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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Meditation

It is silence that is abhorred by the human. The mind begins to wander, to entertain the self, to draw forth those things that are important to the mind, the ego – whose duty it is to keep the human busy from birth to death. It is silence that allows that which lies within to burble up, breaking through the surface, bringing recognition to the self of the feelings, the impressions, the purpose of the self. Joining together with others in silence, focused upon desire, brings forth possibility to accomplish that which would be impossible to accomplish for the single individual. It is learning to hold the thought - that which most would judge as a simple task - is actually rarely accomplished by the common man. It is for each to hold each in the thoughts, to recognize the struggle of the other as the self’s own struggle is realized by the self, drawing forth compassion for the self as well as for the other, recognizing that all are in this common struggle, battle to deconstruct the ego – all have been joined in order to support the other, in order to see the self in the other, in order to aid the other in seeing the self in you, whether positive or negative traits.

It is to dedicate the self to spending less time with mental gymnastics and more time with the inner Teacher. It is to increase this time gradually, focusing the mind upon the issue that the self seeks to resolve, calling forth the inner Teacher, asking for guidance. Guidance will be received. It is for the self to then pursue that which is made available to the self. Journaling that which has been determined is suggested.

I should like for you to focus upon making contact with the inner Teacher throughout the day, not only in meditation – drawing forth the inner Teacher to experience with you all things, to ask the self, “How would my Teacher view this experience? Why has my Teacher brought this experience forward? What is it that my Teacher seeks for me to learn?” If understanding cannot be accomplished, to ask, to question, “What am I supposed to be learning? Please draw forth example for me so that I may understand what you are trying to present. It is my desire to learn, not to ignore nor to dismiss. I need assistance.” It is the same advice provided to you often my brother – to seek assistance and to share of the self, to confess the self’s inability to understand what the next step could be for the self, to seek advice and to then follow that which is provided. Focusing upon the desire to learn, stating to the self throughout the day, “I seek to learn. I seek to experience all things with the heart. I seek to place the mind second.” Do you understand my brother that the mind prohibits the opening of the heart, for judgment is the padlock currently employed by the ego upon the heart?

Loereve: I see that.

If you are truly desirous of being different my brother, great possibilities will become available to you in the coming days as you release these energies.

Loereve: I find that would be most helpful.

It is to vocalize the intention and to engage the will, recognizing that the Teacher can only release energies that have been earned by the understanding, the integration of the lesson. Each passageway need be navigated fully - the lessons may or may not be recognized, may or may not be understood at this juncture. It is to be focused upon the self, the responsibilities embraced by the self and the performance thereof, to recognize that the Teacher has placed before you that which is believed to be most important to forward progress at this time. It is to examine the words and to do that which has been promised – to the self or to another.

It is to recognize that it is the mind that prohibits progress for the self. It is to understand that the Teacher cannot aid the student if the student is not focused upon understanding the mind. The mind – the source of all story that demands defense and protection; the mind – the source of pain, suffering; the mind – the source of demands made under the guise of the physical body. It is the mind that is most difficult for the student to train, to recognize its myriad tricks and to abort them by stating, “I shall be focused. I shall prohibit thinking of this sort. I shall experience spiritually.” This cannot occur until the mind has been trained, quieted, for the mind seeks the attention of the self at all times.

It is to watch, to observe the mind - to spend 20 or 30 minutes every day sitting with a pad and pencil, closing the eyes and observing the mind, notating each experience - closing the eyes once again, waiting for the mind to interfere with the quiet that has been suggested by the inner Teacher. It is this quiet – once the self is able to truly quiet the mind – that the inner Teacher thrives within; for it is now that the inner Teacher can be heard. Prior to the self’s ability to quiet the mind, it is the mind indeed that speaks to the self. Those students with lesson plans focused upon the intellect have the greatest degree of difficulty in quieting the mind, for the mind is always thinking, thinking, thinking - observing, solving, fixing. It is the self that must be firm, that must find that which is regarded as ‘magic’ for the self, to quiet the mind and to recognize that it could take months, potentially years, of use prior to the self experiencing true quieting of the mind.

As negative energies are released from the bodies, quieting of the mind becomes far more likely; it is for the student to satisfy the self with a few moments of restive thinking, of peace, listening to the music that the self finds opens the heart and to recognize that it is the ego that speaks to the self until the majority of the lessons have been learned. The ego – the unhealed portion of the self – it merely reiterates the story that has been constructed by the self again and again and again, until the story has been addressed directly, until it has been revealed as false, until the new story has been written. Failure to pay attention to that which is being stated within the mind ensures that these thoughtforms shall remain; all things need be addressed – all things need be addressed directly. If the self cannot resolve that which is being stated to the self, the physical teacher need be engaged to assist the self. It is important for each to seek outwardly for assistance.

The mind is difficult to focus - silence is abhorred by the human, silence is rarely welcomed; the mind begins to fill the space with thinking. The self grows tired of silence and so the self decides to nap, to check out, rather than receiving the opportunity to hone the skill of focusing the thinking while with others who are doing the same. Those who join together with others in order to accomplish find that the way is smoother when all are similarly focused. It has been stated many times to our brothers how difficult it is for Te' Auna to maintain her focus when they decide to check out; for it does indeed require others who are interested to bring forth my voice, to bring forth teachings of wisdom. I shall state once again that in future silence that is provided to this group is purposeful; it is to open the mind, to rest upon its silence, to seek wisdom, continually refocusing the mind upon wisdom, disallowing the lesson plan, disallowing distraction, disallowing the body rest that is unneeded. Am I understood?

Sol: I’m not clear as to how to focus on wisdom.

Do you desire my teachings my brother?

Sol: Yes, I do.

It is to call forth the feeling - when the self believes that the self will receive teaching – there is a feeling behind that is there not?

Sol: Yes

That is what I wish for you to call forth.

Sol: Thank you, I understand.