previous lifetimes, maintaining all that which is positive, as well as all that which is negative from these previous experiences. To understand that the motivation of the self is often misunderstood can be problematic for the self who claims that the self’s behaviors are simply who the self is, “I am who I am” is proclaimed – “This is who I am and I am not interested in changing, for it feels good to be who I am most of the time. The balance of the time I simply ignore or I discard those experiences that cause me to become unhappy with the life experience.”

The knowledge that these energies are transported from lifetime to lifetime is indeed important to the consciousness so that understanding can be garnered of how the energies have become so intense in a single lifetime. The method of transport is not important. It is, in this way, that the self is able to determine, “Is it important for me to seek this data?”

When teaching others – those who are highly mental – these type of questions are asked with great frequency. Satisfying the demand for knowledge is the choice of the Teacher, for it is believed that many are fueled by knowledge forward upon their path, and many are deterred from the path due to lack of knowledge. It is the right kind of knowledge - appropriate knowledge - that is determined by the Teacher.

It is important for each present to understand that energies are placed inside the physical body each time lesson is failed, beginning very early in the lifetime. In addition, energies are reunited with the new physical body by the age of 2, drawing forth energies that are placed within the physical body to create weaknesses – those that shall provide clue to the self as to the area that is most in need of the self’s attention. What has occurred for you, my brother, is you have proven to the Teacher sufficiently that you will continue forth to learn the lessons; the energies that have been built within the bodies had achieved a status that could result in your demise in several different ways – the heart, the bowel, the colon, the stomach. Great care has been taken to allow you to eliminate these energies with as little impact as possible to the life experience, so that you may continue forth upon your journey to learn, to embrace that change is indeed necessary if the self seeks to continue forth in this incarnation.

Lifetime after lifetime, the composite shifts, changes, and is provided with challenge, pleasure - both new experience and old, that which has been experienced in previous lifetimes; it is the experiences of previous lifetimes, profound experiences of joy or abject misery that linger, surrounding the new self, drawing or repelling the new self to or from experiences in the current lifetime. Those consciousnesses that awaken and determine that the self is ‘fed up’ with this life, ‘sick and tired’ of existing within this dimension, are those who have endured many lifetimes of lessons that have typically been failed, preparing the self for the lifetime when success can most likely be tasted, if only the consciousness can awaken to the self’s true potential.

It is important for all present to recognize that past life karma is something that is not truly understood by the bulk of humanity, for karma is earned by the self as the self is learning. The human that views karma from the unhealed state is incapable of understanding that the self had no choice but to experience that which has been experienced; it is now the self’s turn to experience that which has been provided to another in service. All things must be experienced – not only those things favorable but all things unfavorable, for it is this that informs the self, that informs the body, of the nature of all things. The human being craves the positive and abhors the negative, feeling that the self is entitled only to feelings of pleasure; the self would never seek feelings of humiliation, embarrassment, discomfort – nor any negative emotion that I could possibly name. Rather, the self is desirous of pleasure alone and is constantly seeking for the next and the next and the next pleasurable experience. No sooner than pleasure has been experienced and the self sets out for the next and the next and the next experience, for the human is never filled. Within each is a deep yearning to experience all things – some have a greater sense of urgency than others but all humans desire to experience. Until the consciousness steps forth upon the path to healing, pleasure is all that is sought – all else, as quickly and easily as possible, discarded, forgotten. The feeling of the self is to eliminate all that is negative from the life experience; if this means cutting individuals out of the self’s life or particular experiences, it matters not, for the consciousness, the self, the unhealed self, will do so.

