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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Line Energies

I seek to enhance the data brought forth this day by Te'Auna – that which is focused upon Denial. It is instruction that I seek to provide that can be utilized for all line energies. The student of the self would sit with the detail, the chart, that provides lesson plans for each line energy; it is to apprise the self of each of these lesson plans, to understand them generally, to begin to draw forth example from those that are placed about the self – behaviors, characteristics that are dominant will most likely enable the self to determine the lessons that are being presented to the other at this time. The personality itself is shaped by the lesson plan. The individual that is interested in better understanding another would focus upon Communication and Soul’s Mission to begin to build the personality of the other. Failure to understand the line energies can cause the self to offer assistance that will fall upon deaf ears for the self has misunderstood that which is occurring for the other.