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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Personality

The wheel turns slowly for most upon this planet. Lifetime after lifetime is invested in the education of the consciousness. The Teacher works diligently to aid each new self to recognize that which has been earned in previous lifetimes. Each new self comes into the lifetime with all fresh – all wiped clean, as if it were indeed a slate, until approximately the age of 2 when the previous bodies join with the new consciousness, the new bodies, so that lesson may begin once again. All that which has been failed previously has now rejoined the new being and the personality begins to take distinctive shape – the edges which were rather indistinguishable, now firmly distinguished – the temperament changed, dependent upon that which has joined the new self to be confronted in this lifetime.

Willingness to understand that the self has drawn forth to the self all that which has belonged to the self within myriad lifetime is essential to the student who walks the path to healing – one who is unwilling or unable to embrace that the self is indeed upon the wheel of death and rebirth and that all things that have been experienced are maintained within the outer bodies of the self, will have a most difficult time addressing the lesson plan. It is the Teacher that begins to draw forth example to the student that the self is not merely the self created in this lifetime but rather is a composite of all previous lifetimes, maintaining all that which is positive, as well as all that which is negative from these previous experiences. To understand that the motivation of the self is often misunderstood can be problematic for the self who claims that the self’s behaviors are simply who the self is, “I am who I am” is proclaimed – “This is who I am and I am not interested in changing, for it feels good to be who I am most of the time. The balance of the time I simply ignore or I discard those experiences that cause me to become unhappy with the life experience.”

It is important for all to recognize that behaviors lie within the self that are the very foundation of the character that appears upon the surface with great frequency. It is the desire of the Teacher to provide clue to the self of that which lies at the core of the personality, that which prohibits the viewing of the true self. The personality is embraced by the self – is desired by the self, for the ego has convinced the self that these behaviors, these characteristics are desirable – they are what makes the self unique. The self has yet to understand that all are one and that the very foundation of all beings is love. Negative behavior lies deep within; when understood it is seen throughout the self, for it is deep within as well as upon the surface. Once exposed, the student sees with great clarity that which need be attacked vociferously, for anything less will fail.

Opportunity to be born upon this planet has become somewhat restrictive; the consciousness must have proven that the self is prepared to change – to come forth and to further the self’s journey back to that which is seemingly most desired by our Creator. It is not the light, nor is it the dark that is leaned towards by our Creator – it is experience. The consciousness must state that the self is willing to experience differently, rather than taking its place upon the wheel to once again experience that which has been experienced previously. The Teacher guides the consciousness throughout the lifetime, encouraging new experience but the lesson plan has ingrained within the self the previous experiences, and the energy surrounding these experiences have joined the new consciousness by the second year - the personality is then formed based upon all preceding lifetimes. The die is cast, so to say, as the self begins to be drawn to the same experiences of previous lifetime – that which was of interest to the self, that which also ensnared the self - failing to recognize that the self has experienced that which has been pursued, that which is being pursued, many, many, many times previous, causing the mind to be drawn forth to the same experience again and again and again without reason, without purpose.

Whether human or animal, it is to experience differently; however, it is the human that is the focus of this teaching. The animal is limited until the species has been trained to alter the self’s behavior - the predatory hierarchy that has been designated is adhered to throughout this planet; unfortunately, it is the human that is the predator at the top of the hierarchy at this time, throughout the animal kingdom.

I should like for each to observe the self, to detect those experiences that the self states are desirous and to determine, “is this truly an experience that I wish to repeat in this lifetime?” – for the learning cycle is drawing near its close and many have been drawn back into the wheel of death and rebirth to aid, to provide service, to bring forth light. Many, however, are consumed with those things that will not fulfill the true desire of the consciousness.