The lesson plan demands negative experience, for the consciousness need be tested to determine not only, “Have all things been experienced,” but “Have all things been understood?” The experience of negative emotion – humiliation, embarrassment, anger, depression – indicates that the self, the unhealed self, has yet to truly understand that which has been presented to the self, for all of these responses are those belonging to the ego. It is the ego that protects; it is the ego that defends. The ego merely consists of negative energies that are a part of each body belonging to the human; it represents those unhealed portions of each body – each body will continue to cry out in a negative fashion until the lesson has been learned, for each body is programmed to respond in a particular fashion until awareness has been awakened for the self, until response favorable – that which could be regarded as positive or that belonging to the light – is made by the self automatically. Until this time has been experienced, the lesson has yet to be integrated.

It is to recognize that those individuals with the lesson plan of Repression are thinking without absolute focus upon the thought; rather, it remains in the background, that which is felt - the self knows what is right for the self. The self also knows what is wrong for the self, for it is felt deeply. Reason is rarely provided. This is lesson that has been learned in the previous lifetimes.

It is to be honest – you know what is story my sister; you have been manufacturing it for the better part of this lifetime. You know all story within the self’s repertoire because the feeling that is on the surface tells you, “this is story” and, “if I’m questioned I will be irritated, frustrated, angry”…that is story – that which need be protected, defended. It is to tell him how he can recognize this in another, to counsel him, for he is not versed in the ways of those who use others purposefully, with malice aforethought. Brother Loereve has used others as well – he leans upon them too heavily but it is not with malice aforethought; it is not uncaringly, it is not without remorse when it is brought to the self’s attention.

The lesson will not be integrated until the self has embraced the self’s behaviors completely, recognizing the self’s role, recognizing that the self has repeated the same behaviors time after time after time. The self has been provided with information about past lives in order to aid the self; rather, the self prided the self in the behaviors of the self in previous lifetimes. Rather than finding the behaviors to be abhorrent, the self prided the self in the self’s sexual prowess, continuing to cultivate such in the current lifetime, rather than seeing the error in the self’s way. This is the lesson plan of Shame; choice was provided to you early on my sister – you chose the path of darkness once again. It is now a lifetime of karma that has been garnered for you once again; it is my deepest desire to aid you in overcoming this lesson in this lifetime.

It is to recognize that the parent is chosen by the consciousness - most likely by the Teacher of the consciousness - to make certain that the lessons that are needed are naturally provided by the parent; this means that your parent was focused upon the self, was convinced that your lie was intended to damage the self, which ignited fury within - for him to lash out and to damage you. Do you understand?

Student: Yes. I do. Thank you.

It is to recognize the mirror, to understand that which the self brought forth in the other; for the parent rarely recognizes that the child has yet to think rationally, is incapable of understanding the outcome.

Student: He had the same response then when I was fourteen and fifteen and he was drunk and beating on me? It was the same thing…that he thought I was intentionally …

It was self-focus my sister. Look closely.

Student: My self-focus or his?

Are you listening to my words, my sister?

Student: I’m confused. I’m sorry.

It is what you brought out…

Student: In him

…in the other, for you each acted as mirror to each other; his self-absorption was merely mirroring your self-absorption. Your desire to have your way fueled his desire to have his way. Your demand to be your self – to be embraced as you were - fueled judgment within the other that could not embrace you as you were. He wished for you to be different, just as you wished for all others to be different. Do you understand?

Student: I think so. Yes.

Once all has been integrated from the current lifetime, it is only then that previous lifetimes are addressed. It is unfortunate that so many focus upon previous lifetimes, discarding the experiences of the current lifetime, thinking that the previous lifetimes will provide the roadmap to the self of all that which has been experienced in the current lifetime; this could not be less true, for the current lifetime’s lesson plan is often different from previous lifetimes. While similarities exist, the self is by no means a carbon copy of previous selves; rather, the self is a composite of many, many, many lifetimes, of many, many, many different lesson plans - and of many, many, many different choices of the self - to represent darkness or to represent divinity.

Lifetimes of abject darkness, lifetimes of extraordinary service have been experienced by all present. It is important to recognize that darkness teaches and that light reforms. It is exposure to the experience that is needed by each consciousness, for without the experience, the self is unable to recognize the difference - that which is known is preferred by the self, that which is unknown shall remain unknown as long as the mind is provided dominance. Within the third and the fourth kingdom the mind is sovereign indeed.

