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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Victim

It is the lesson plan that influences that which takes shape upon the canvas, whether it be of darkness, whether it be of light. Those who recognize the lesson plan and its influence are capable of painting that which is light upon the canvas, for all is seen through a positive lens; those who choose the lesson plan paint darkness upon the canvas, for all is seen through the negative lens – that which the self cannot change, that which the self is victim to, that which the self has become miserable because the self cannot control the self. It is the lesson plan that focuses upon external control, rather than internal control. The student who chooses the lesson plan is outwardly focused at all times. Control is a lifelong lesson for most students. The student that focuses upon the lesson plan, utilizing the positive lens, recognizes that the goal is self-control, recognizing that the self controls whether the self responds with love or hate.

It is February the 12th, 2012. It is the four of us and we are going to focus upon the line energies of Shame. Shame - it’s a disgusting, vile lesson plan. [All laugh.]

Student: Nothing like a metaphorical teaching.

It is probably one of the most dreaded lesson plans because it seeks to damage. It is provided to those who have struggled to vocalize what the self thinks, what the self feels in previous lifetimes. It is the lesson plan that teaches the student how to be present physically and how to inflict damage emotionally. The positive aspects of Shame can be drawn from the opposites just mentioned; it allows the individual to get the energies outside of the body because all is vocalized. If it is thought, if it is believed, it will be imposed upon another and the other will be tested severely by the student with Shame to stand up for the self, to say “No thank you” to the offerings and to continue forth to be the self even though the force of will of the other is extraordinary.

It’s a great service that is provided by those students of Shame. It’s important to recognize that the student of Shame rarely has major physical maladies due to energies being maintained within the body, until the student steps forth and takes the hand of the Teacher, seeking to walk the path once again. This isn’t to say that there are no physical problems; it is to say that they are typically not severe in nature because the student has eliminated these energies, they have spent them, they have spewed them, they have shared them - they have gotten them outside of the self’s bodies.

To recognize the qualities of Shame is to survey the other. It’s to ask the self the questions: “Are they attempting to damage me? Do I feel that they go for the jugular? Have I exposed my weakness or did they expose my weakness? Do I feel that their attention is unjustified? Do I feel them scratching at my door to learn more about me privately so that it can be used in future against me?”

It is to recognize the difference in quality – the reason why the other seeks the self’s company. If the lesson plan is Denial, it is to garner information, the seeking of knowledge that the self can provide; similar reasons exist for Separation. Repression is not typically drawn to the lesson plan of Shame for information; there is an easy friendship, an easy relationship can be enjoyed, for Shame recognizes Repression and Repression recognizes the accelerated energies of Shame and is wise enough to steer clear of controversy. Guilt and Rejection are the victims often for the student with the lesson plan of Shame. Rejection must learn to stand on the own two feet, to be the self at all cost – the self that is unconditional love. Shame feeds the victim that belongs to Guilt, providing it with ample ammunition in future, telling others how the self has been victimized, how the self has been damaged, to garner the sympathy of others, for it is fuel to the victim.

As has been stated this day, the journey – that which leads the self to know and to heal the self – is a long, painful, and most arduous journey. It is only for the fittest – fittest of mind, the fittest of spirit. The body is typically not very fit, for it has suffered through its assistance to the self by storing those energies belonging to failed lessons – that which is referred to as emotion, dense energy; these energies result in pain, often malady is suffered known as illness or disease. The self succumbs to the pain, stating that the self has not the energy necessary to be different. The Teacher waits for the student to step forth, to recognize that the pain has been caused by the student’s failure to address that which has been presented. Should the student decide that the self does not have the energy to be different, the Teacher may provide opportunity for the pain to be lessened by calling forth a professional – one who may aid the physical body in shedding some emotion. Or the Teacher may call forth an individual that will draw forth emotion; emotion that has been covered, inactive, untouched, unrecognized – that which lies at the root, that which is the seed responsible for the pain being experienced.

It is for the student to observe the pain, to recognize the memories that are being drawn forth and to be willing to learn the lessons that have been failed many, many times previous. Should the student do so, the Teacher has been empowered to release these energies permanently from the body, thereby enabling healing, which could be immediate or could require additional time in order to be restored to its original functioning. I speak in terms of the organs as well as the skeletal components; suffice it to say, the Teacher can effect whatever is needed for the self to be successful. It is to have faith that all that is being experienced is indeed necessary, is intended to strengthen the self – never to break the self, is intended to draw forth the will – never to destroy the will.

The student that allows emotion to cloud the mind, prohibiting clarity, is the student that believes that the Teacher is torturing the self mercilessly, that the self will never be provided with what the self wants; the self shall never experience joy, the self shall only suffer. Suffering is indeed necessary. The student that is unable to embrace that the self will suffer in order to move forward upon the path to healing is one who shall continue to struggle, is one who shall continue to fail.