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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Energetic Release

The goal of the lifetime is to eliminate negativity, to draw forth the inner Teacher, so that lessons may be presented to the self, utilizing all time available to the self to learn. As long as the ego maintains its stature of dominance, the inner Teacher is forced to utilize others to teach the self; oftentimes, forced to accept that the self has mistaken the lesson once again and rather than releasing negativity, increasing negativity.

It is the desire of the inner Teacher to aid the self. Elimination of negativity enables the self to begin to enjoy the life experience once again, to begin to see the value of the self’s presence in this dimension, to recognize the value of the service that could be provided to others, for there are far more in need than there are able to serve. It is for this and future lifetimes that the inner Teacher strives to gain more prominence, to aid the self in ridding the self of that which prohibits the hearing of the voice that lies within, to aid the self in returning to the original state of divinity.

It is karma in each lifetime that causes the student to depart from the spiritual path, for the self believes that all shifted, all became worse when the self stepped upon the path, when the self committed the self to being different. It is true of course that all does become much, much worse, for the Teacher has been granted permission – the student has stated, “I am prepared to step forth upon the path once again my Teacher. I ask that you take my hand and not release it until I beg you to do so.” It is only then that the Teacher will take a step back and allow the student to depart the path once again. The student is fully cognizant of the peril that has been invited for the self to experience, for karma has been called forth and cannot be put away until it has been experienced. When the student first steps forth upon the spiritual path the Teacher and the student plan that which is to be learned – all those things that were planned to be addressed must be addressed. The Teacher has no choice for these energies have been drawn forth from the astral body and placed into the physical body so that the student becomes more aware of the deep, underlying issues – those things that have yet to be recognized by the self, those things that have certainly not been understood. Once the energies have been placed in the physical body it is impossible to return them to the astral until death occurs, death of the physical body.

It is important that all students present understand that the self has granted permission to myself to draw forth energies of a karmic nature; these energies are detrimental to the physical body. It is important that the student dedicate the self to learn so that these energies may be removed before they cause damage once again. All energies that have been drawn forth from the astral body have resulted in the consciousness’ physical death in previous lifetimes. It is this that instills the sense of urgency, that tells the self, “I must focus my attention upon these energies. I must focus my attention upon the Teacher. I must utilize every spare moment to learn, to understand, so that these energies for which I have granted permission to draw forth and to place into my physical body can be removed before extensive damage has been done.” It is for all to look to Te'Auna to understand this, for she provided me with this permission more than 6 years prior. We have worked diligently together to eliminate the energies that resulted in cancer; this cancer had begun to grow some years previous – approximately 3 and one half years previous. It is not that Te'Auna was not committed and dedicated, that she was not diligent for she was; she simply was unable to learn the lesson. It was agreed in this lifetime that she would receive minimal support; for the teacher must experience minimal support so that it is never forgotten that no student should ever be left wanting. The inner Teacher, the teacher within, will always provide the energies needed for the next and the next and the next student. It is the teacher that need be committed to every student, to place the student first as long as there is need.

Sol: My question has to do with: how can we best prepare ourselves for, or to ease the releasing of the karmic energies into the physical body and eliminate the possible fatal or deleterious effects that they can have?

Dedicating the self to the lesson at hand is necessary my brother, making certain that the lesson has been fully integrated. You are thinking, “How does one do that?” It is by employing the physical teacher, for the physical teacher has access to myself. While the physical teacher may not understand all lessons that are being presented to the student at this time, the Teacher will make certain that the physical teacher guides the student appropriately. The lesson for the student is to share deeply of the self, honestly, completely, seeking assistance; for without this foundation underlayment - the relationship between the student and the teacher - the student is doomed to failure. The physical teacher is unable to aid the self unless the self is willing to seek assistance, unless the self is willing to provide all detail, unless the self is willing to open the self completely to another.

Loereve: Are the astral energies that are brought into the physical (body), are they always potentially deadly to the body for the student as they learn?

It is to recognize my brother that the environment within this particular physical body is somewhat different from the environment of the preceding physical shell. Those energies that are brought forth from the astral body may or may not do damage to the current physical body because the student has learned the lesson. It is testing that is then provided by the Teacher – many, many, many, many tests are provided to make certain that the student has indeed learned the lesson. These energies are then released. The energies that remain within the physical body year after year after year are those that are far more likely to cause damage. It is the thinking that causes the most damage for the student; self-hatred, self-distrust, self-doubt - these are the most destructive. These thoughts are running in the background, prohibiting the student from changing behaviors that have guaranteed failure in the past - in the past for this lifetime, as well as in past lifetimes.