It is my honor to join you this day, the first day of the new year, one wherein most upon the Earth decide that this year their life will be different - they will become different. We are all aware of the result for the majority. Failure is experienced early, dedication and commitment falter - the change shall be delayed until next year when life is not so challenged.

I should like to take some time this day to teach, to provide knowledge of that which I believe will aid each of you in better understanding the path. It is my desire to provide answer based upon the conversation that was had just a short time prior to this teaching.

The Teacher must be ever cautious about providing answer to the student that may not yet be prepared to hear that which is referred to by those in these higher realms as knowledge. Those in the lower realms refer to it as truth, yet truth is personal to the self is it not? Each individual regards the self’s beliefs as truth. The goal for all students who walk the path to healing is to open the self to knowledge, recognizing that knowledge is merely that which has been earned by the self through many lifetimes. Those who hold tightly to their beliefs and determine that other knowledge – that which conflicts with the self’s - need be rejected, for great jeopardy is posed to the self who is not yet ready to relinquish the belief system.

The consciousness is not the soul nor is the consciousness the Higher Self. The consciousness is the repository of all experience for all lifetimes, both physical and non-physical. This repository is often referred to upon this Earth plane as the Monad. The Monad is the Creator, which is often referred to when one is seeking solace. The Monad, of course, is connected to Source, that which is known as All-That-Is or God upon this Earth plane. The soul or the Higher Self is indeed one entity that is not, nor will it ever be, physical in nature; it experiences through that which it creates, guiding, nurturing, counseling, loving, hating. All emotions are expressed through the Higher Self and are then filtered back to the Monad, the end result being that which is the purpose of the existence of all that has been created – to experience, to understand all things. This is a very simplistic explanation – one that each has learned in previous lifetimes. It is now time to understand who you are as an individual within this hierarchy of Monad to Higher Self to that which has been created to experience in the physical.

The Monad has created the Higher Self, lending it that which is needed in order to experience in the realms that are available that are not physical in nature. The experience of the Higher Self begins in the lowest kingdom – that which is known as the mineral kingdom, and progresses very, very slowly through each realm – [the plant], the animal, followed by the human, followed by the etheric. Our explanation shall not reach above this, for it is the next level alone that each has the possibility of experiencing in this lifetime. Each individual present is a part of a being of higher consciousness different from every other person present. It is rare, however it is possible, that two can be in the physical realm and can connect with each other that belong to the same Creator. Again, this is extremely rare and is mentioned only to put to rest questions that may arise in future.

It is indeed the Creator that has goals, purpose – that which has been striven for through time that is unimaginable to the human. It is important that each make the recognition that the Creator of the self is present with you at all times. It is difficult to fathom how this can be, for this Creator has created many individuals; suffice it to say that time is not an issue for the Creator. Turning the attention upon the student - the creation, informs the Creator of all that is needed. Guidance is provided to the Higher Self who then attempts to teach.

It is the individual that decides whether or not this lifetime will be one of progress or failure. The connection grows ever stronger as the individual seeks that connection and proves through the actions of the self that this presence is desired, that the self is willing to experience all that the Creator needs to experience in order to accomplish the goals set countless years, millennia, previous. Each individual has experienced many, many, countless incarnations, countless existences and yet as stated earlier, all that remains for the self – the new self in each incarnation – is the aversion to certain activities or the drawing to others. Memories are withheld, for they can be destructive to the new individual. Information is provided in order to assist, never to engorge the sense of self that seeks such.

