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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Lesson Presentation

It is the first day of the new year – that which many celebrate around the world, that which many believe that the self can be different ‘this year’. This belief, this thinking is typically abandoned within the first month for most, for the ties to the past, love of the lifestyle, the desire to be loved by others prohibits the self from seeing that which lies within to prohibit progress upon the spiritual path. It is not possible for an individual to change without support, without an understanding of that which need be changed internally. Most humans attempt to change through divorce, through change of employment, by moving the self to another location, thinking and oftentimes believing that these shifts will cause the self to be different; rather, the self has drawn to the self a new set of lessons – one that the Teacher presents to prove to the self that abandoning the lesson is never the solution.

It is important that each student recognize the possibility of drawing forth new energies for the self simply by changing the thinking – that all days of the year are indeed the first, for the self can change at any time simply by stating to the self, “This is indeed the first day of my new life. I seek comfort. I seek support. I seek happiness. Nothing in my life provides me with happiness. How do I accomplish my goal to be happy?” It is to first recognize that happiness is a construct built by society, social consciousness so to say, of things that will make the self happy – a mate, a fine home, a fast vehicle, vacations to exotic locations, expensive clothing - the baubles, the rewards of success. It is unfortunate that success is rarely recognized for the individual who has overcome negative behaviors – one who has begun to love the self, one who has stepped forth and stated the self’s intention to love others wholeheartedly, without reservation, without fear, knowing that the Teacher will draw forth the lessons that need be learned.

The goal of the lifetime is to learn; it is the inner Teacher that draws forth lesson, preparing the self for future lesson as provided by myself. Are there further questions regarding this teaching?

Sol: Is the inner Teacher solely responsible for drawing forth the lesson and its presentation?

The inner Teacher is responsible for drawing forth lesson as it pertains to the lesson plan. Did I answer your question?

Sol: Not entirely. I had the thought that there are two steps involved in this; one is exactly as you just described wherein the inner Teacher determines the lesson that needs to be brought forward and then step two is the creation of the circumstances – the energetic attractions between the self and others that gives rise to the catalyst of the lesson itself. And I was wondering if the inner Teacher is also the one who causes the presentation of the lesson.

It is the self that causes the presentation of the lesson my brother, through the self’s actions; it is the inner Teacher that provides catalyst, opportunity. Do you understand?

Sol: I have no other questions – thank you. I understand.

It is important for each to recognize that the inner Teacher is drawing forth lesson for each; it is through this circle of seeking that understanding can be achieved, if the self is willing to lay bare that which has been experienced by the self, that which has been felt.

I seek to draw forth that which lies within for each of you so that each may be apprised of that which need be addressed should the self be desirous of forward movement, should the self be desirous of the taste of success when the self recognizes the self and chooses in the moment to be different; this process to draw forth that which lies within is one that often results in discomfort, various levels of discomfort for the student. Often, while the student is vocalizing the self’s desire, the self is also batting away that which is being drawn forth within the mind; this informs the Teacher that that which is being stated is not truly that which is desired by the self.

To garner the attention of the student the Teacher is often required to bring forth myriad lessons. Again, these lessons create the likelihood of discomfort, varying degrees of what could easily be referred to as suffering, due to embarrassment, humiliation – those emotional states, ways of being, that are experienced when the self allows the lesson plan to dominate the thinking. The self that fails to see that the Teacher is desirous of aiding the self, not to embarrass or humiliate or even to cause discomfort – the Teacher is only desirous of progress upon the path for the self.

For the self to embrace the truth of this statement often requires many months, many years, and potentially many lifetimes, as the damaged portions of the self – those that are guided, ruled by the lesson plan – change the self’s view to that which is negative. Reminding the self, “My Teacher is here to aid me; these impressions of embarrassment, humiliation and discomfort are all being imposed upon myself by the lesson plan – they are false,” and are often proven to be so, if the self follows the guidance, the counsel of the Teacher, and exposes that which has been brought forth for the self to another.