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The Path to Healing

Teachings - PTH Programming

Sol: I have one. You said that the time would come when more would be revealed about the path to healing. What must happen…what must we do in order to have that occur?

It is to understand that which has been provided previously, to question that which has yet to be understood. It is to be willing to examine all that has been provided, surveying the self to determine how each lesson plan is represented by the self. It is to continuously question, “Where does this behavior lie within my lesson plan? How can I best understand the self and the self’s reactions?” It is when the self is unable to see the self that the teacher is informed that the self is not even attempting to understand the lesson plan assigned to the self. Do you understand my brother?

Sol: Yes I do – thank you. Please continue.

As recognition is made by each student the determination will be made to release further information. It is to make note of that data that has been released after the initial release, for it is in this way that the data should be released to others in future.