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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Hiding

To face it head on my sister – to recognize the self, to realize that hiding the self from the self is unproductive and will not allow you to achieve your goal. It does in fact thwart all efforts, causing the self to lose hope, for the drain to the self’s energies is endless if the self turns in circles in an attempt to hide from the self – spinning, spinning, ever spinning, placing a new face upon the self each time the old face is recognized.

It is to speak with the physical teacher. It is to seek guidance while in meditation so that understanding can be experienced of the self’s behaviors, of the self’s characters – the characters that merely exhibit example of characteristics so that the self may see the self. The characters are drawn forth often by the character belonging to another. It is to understand that the character maintains negative behaviors. When negative behaviors draw forth negative behaviors from another the character is forced to refine the self’s behaviors. Many characters avoid exposure - it is for this reason that the behaviors are refined and made more acceptable by other behaviors, other attributes that modify the negativity – that make the negativity a bit more difficult for the self to identify, to recognize clearly. This is how the character begins to hide from the self, eventually drawing forth enough acceptable behavior to camouflage that which is negative, that which is detrimental to the self’s ability to learn.

It is important for each to recognize that the actor, the actress, is also known as the character, for these behaviors do not truly belong to the self - they belong to the field and they have been borrowed by the character to provide opportunity to the self to choose. Do all understand what I am attempting to present when I state that the behavior does not belong to the self…that it is merely borrowed by the character so that the self is provided with opportunity to choose?

It is to choose, for all indeed has been experienced – many, many, many times. The character is merely the assistant to the self – “Will you choose this behavior or will you choose to be love? I offer you this behavior as defense and protection. Will you choose this behavior or will you choose to be love? What is your choice? I shall offer it to you with consistency until you choose with great consistency that which returns the self to the original state of divinity.”

To understand the self is to understand the need for the characters; the self cannot begin to understand the need for the characters until the characters have been identified. It is to recognize that each character is both positive and negative. It is to look to the lesson plan to determine why the character was created, what behaviors are employed by the character, for it is this process that will enable the self to begin the deconstruction of each character that prohibits the self from learning the lesson.

The characters have been created to teach – there is no other purpose for a character other than to teach. Failure to recognize the service that has been provided to the self indicates that deconstruction will be most difficult, for the character will merely adopt new attributes and become more skillful in hiding from the self. To truly honor the character is to recognize and to embrace the lesson plan, as having been exhibited by the self, through this and potentially many, many previous lifetimes. Approaching the character in a negative way is inappropriate.

It is to call upon the teacher, both physical and the inner Teacher, whenever the self finds that the self is unable to understand the experiences of the moment. When the self becomes confused or upset the self typically hides, believing that this is best.

To understand who you are becoming one must first understand who you are in this moment as well as who you have been throughout this lifetime. It is the Teacher that draws forth recognition for the self of the self’s behavior, of the self’s desires, of the self’s pursuits, of the self’s foibles, successes and outright failures, so that the student can see the self clearly. It is unfortunate that the majority of students believe that the Teacher is attempting to shame or blame, somehow punish the student for their previous activities, their previous actions. The Teacher of course is aware of all that has transpired – it is the self that has forgotten.

It is the physical teacher that seeks truth by asking questions. It is the self that responds dishonestly, for the self has changed - potentially, and has decided that the physical teacher need not be aware of all that the self has experienced. The self’s behaviors are modified, pasteurized so to say, provided in retrospect, the intensity of emotion tamped down, for it has been tamped down inside the self or spent previously with another. Recognition is no longer available to the student, unless the student turns full attention upon that which has been requested and determines to relive that which was experienced, drawing forth the emotion, making certain that the emotion is appropriate, recognizing the lesson for the self, seeking assistance from the physical teacher to determine the lesson for the other, for there is always lesson for both when pain is suffered. It is rare that the self can determine the lesson for the other. Would a student care to tell me why this would be so?

Loereve: I would venture to say that, from my experience, trying to determine the lesson for another – it is most often colored by my own lessons, my own experiences, my own biases in thinking. That’s what I would respond that I’ve found.

Indeed and you are correct my brother. The emotional experiences of the past, particularly those that have been shared with others multiple times – these experiences have been rewritten, either amplifying or minimizing the pain experienced by the self, either amplifying or minimizing the role of the self or the role of the other – the role that resulted in suffering. It is quite likely that the self is no longer in touch with the facts – that which truly transpired between two who failed to learn.

“Will you ever learn?” This question is posed by the Teacher to the student to inform the student that it is time to seek inward, to determine if the self’s desire is truly to learn or if the self has determined the protection, the defense of the self is more important. It is the agreement between Teacher and student when the student first comes into this planet’s atmosphere that the Teacher will guide, will remain with the student throughout their journey, experiencing with the student all things, for in this way the Teacher understands the lesson plan of the student. While the student’s memory may be impacted and many experiences discarded, forgotten – the Teacher remembers all things and is able to draw forth memory, providing it to the student whenever it is believed to be beneficial to do so. It is important for the student to recognize that the Teacher has been with the self throughout all lifetimes upon this planet – there is indeed nothing that the Teacher does not know about the student.

Recognizing that the self is known is vital, for this informs the ego to drop the curtain, the shadow that the self has walked within through many, many, many lifetimes – hiding the behaviors of the self from scrutiny of the self as well as others. The ego has tricked the self into believing that the self is indeed good; oftentimes, the ego has tricked the self into believing that the self is bad. Judgment has been embraced regarding the self. The student that first begins to walk the path to healing is assaulted by shame and guilt, regret, seeking to hide all that which is believed to be negative from the scrutiny of others – even from the Teacher, for the self believes that since the self does not remember that the Teacher also is unable to know what truly transpired. It is to inform the student, “You are seen - all things are known”. If you seek to move rapidly, it is to ask the question, “Is this how I am seen?” – rather than to protect or to defend the self when the Teacher states you are something that is perceived to be unfavorable. It is important for the student to embrace within heart, mind, body and spirit that the self is known in all ways, at all times.

It is important for all to understand that evolution of the consciousness is gradual; so gradual in fact that it is rare that the individual recognizes that the self has indeed moved from point A to point B, until reviewing the self’s behavior retrospectively, seeing that the self now responds differently, automatically, without thought, without care, without concern – the self is now responding appropriately for one who walks the path to healing. It is to understand that evolution of consciousness is the goal of all consciousnesses; even while the consciousness is immersed in abject darkness, the self is indeed evolving the consciousness, for experience is being garnered that is needed.

Recognition of the path is difficult for the student who has hidden the truth from the self for the majority of the life experience; for when this is prevalent, the self has done so for many lifetimes – this means that the self has become proficient at hiding all things from the self, as well as from others. This hiding began when the self tried to fit in with others and it became habit as the self became the story, the character that had been created to make the self more acceptable to the self as well as to others. When the self first begins to see the self, it is typically with horror, shock, dismay, followed by, oftentimes anger, sorrow, depression; for the self cannot believe that the self failed for so long to see the self that others had so clearly seen, had so clearly identified for the self, yet the self batted away the words of all others who attempted to aid the self to know and to heal the self, which cannot occur until the self has been seen.