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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Studying

It is important for each student to recognize that the connection to the fields belonging to the lesson plan of the self prohibits awareness; practicing how to regain awareness that has been lost is essential, for the more practice that the self has invested the more automatic the response becomes.

If I were to ask you what the main prohibitor is to your dedicating specific blocks of time to the project, what would your response be?

Sol: Distraction – which I allow

Are you willing to eliminate or prohibit distraction?

Sol: Yes, I am

Are you certain?

Sol: I’m not certain that I can prohibit or disallow all distraction but I know that I can certainly cut way back on it.

If I were to ask you what distraction you are unable to eliminate, what would your response be?

Sol: Tending to the, what I refer to as the, secular matters that I have taken on in support of our community.

May I ask you a question my brother?

Sol: Of course

When you were working in the business world, did you not organize your time, disallowing interruption, distraction, while the self was working on particular projects that required concentration?

Sol: Certainly in the early part of my career that’s very true…later on I think that when I got into management, I had difficulty with my priorities because I see now that my priority was managing and not doing projects …but I tended to want to do projects and not attend to the management piece of my responsibilities as much as I should have.

And so you are being provided with opportunity to do so at this time. Do you understand?

Sol: No I do not

It is to manage the time, for the self has no more, nor any less, time than another. If the self fails to dedicate particular blocks of time – that which is known to be needed for projects that require concentration, then the self is stating that failure is imminent and that it is known and accepted by the self. Excuse, rationale and reason are provided so that the self can embrace the failure as the self has done many times in the past. Do you understand?

Sol: Yes I do – thank you.

It is the failure to respond differently that challenges you my brother – not the project itself. Do you understand?

Sol: I believe I do – yes, thank you.

If the self were to open the self, to seek guidance and counsel from the inner Teacher, to do that which is necessary to endorse success – it is believed that you will be able to recognize readily that which has caused failure for the self in the recent, as well as the distant past. Do you understand?

Sol: Yes, thank you.

When service is requested, it is to recognize that the greater need is the need of many rather than the few. It is important for each to continue to expend personal study time, pursuing those methods that the inner Teacher presents to aid the self in knowing and healing the self.

The questions posed to each this day was intended to determine the degree of understanding that has been achieved by each of the teachings that have been provided previously. Recognizing negativity, the presence of negativity, is critical to the student; for the words that are used, “I seek to change…I want to be different” hold no value when the student is presented with negative energies and the response continues to be that which has been utilized in the past – informed response, habit, the draw of the fields – the choice of the student declined once again. To teach is my goal. The student that seeks to learn will study that which has been provided, will discuss it, will determine if understanding has been achieved, will form questions within the mind of that which has not been explained thoroughly so that the self may utilize the data as knowledge that can then be understood through experience, thereby becoming wisdom. It is not my goal to speak, to provide teaching that is not accessed, [that is not] integrated by all those present.

Much counsel has been provided to each student in the preceding weeks. It is important that each survey that which has been provided to the self, determining if the self has focused the attention upon that which has been brought forth – that which is most important, as seen by myself, for the ego seeks to distract the self, seeks to place the focus upon that which is unimportant at this time. It is the ego’s goal to lengthen the time period needed to learn, to truly understand the lessons, to integrate that which has been experienced. The mind seeks data and is rarely satisfied with that which has been received; it always seeks more for it is ravenous - it is programmed to seek more until the self recognizes that the self has all that the self needs, that the Teacher will provide more when it is believed to be necessary and not a moment before.