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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Lack

I am most pleased with the conversation this day and the recognitions that have been made by each. It is to delve ever more deeply to determine for the self how the self can proceed forth rapidly - for it is believed that employment of that which has been received this day will more than provide the self with method to do so. It is important for each to recognize that the self has been called to this circle in order to learn rapidly. The ego alone can interfere. It is the self that provides permission, that provides invitation to the ego and it is the self alone that can disallow the ego’s presence.

Recognition of who the self is at any moment need be made by the self when walking the path to healing, for it is the goal of the student to become disciple, to step forth into the arms of the Teacher, stating that the true desire is to learn all that can be learned in this lifetime. Placing the self into the arms of the teacher requires the absence of ego. The long and arduous journey is that which eliminates the presence of the ego.

I am Osiris. I am here to guide each of you and shall do so as long as the self maintains control over the ego. My absence indicates that the ego is present - that the self has failed to draw forth gratitude, recognition of that which has been provided to aid the self, for it is the ego that seeks to diminish that which is provided. The self that experiences lack, that allows the ego to convince the self that the self does not have what the self needs is the student that fails to learn.

It is important for each student to recognize that the power lies within the self to accomplish, for the inner Teacher is desirous of providing whatever is needed to the student so that success may be tasted.

My brother Sol An Ka - please share with us your definition of lesson presentation.

Sol: Lesson presentation is identified by the presence of judgment; whether the judgment is recognized or not, it’s there. That’s my response.

Our sister (student), please respond to the same query.

Student: All is lesson, my Teacher. As Te' Auna reminds me - all is lesson, and it’s my responsibility as a student to pay attention.

Indeed. Awakening in the morning is lesson. Moving throughout the day provides myriad opportunity for lesson, whether the self interacts with other humans or not, for the inner Teacher draws forth all that is necessary to teach the self that has presented the self as desirous of walking the path to healing. There is no experience that cannot be qualified as lesson presentation. The individual has become proficient at responding to particular lesson successfully, rather quickly - to awaken with the thought of deep, heartfelt gratitude, giving thanks to the Teacher for another day in which the self may attempt to lessen the karmic load that determines the experiences of the lifetime. It is failure to recognize that all experience is lesson presentation that causes the individual to fail to change the self’s thinking. This, of course, results in the lesson continuing forth lifetime after lifetime, for the behaviors create other issues for the self to address. The self that fails to be grateful for the very breath that enables the life experience is one who also suffers lack, believes that the self is deprived, that others are out to damage the self, and that others have what rightfully belongs to the self. It is, as Te' Auna stated earlier, the small hook that guarantees that the larger hook - the one that binds the self with all previous lesson failures, prohibiting the self from seeing the lesson, prohibiting the self from being different, prohibiting the self from change thereby prohibiting success and lesson integration.

It is not possible to be love for another if the self feels that the self is not loved - if the self feels shortshrifted, if the self feels less-than, if the self feels that others receive that which the self desires most. It is to recognize that the self receives all that is needed – no more and no less is afforded to the student, for the Teacher understands exactly what is needed by the student to insure that the student will learn. Deprivation is often the tactic employed by the Teacher – to purposefully deprive the student of that which is most desired, whether it is love, support, confirmation, information – the Teacher determines that which the student is focused upon as the self’s desire and purposefully withholds this – to teach. The Teacher withholds that which is most desired by the student in order to teach the student that others are desirous of the same from the self. It is for the student to recognize, to realize the value of that which is being withheld from the self, so that when others are seeking it from the self, the self recognizes true need, readily recognizing that which is ego desire, choosing not to provide that which is sought whenever ego is the source.

Recognition that the self is the most important component, that the Teacher is secondary – is necessary, for the Teacher can provide all that the student needs and the student can still feel empty, the student can still feel deep desire, deep lack. It is important for the self to shift the focus, to shift the view, to change the thinking from, “I have hardly anything that I need” to “I have everything that I could possibly ever desire.” All else is false; all else is illusion.

That which is needed by each student has been determined by the inner Teacher, drawing many together is done in order to aid each; it is the responsibility of the inner Teacher to guide the self, to bring the self to those others who will present what is needed to enable forward progress should the self learn. The majority of students upon the planet are consumers of knowledge, yet fail to convert the knowledge to wisdom; rather, they graze upon the fields of knowledge continuously, repeatedly drawing in the same knowledge time after time, conveyed in words somewhat different, yet the meaning, when revealed, is exactly the same. The self fails to see the message that is being brought forth and continues to partake of knowledge at greater numbers of fields, continuing to consume that which has yet to be understood. It is to recognize that when the self is ready, that the words matter not - the self will turn inward, the self will look outward - the self will seek assistance when the self is ready. As long as the self maintains a sphere of privacy, as long as the self keeps negativity – negative feelings, negative judgments – to the self, the self is telling the inner Teacher, “I am not yet ready”, for the ego holds dominion and the ego has determined that another need not know the self; in fact, the ego has decided that the self will not know the self.

It is important for each student to recognize that the ego is merely the thinking - that which has been created by the self and all previous selves to maintain the sphere of protection, the castle of defense, that prohibits all others entry for fear that the self may be damaged. Love does not fear; love welcomes all. Love is open and embraces all things; love needs no protection or defense. When the student determines that the self’s desire is to be love, the first line of attack is to uncover, to identify the thinking that prohibits the self from being love.

Does the Teacher seek to remove all pleasure from the student’s experience, my sister (student)?

Student: That hasn’t been my experience my Teacher. I’m deriving great pleasure out of listening and studying and learning and devoting my time to this project of me being a healed person and I’m getting great joy out of that…more than anything else ever before.

It is the student that is focused upon the negative that believes that the Teacher seeks to remove all pleasure from the self’s life experience, for this idea could not be farther from truth. The Teacher seeks to draw forth pleasure by drawing forth recognition of pain and sorrow so that the self may recognize those periods of calm, periods of deep satisfaction, periods of what may be referred to as happiness that were never recognized as such before. It is the path that awakens the student’s ability to recognize happiness – that which the majority of humanity goes in search of each and every day, failing to recognize that the bulk of humanity is capable of this state the majority of their time. It is recognition that materialism has redesigned happiness. The consciousness that is capable of seeing all that the self has – love and support, food and water, shelter – it is these individuals that have the capability to classify the self as happy the majority of the time. This is indeed the bulk of humanity, for the basic needs of the consciousness are met, often with the assistance of the inner Teacher. It is materialism that has redrawn the basic needs, expanded them so to say, that if the self does not have these things then the self cannot be happy. It is as Te' Auna stated earlier – the lesson for those that do not have what they believe is needed has yet to be learned. To understand that the inner Teacher rewards those who learn this lesson - those who teach others, those who are generous, those who continue to step forth to aid those who are in need of assistance.

To believe that the self has enough is a most difficult task indeed, for each consciousness upon this planet has suffered severe lack – what may be regarded as severe deprivation of all things needed.