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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Conscience

Speaking to the child about conscience early - to listen for the voice from within, the voice that says “maybe I should not have responded in that way – maybe I would not like for another to respond to me similarly” - informs the self that apology is what is necessary so that the voices can stop reminding the self of the self’s mistake. It is to speak to the child openly, to ask if the voice speaks to the self, telling the self that the behavior was inappropriate. If the feelings of sadness come to the self, yet the words “I’m sorry” can not be spoken - due to the energies of the lesson plan that prohibit the self from confessing that the self was wrong - it is to inform the child that the parent is aware of how difficult it is to say that the self was wrong, and how very important it is to admit that we are all here to learn. We shall all make many, many, many mistakes and it is how we address the mistake that provides us with joy or sadness.

Rationalization is utilized to encourage lack of conscience for the self who has damaged another once again. Conscience is the state of mind that creates unease, that reminds the self of the words or the actions of the self, replaying it over and over and over again; a general sense of unease - of anxiety, restlessness, irritation, frustration, sorrow - come forth, encouraging the self to examine the experience more closely.