mountain tops - PTH is like climbing a mountain until you see the light

The Path to Healing

Teachings - Fortitude

To all students who walk the path of healing I greet you in the name of the Father.

The path is long and winding, often regarded as interminably long and difficult, one that provides challenge, one that brings little joy until the self begins to understand the goal of the lifetime – to know and to heal the self. This is the goal of all lifetimes – to know the self, to understand the self, and to begin to heal the wounds that have been created due to the self’s response to lesson presentation in this, as well as in previous lifetimes. The recognition of the lesson plan for the self is a gift, received by few in number, for the self is rarely capable of understanding the guidance provided by the self’s Teacher. Those damaged portions of the self continue to struggle to maintain the hold upon the self that insures failure; failure has been experienced thousands upon thousands of times and the self’s response honed, guaranteeing that the self will not see the self, regardless of the number of mirrors called by the Teacher.

It is only when the student begins to awaken and states with certainty, “I am prepared to see myself. I am prepared to do all that which is requested of me, for my goal is to know, to understand and thereby heal myself in this lifetime. I seek the support of my Teacher to aid me in maintaining my presence in this dimension until I have learned all possible to provide me with foundation excellent in which to begin my next incarnation.” Lifetime after lifetime the Teacher guides the self to embrace and to understand the self, to begin to change the tide of that which lies deep within the self that is more desirous of failure than of success. When the student awakens, truly awakens and states to the Teacher, “I seek to learn” – the Teacher will test the student many times to make certain that the will and the fortitude have been endorsed sufficiently to allow traversal of the path once again.

All challenge provided to the self is intended to build, to strengthen the will, to ensure that the wall of fortitude is as impenetrable as possible. The student that surveys the self and sees the weakness within the self need step forth and seek assistance from the Teacher directly, from others that the Teacher may draw to you, so that the next step and the next step may be realized as the weakness is transmuted to strength. It is only through the recognition of the self that this becomes possible; it is the duty of the lesson plan to blind the self from the self, to prohibit the self from recognition of that which lies within. It is indeed to know, to understand the self that endorses healing.

It has been my honor to join you this day for the sharing of wisdom. I am with you as I am with all consciousnesses who inhabit the Earth at this time. I am known as Kuthumi.