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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Understanding

Recognition that the self need only alter the self’s view slightly, in order to see quite clearly the self’s true purpose, may be difficult for each to grasp but it is only a slight adjustment that is needed for each. Walking the path to healing is indeed a long and arduous journey, for the inner Teacher brings forth lesson in the current lifetime that will provide understanding for all that which has been experienced previously – that which has been experienced in darkness, that which has been carried within the astral body lifetime after lifetime after lifetime that has yet to be understood, that has created the consciousness that becomes the new self in each lifetime. Recognizing that the lifetime is relatively short for the human provides the sense of urgency that is needed for those who have returned to the planet at this most auspicious time – the time that requires great effort of the few, so that the many may be impacted. It is the end of the learning cycle that draws ever nearer; there is much work to be done. All those who came to aid have experienced all things – many are caught in the wheel of continued experience, for they have grown desirous of the physical experience.

The purpose of emotion is to feel. To understand how to feel is to recognize that the mind often tells the self how to feel: “I should feel happy…I have everything that a human being could ask for - this must be happiness that I feel.” “I should be unhappy. I have just lost something that should be very important to me; this is how I must feel. I do not truly feel happy nor do I feel unhappy.” This is not recognized, for the mind must qualify that which the self is experiencing. It is the mind that informs the self with its translation of that which the self is feeling; the mind can not grasp feeling deep within all tissues throughout the body, for the body is well equipped to feel emotion, to store and to harness the energies of emotion - positive as well as negative emotion.

Those individuals that present the self to the Teacher often are filled with negativity; it is negative emotion that is drawn forth - that which has been leaking for many, many years through emotion for the self who is unable to control the self’s mouth or the self’s emotions, meaning the self cries frequently without understanding. It is the duty of the Teacher that has accepted the student to release the energies as quickly as possible, to the level where the student can begin to control the self, for it is not possible for the student to change as long as negative emotion overfills the bodies unless extraordinary effort is placed towards doing so. It is rare - the student that is capable of drawing forth extraordinary effort when they first begin to walk the path to healing.

Understanding the self’s journey is important. The student believes it to be critical. It is not, of course, for understanding comes much later to the student. The Teacher is unable to provide understanding, for oftentimes many, many, many lessons must be brought forth; great pain - known as suffering – endured, prior to explaining the lesson that the Teacher has presented to the student. To trust the Teacher is the choice of the student - to state, unequivocally, “I trust the Teacher. I shall do whatever the Teacher presents to me. I surrender all concern to my Teacher, knowing that all that which must be brought forth to me shall be, recognizing that all suffering endured is necessary. The Teacher seeks to provide only that which is needed by the student and is always ready to provide that which is positive, in order to encourage the student to renew the self’s efforts, so that progress can once again be achieved.

To understand that the motivation of the self is often misunderstood can be problematic for the self who claims that the self’s behaviors are simply who the self is, “I am who I am” is proclaimed – “This is who I am and I am not interested in changing, for it feels good to be who I am most of the time. The balance of the time I simply ignore or I discard those experiences that cause me to become unhappy with the life experience.” I should like for all in attendance to focus upon the self, focus upon the heart, to ask the self – “Am I walking the path that is most desired by myself or am I filling my time? Am I consumed with experience – the desire to garner experience?” There is no right or wrong way of being. It is to know the self, to understand the self’s desires - to understand that which motivates the self, that which the self is seeking; for once understood, success draws nearer, for the self is able to garner the endorsement of the inner Teacher and energies unfathomable become available to the self who has sought the guidance, the counsel, the endorsement of the inner Teacher. It is the inner Teacher that provides that which is needed to the self - the experience of previous lifetimes where the self has learned all things, has experienced all things - this knowledge, once made available to the self who knows, who understands the self’s focus, the self’s desire –all things now become possible.

The mind has aided her by casting off all those things that could not be understood, that were too painful to bear - wherein time was the only thing that would allow the self to begin to look more closely, for the pain had eased somewhat; embarrassment, humiliation - while still felt, are not as troublesome as when the experience was first presented. Again, it is the mind that aids the student to put away those things that cannot be understood; recognition that the self cannot understand all experience as it is being experienced is critical to the student who walks the path to healing. The belief that the self need understand prior to moving forward, prior to casting aside that which has been experienced, is cause for abandonment of the path; for the pain has increased with each thought, with each moment that the self determines that the self cannot move forward until understanding has been achieved. Understanding the self’s journey is important. The student believes it to be critical. It is not, of course, for understanding comes much later to the student. The Teacher is unable to provide understanding, for oftentimes many, many, many lessons must be brought forth; great pain - known as suffering – endured, prior to explaining the lesson that the Teacher has presented to the student.

To understand - the student is deeply desirous of understanding all things; unfortunately, it is the demand of the mind, the ego mind, rather than the demand of the heart. The student stands solidly on both feet, hands on the hips, informing the Teacher that the self is unhappy, the self does not have what the self needs, the self is not fond of the teaching method employed by the Teacher - the self has better ways, better methods, better words. The Teacher smiles widely, understanding that it is the ego that demands understanding, that demands control, that demands that the Teacher be put in the Teacher’s place. It is appropriate for the student to state all matters of concern aloud to the Teacher, for hiding these things from the Teacher is impossible. The student that believes that the self can think these things without the Teacher being aware is a student indeed. All students judge the Teacher; judging the Teacher openly is suggested.

It is important for all students to understand the differentiation that has been made by our brother Sol An Ka - to understand all things is unnecessary; to understand the self, to understand the self’s experiences, to understand the self’s characters, behaviors, characteristics is vital if the student is desirous of knowing and healing the self. It is the character that tells the self that understanding is unnecessary. It is necessary, my brother - it is indeed vital to understand the self, to understand the self’s responses, to understand that which causes the self to seek defense and protection; for if this is not remedied, this need is not understood, the characters will continue to be drawn forth, provided with permission by the self to dominate the life experience.