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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Body - Emotional

When observing the life experiences of the self - day by day, week by week, month by month – the self tends to focus on that which is most uncomfortable – those days when the self struggles, those days when tears flow readily and frequently; the self has forgotten those days of ease and grace – recognition of beauty, recognition of joy that burbles up from deep inside unimpeded, oftentimes unnoticed, for it is a way of being that is desired, yet rarely honored when experienced. It is to look to the life experience day by day to determine, “How am I doing with my lessons? Do I feel imbalanced more than I feel balanced?” I do not mean to insinuate that the student is ‘balanced’ at any time when in the unhealed position; however, the self is able to experience joy, excitement, enthusiasm, beauty - it is to this state of being that I refer to as balanced versus the state of being that is imbalanced and readily recognized as such, due to the presence of emotion that is not manageable, not controlled by the self, for its origins are unknown and misunderstood.

It is often that the body begins to release massive quantities of emotion by ‘leaking’ slowly that which is within; when possible a torrent of emotion is brought forth if it is believed that the student can manage the emotion – if it is believed that it will not interfere too dramatically with the life experience, then the Teacher will draw great quantities of emotion – that which has been tamped down inside the bodies, causing illness, causing at the very least discomfort – chronic illness, arthritis, fatigue…maladies of this sort. Once this emotion has been released the next layer is then addressed by the Teacher and it is layer by layer by layer by layer that the emotion is released; the student believes that there could be no more, yet more indeed remains beneath the surface. The student need be assured that the Teacher will not draw forth more than it is believed that the student can manage; if the student believes that the self cannot manage, it is to inform the Teacher and the Teacher will inform the self of that which is needed to aid the student through the experience. It is important for each student to understand that the Teacher will never provide more than it is believed that the student can bear; it is for the student to recognize that it is ego that attempts to convince the self that this is too much to bear – indeed, the self cannot bear a moment more.