When the student first begins to walk the path to healing the self believes that the self is to become a messenger of the light - to become a messenger of the Father, the Creator; there is no other path that appears to be as enticing as one that results in the self being of the light. It is difficult for the student to embrace that while in this earth’s atmosphere all beings here are indeed messengers of the light; they are equally messengers of darkness. Walking the path to healing enables the student to begin to understand the self, to begin to understand the self’s experiences and to begin to unravel the denseness that lies within, discarding it piece by piece, bit by bit, as understanding is achieved. The goal for all consciousnesses that arrive in this atmosphere is to experience all things, so that all things may be understood, so that the consciousness may then depart these realms, this kingdom, for the next.

Experiences, so numerous as to be unfathomable to the human mind, have already been garnered by each consciousness arriving upon this planet; it is unimaginable to most that the self has already been trained for all things that would be experienced within this planet’s atmosphere. All has been forgotten, all memory wiped clean from the consciousness’ grasp with each new birth - all lying dormant within, until the consciousness within the new body awakens to the spiritual path once again. It is only then that the memories can be released bit by bit, to inform the self that all things have indeed been experienced previously. Failure to recognize the purpose of these memories causes the individual to pursue clues in a way that extends the time needed to understand the lessons of the current lifetime. The inner Teacher has great difficulty in releasing memories to the current self, waiting until the self is mature enough, learned enough, experienced enough, to not become caught up in the details but rather, to look at the lifetime that has been provided to see “what is being provided to me in this lifetime - is that the drawing, the yearning that I feel within me that I have not been able to decode? Is this something that I must get on top of before it gets on top of me?”

The majority of humans that are provided past life memories become enamored of the story; are oftentimes proud of that which has been experienced - even lifetimes of darkness. The inner Teacher discovers early on the battle that is to ensue with the current self based upon the response of the self to the release of past life memories. Oftentimes, the inner Teacher determines not to release any memories, for the self has become enamored lifetime after lifetime with the story, failing to utilize the information for the purpose for which it was given.

It is to learn that is the goal of the student; it is to teach that is the goal of the Teacher. Teach/learn, learn/teach – this is the process that is followed by all consciousnesses throughout space, throughout time. To learn and then to teach, for learning fuels the desire of the self to share with another. Those who do not share have yet to learn, those who share inappropriately believe that the self has learned; yet, this is still far better than one who fails to share, for it provides opportunity to the other to question, to delve, to choose for the self. I am Osiris. I am the Teacher that draws forth the wisdom that lies within the self, for it is all things that need be brought to the surface, that need be understood by the self – those things positive as well as those things negative.

When first beginning to walk the path to healing, the student is provided only with those behaviors, those characters, those past life experiences that appear to be negative. It is important to understand that negative is a connotation given to an experience that has yet to be understood by the self, for the self that has learned views all experiences equally - to see that the self as murderer was in fact the self as savior in subsequent lifetimes. Recognizing that all things must be experienced while the self remains upon the wheel that demands the cycle of death and rebirth enables the self to embrace all experience equally. It is my desire to bring forth that which lies within Te' Auna – to teach her that while negativity has been experienced for many years, positivity has also been experienced and can now be realized by understanding the lessons, by understanding the pain, by understanding the struggle. Each time the pain, the struggle is shared with another the understanding grows deeper within, planting the garden for the balance of the lifetime, into future lifetimes, that reveals the beauty that results when the self learns. The beauty, the result is love. It is my great desire to aid each of you through Te' Auna to accomplish the harvest that can only be described as beauty, for love is the foundation of all things beautiful. Beauty is indeed defined by the eye of the beholder. It is my goal to teach each to see beauty in all things – all things.

It is for the self to focus on the behaviors, the characteristics, the attributes - versus the individuals; to become caught up in the behavior, the judgment of the behavior, is the typical response of the student who is provided with memories too soon. It is to recognize that previous lifetime has brought previous challenge; the self continues in the death and rebirth cycle, meaning that the self is still learning. It is to honor the previous journeys, to love the previous self, for that previous self is now a part of the current self and healing of that self begins with love of that self - not judgment, not anger, not hatred, nor even sorrow, but love and acceptance, recognizing that the current self has the opportunity to heal all, to change all.