To eliminate these energies the student must learn the lesson. It is rare that the student learns the lesson in a single lifetime – even two, three, five, ten lifetimes. The energies grow all the more powerful as do the behaviors. The structure of the groove in which the student moves is immobile, rigid; the student can rarely see over the sides of this structure, for the behavior has become so ingrained that the self believes that the self is doing that which is most appropriate. A fine example of this is one who is focused outwardly, upon others, to the detriment of the self. It is the self’s desire to be selfless, to eliminate selfishness, to serve others.

It is important to note that the student need never be concerned as long as the self trusts the Teacher – the physical teacher as well as the inner Teacher. For all is as it should be, all is necessary. Each lifetime is a building block utilized to access the next and the next and the next lifetime. I am Osiris. I am love. I am here to aid each of you as you dedicate yourself in this new year to knowing, to understanding, and to healing of the self. To focus every moment of your time in so doing, for time is indeed of the essence – it is time for each to step forth to heal the self so that service may be provided to others. Am I understood?

It is the energies in the current lifetime, upon the death of the bodies belonging to the current self, that are then taken by the Teacher and stored within the astral body; it is indeed the astral body that responds in future lifetimes, invoking emotion so that the attention of the self is garnered if there are energies that reside within that require the attention of the self so that release may be achieved. It is during the recapitulation process that the Teacher draws forth all energies from the astral into the etheric and then into the physical body so that all energies, all lesson, may be revisited, may be understood by the student to the satisfaction of the Teacher before these energies are released. It is indeed the accumulation of energies by the consciousness that are examined during the recapitulation process; all failed lessons, all lessons that have been learned subsequent to the storage of these energies must now be revisited to make certain that the lesson has indeed been learned.

It is the energies stored within the astral body that fuel the lesson plan in subsequent lifetimes; release of energies prior to the lesson having been learned would result in the consciousness failing the lesson in future, thereby creating energies that will be stored in the current physical body until its demise, which would then be stored once again in the astral. The recapitulation process does not guarantee that the self will not be reattached to the lesson plan in the current or future lifetimes; it will always be the choice of the self to respond – I shall not say appropriately, for all that is chosen is appropriate for the self, is that which is most needed by the self. It is the Teacher’s duty to do all possible to make certain that the lesson has been learned prior to release of energies; this does not prohibit the future choice of the self to choose differently, thereby creating the energies, thereby engaging the cycle of lesson once again in future.

As has been stated this day, the journey – that which leads the self to know and to heal the self – is a long, painful, and most arduous journey. It is only for the fittest – fittest of mind, the fittest of spirit. The body is typically not very fit, for it has suffered through its assistance to the self by storing those energies belonging to failed lessons – that which is referred to as emotion, dense energy; these energies result in pain, often malady is suffered known as illness or disease. The self succumbs to the pain, stating that the self has not the energy necessary to be different. The Teacher waits for the student to step forth, to recognize that the pain has been caused by the student’s failure to address that which has been presented. Should the student decide that the self does not have the energy to be different, the Teacher may provide opportunity for the pain to be lessened by calling forth a professional – one who may aid the physical body in shedding some emotion. Or the Teacher may call forth an individual that will draw forth emotion; emotion that has been covered, inactive, untouched, unrecognized – that which lies at the root, that which is the seed responsible for the pain being experienced.

It is for the student to observe the pain, to recognize the memories that are being drawn forth and to be willing to learn the lessons that have been failed many, many times previous. Should the student do so, the Teacher has been empowered to release these energies permanently from the body, thereby enabling healing, which could be immediate or could require additional time in order to be restored to its original functioning. I speak in terms of the organs as well as the skeletal components; suffice it to say, the Teacher can effect whatever is needed for the self to be successful. It is to have faith that all that is being experienced is indeed necessary, is intended to strengthen the self – never to break the self, is intended to draw forth the will – never to destroy the will.

The student that allows emotion to cloud the mind, prohibiting clarity, is the student that believes that the Teacher is torturing the self mercilessly, that the self will never be provided with what the self wants; the self shall never experience joy, the self shall only suffer. Suffering is indeed necessary. The student that is unable to embrace that the self will suffer in order to move forward upon the path to healing is one who shall continue to struggle, is one who shall continue to fail.